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LEGO Dimensions Cancellation FAQ

Disclaimer: Before you read this we want to make a quick statement. This info should as always be taken with a grain of salt. We’ve had the info verified by one inside source and two outside sources tied closely to the game as true and legitimate. You are still encouraged

Lego Dimensions Deals: Mar 19-25

Not to be outdone by their own bundled deals (which we’ll reprint again below), Amazon’s dropped prices on two Year 2 Story Packs (Fantastic Beasts and Ghostbusters) to $16.99, the lowest price we’ve seen either set since they released. Microsoft Store’s got the FB Fun Pack for $7.99 with free shipping,

LEGO Worlds Stud Farm Guide

Some of the stuff in LEGO Worlds is crazy stupid expensive, plus if you’re an console achievement / trophy hunter you’re likely saving to get hit 1 Billion Studs. What ever the reason you want studs in LEGO Worlds, we’ve put together a great stud farming guide with the help of

LEGO Worlds Unicorn Unlock Guide

LEGO Worlds is packed with amazing and awesome creatures! While some of them are easy to find, others are down right difficult! One of the hardest creatures to find is the mythical Unicorn! Here is a quick guide on how to find and unlock the LEGO Worlds Unicorn! If is

LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon Unlock Guide

If you’re out hunting for Baby Dragons or Dragon Younglings in LEGO Worlds, here’s a quick guide on how to find the Baby Fire Dragon! We’ve actually outlined a majority of the steps already in our previous Dragon Wizard Unlock Guide, so you will need to repeat these steps leading

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard Unlock Guide

First things first: Your best bet is to wait until you have 100 bricks and can create your own worlds, that way you can create the specific biomes you need. Asking me for the galactic coordinates or seed is NOT going to help you. These are all custom maps and

The Quiet Cancellation Of LEGO Dimensions

Before we start, we want to make sure that everyone is clear on one thing: we love the many LEGO games to come out of TT Games, including LEGO Dimensions. It’s why we have this website. LEGO games bridge the gap between new and old generations of gamers, all while entertaining the youngest