25 Days Of Giveaways From Bricks To Life & Disney Dan!

It’s Time To Win Some Cool Stuff!

For those of you who don’t know, The Disney Dan Youtube channel is another one of our projects that we keep running along side Bricks To Life. So this year for our crazy big giveaway we thought we would combine the best of both worlds.

Over the next 25 days you will see prizes that cover the full spectrum of LEGO & Disney swag. All sorts of cool things will be given away including games, toys, artwork, Dimensions Packs, and much, much more!

Check our full list of prizes and our SUPER AWESOME 25 day advent calendar featuring our favorite Disney LEGO minifigures are place holders for each of the 25 great prizes!



If you won, feel free to give us a shout on our Contact page with your info or hang tight and we will be emailing you in a few days for your info! 

The Winners For 25 Days Of Giveaways 2017 are:

Prize Day Winner From


Kelsey Ciemny Medina, NY


David Eble Oklahoma City, OK


Caleb Fankhauser Denver, CO


John Earl Smith Hummelstown, PA


Cale Goodwin Saint Paul, MN


Ty Seline Saint Paul, MN


Eva Dorman Bryan, TX


Sebastien H. Pella, IA


Josiah Skiles Silver Spring, MD


Hannah Butt Dunedin, OTA, New Zeland


Jeremy Rowland McKinney, TX


Andrew Benedict New Hartford, NY


Nick Barrett Elk River, MN


Eduardo Tena Mexico City, CMX, Mexico


Edwin Eichelberger Ottawa, IL


Sherry Caywood Burlingame, CA


Lisa Jorgensen Petersen Salt Lake City, UT


William Coles Lake Zurich, IL


Aaron Wester Seattle, WA


Jessica Gorman Sutton, MA


Shane Clester Jacksonville, FL


Benjamin D. Concord, MA


Don Muller Fishkill, NY


Johnny Archibold Denver, CO


Corey Leigh Wilmington, DE
26 (Bonus) Krissy Belden Titusville, FL

How To Enter!

Using our specialize Giveaway tool from Gleam! You can enter using any number of your social media accounts!

Check back DAILY for more ways to enter! Scroll down to check out a list of all the awesome prizes!

Bricks To Life & Disney Dan’s 25 Days Of Giveaways!

The 25 Days Of Giveaways Prizes!

Here’s our very cool LEGO & Disney Advent Calendar! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with all the prizes!

Hidden behind each of the 25 characters is an awesome prize! Make sure you check back every day and click each character to reveal the latest prize!

  • Day 1 – Beauty & The Beast Brick Headz!
    • day-1-25-days
  • Day 2 – Green Arrow & Mystery Dimensions Pack!
    • day-2-25-days-of-giveaways
  • Day 3 – Disney Crossy Road Prize Machine
    • day-3-25-days
  • Day 4 – Green Arrow & Mystery Pack
    • day-4-25-days
  • Day 5 – Kingdom Hearts Tron Funko 3 Pack
    • day-5-25-days
  • Day 6 – Copy Of LEGO Worlds (choice of console) From JayShockBlast
    • day-6-25-days
  • Day 7 – The Joker Balloon Escape Set
    • day-7-25-days
  • Day 8 – Zelda Breath Of The Wild Bundle (Thanks To Yesterworld!)
    • day-8-25-days
  • Day 9 – Ninjago Movie Jelly Sub Set
    • day-9-25-days
  • Day 10 – Collectible $10 Disney Dollars From TPM Vids
    • day-10-25-days
  • Day 11 – The Art Of The Last Jedi Book From RobPlays
    • day-11-25-days
  • Day 12 – Defunctland Season 1 T-Shirt From Defunctland
    • day-12-25-days
  • Day 13 – LEGO Burger Christmas Ornament From Chris McVeigh
    • day-13-25-days
  • Day 14 – D23 Animation Panel Exclusive Coco Poster!
    • day-14-25-days
  • Day 15 – The Last Jedi LEGO Resistance Pod Set Thanks to Inside LEGO Podcast
    • day-15-25-days
  • Day 16 – LEGO Batman Movie Bane Set from Talk Bricks!
    • day-16-25-days
  • Day 17 – LEGO Ninjago Movie Ice Tank Mech From JayShockBlast
    • day-17-25-days
  • Day 18 – Star Wars Holiday Special DVD Bundle (Thanks To Yesterworld!)
    • day-18-25-days
  • Day 19 – LEGO Batman Movie Riddler Racer Set
    • day-19-25-days
  • Day 20 – Disney Park Poster Art Book From RobPlays
    • day-20-25-days
  • Day 21 – LEGO Batman Movie Joker Lowrider Set from Talk Bricks!
    • day-21-25-days
  • Day 22 – LEGO Ninjago Movie Fire Mech From JayShockBlast
    • day-22-25-days
  • Day 23 – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 From PackAttack04082!
    • day-23-25-days
  • Day 24 – LEGOland Park Ticket! (Single Day – Any LEGOland of Choice!)
    • day-24-25-days
  • Day 25 – Disney Park Ticket! (Single Day – Any park of choice!)
    • day-25-25-days

