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LEGO Giveaway From Bricks To Life

We like to let the world know that we love our fans! We love you guys so much that we want to give you free stuff! What kind of free stuff? All kinds! Bricks To Life always hosts at least one giveaway at any time featuring all sorts of awesome

LEGO Worlds Ancient Temples DLC Now Available

LEGO Worlds has added a couple of really ancient builds to the Brick Build Showcase that are actually new! The Ancient Temple is  split into two giant separate pieces and the attention to these ruins is something even an adventurer/professor can appreciate. The Ancient Temple Part 1 and Ancient Temple

LEGO Worlds Monster Garden DLC Recap

The final Monster themed free Brick Build Showcase DLC is finally on the home page across all major consoles. This isn’t exactly the most exciting of the four builds but adds a few new pieces for you to build with! (Plus that awesome magic treasure chest full of studs!) The