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Lego Dimensions Deals: Jul 9-15

Lego Dimensions seems to have been skipped over for all the Prime Day fun earlier this week, and it seems like in the aftermath of that, vendors are still being stingy. Year 2 is especially neglected this week, where the only noteworthy deals we see are ~$10 off Mission Impossible

LEGO City Emergency DLC Review – LEGO Worlds

Once again the team behind LEGO Worlds shows that they love their fans with another fantastic free DLC featuring new “Emergency” builds from the LEGO City line up. Inspired by three newer LEGO City building sets (60104, 60110, 60141) the team again takes the physical brick builds we love and

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jul 2-8

Toys R Us is running an odd 15% off promotion for Independence Day. While not all Lego Dimensions items have this gimmick listed, it looks like for most of the ones that don’t, there’s a base price drop by 15%. So you can essentially think of this as a 15%

LEGO City Emergency Available Now In LEGO Worlds!

The latest in free LEGO Worlds DLC is here, the LECO City Emergency brick builds & vehicles! New buildings, rides, and minifigure characters await you in this awesome collection of LEGO Fire, Police & Airport sets! Friend of the site JayShockBlast has already played through the content and shared his video

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jun 25-Jul 1

Finally, we can say there’s some Year 2 deals this week! Gamestop has stepped up to provide across-the-board discounts on almost every category. Fun Packs for $5.99, Level Packs for $14.99, Story Packs for $24.99 (except, sadly, Lego Batman Story Packs), and Team Packs for $12.49. Those deals extend to