Note: The character shown on the calendar doesn’t represent the prize hidden behind the door. 

The 25 Winners!

Check back here on January 1st for a full list of all 25 winners!

The Rules

  1. Must be 13 or older to enter or have parent’s consent.
  2. Contest is opened world wide! Feel free to enter from where ever you are!
  3. Entering under duplicate or dummy “giveaway” social media account may disqualify your entry.
  4. Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST on December 31st. 2017
  5. Winners will be drawn on Jan 1st, 2018 and posted on BricksToLife.com
  6. Winners will have one week to contact us with their shipping address and information or they may forfeit their prize.
  7. Physical prizes may take up to 4 weeks to ship, unless otherwise noted.
  8. Dimensions Packs, LEGO sets, or figures MAY be unboxed / missing original packaging. All packs will all ship complete, safe and playable.
  9. Prizes with a value of over $50 will include tracking and insurance.
  10. Entering the contest with your email address will also subscribe you to periodic emails about our giveaways and best deals.


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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of BricksToLife.com & DisneyInfinityCodes.com - He's also a full time dad and husband, lover of the puppetry arts (you can find his puppetry podcast on iTunes: Getting Felt Up - A Puppetry Podcast with Dan & Nate) and has been playing video games since he was an infant.

  • John

    I hope I win a year 2 pack that would be awesome only have 4 year 2 packs

    • Rory Theodore

      I have none lmao. May the luckier man win.

      • John

        hay I’dont have supergirl but you can get this one

  • Darknight

    Crossing my fingers for ET..

  • Vanessa toscano

    Crossing fingers . Me and my son love to play LEGO dimensions together

  • Don Robinson

    Its a family event at our house, we hope to win the Harry Potter pack 🙂

  • Stephen

    Come on City Undercover!!

  • Jacob

    I wrote Supergirl in he suggestion section, but I’m holding out for a Marceline fun Pack that’s not from America too.

  • Dylan

    Im hoping for Marceline (hopefully they would check it first to make sure it works)

  • geezyisbeezy


  • Batman

    As Americans say … I’m crossing my fingers
    I want the Fantastic Beasts story pack so bad….

  • Nattycreeper

    Personally I’m wishing for any ghost busters packs since I can’t find them anywhere.

  • Benjamin T

    Hoping to get Green Arrow~ Cheers all the way from Malaysia~

  • Vahe

    I hope get Green Arrow

  • Wayne

    Winning would be a great Birthday present, drawing day is on my BDay!!!

  • OmegaEx

    If a Starter pack is given away, I hope the winner gets to choose the console.

  • Dylan

    Great to see the Marceline tags are fixed! hope i win one!

  • OmegaEx

    Wait, TWO Green Arrows!?

  • J

    I’m hoping for Supergirl. It’s literally the only one I can’t purchase since I don’t have a PS4 and she’s not available in hire-a-hero…yet. I bought all the others during black Friday and got GA from gamestop.

  • Darknight

    Just got an ET pack from a store so “Super Girl” please be mine.

  • C

    I hope I win the Sonic, Fantastic Beasts, or supergirl but knowing my luck if I do win i’ll win the poster.

  • OmegaEx

    So when is the calendar going to be updated?

  • OmegaEx

    Okay, seriously. How many Green Arrows are you gonna give away, cause we’re at THREE now. I mean, I get that he’s pretty rare and all, but THREE?! Two I’m fine with, but three’s a little mush.

  • Andrew

    I’m praying that I get that Adventure Time Level Pack. I’ve just got Lego Dimensions, and it is a great game. I can’t wait to expand it with some of these great expansions. Good luck to everyone else, and Merry Christmas!

  • Reuben

    Could you make a custom year 2 poster because i really want one

  • mykel

    I’m hoping to get sonic, adventure time, E.T, gremlins, harry potter, mission impossible, super girl, the A team fantastic beasts and green arrow!!!!!! : )

  • OmegaEx

    Yeah, that’s cool. Four Green Arrows. Don’t give away any other packs or other things, cause Green Arrow’s all we give a crap about!

    • Andrew

      Dude, this is their contest, and this is their preferred character, and this is a very rare character to get. Calm yourself, bro.

  • Richard

    Wish I had stumbled across this sooner!!

  • Jess

    Hoping for a level pack! Good luck to all!

  • Reuben

    How have you got the lego batman movie story pack

    • OmegaEx

      The thing is they don’t. Probably.

  • Reuben

    How have you got the lego batman movie story pack and the knight rider fun pack

  • Andrew

    So the whole Adventure Time collection is available?! PLEASE. I’VE BEEN A GOOD BOY ALL YEAR LONG! I don’t care if I get another Scooby-Doo team pack, I NEED them! Okay, speaking non-begging-ly, it would be algebraic if I could get them, and if I don’t, oh well. Better luck next time. If there were any others I would love to get, maybe the Fantastic Beasts pack or the Harry Potter team pack. But aside from that, I would love the Adventure Time stuff, and stuff. 😀

  • Leroy

    Crossing m fingers for green arrow, adventure time level pack or Ghostbusters story pack.

  • OmegaEx

    It’s sad seeing Green Arrow every four days.

    • Andrew

      Did you not hear me before? This is THEIR contest, and THEIR preferred character. And since the character is hard to find, they want to bring it to the people who want it every chance they get. If you’re so sad and angry seeing Green Arrow every time, what are you doing here? I’m sorry for sounding harsh, given what time of the year it is, but either deal with it or go away.

  • Andrew

    Last day to enter! Merry Christmas to all of you, and good luck on winning this brick-tastic contest!

  • OmegaEx

    Woah, hold up. Two Day 24s? Something’s not right.

  • Andrew

    So I just bought the Adventure Time stuff on Amazon, so, could I have that Fun Pack…pack?? Please?

  • OmegaEx

    We’re so close to 50,000 entries. Oh boy.

  • i need it

    sonic LEVEL pack plz

  • BatGamer321

    Who’s hyped for the 2017 sets, cuz I know I AM!

  • Andrew

    You know what’s kinda sad? I just bought the Adventure Time Level, Team, and Fun Packs on Amazon, and I just came back from Walmart and got Emmet, E.T. and Harry Potter. And I’ve gotta feeling that I might end up with another one of them if I’m one of the winners.

    • OmegaEx

      You probably shouldn’t have that mindset when entering a giveaway.

  • David L. Paullin

    I hope I can get the Excalibur Batman or Knight Rider, hopefully.

  • Andrew

    Come on and give me that Batman Story Pack, please!

  • Clarence

    I have none of the additional packs, levels, nothing. Just the base game so far so any of the prizes would be awesome. 😉

  • James

    Merry Christmas and good luck to everyone! My boyfriend and I have become totally obsessed with this game and have to have a good debate before purchasing additional packs!

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    crossing fingers for day 25 prize :0

  • Benjamin T

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  • Chris Young

    Thank-you for the time and effort to put all of this together

  • OmegaEx

    Only an hour left!

  • Andrew

    Good luck to the winners, and I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and that it continues into the New Year!

  • Luca

    Good luck to everyone….I really hope to win something

  • Noah Ridneour

    Good luck to everyone, and fingers crossed that I win something!

  • Infinirama616

    Good luck to everyone! My daughters and I started playing on Christmas Day and we are hooked.

    Thanks to BrickstoLife.com for doing another Advent give away!

  • Andrew

    I don’t care if I gotta wait 2 whole months for it, I’m ready to get that Batman Story pack!

  • Colin

    I hope I win at least something! I don’t mind duplicates.

  • Leroy

    Good luck everyone. I Hope I win something.

  • Dylan Campbell

    When will the winners be announced?

  • Dylan Campbell

    I know today but when ( Eastern Canada/US time)

  • Andrew

    The anticipation is killing me! 😀

    • OmegaEx

      Same here, man.

  • Infinirama616

    Dan said on Twitter later today because he got snow. So, sometime today.

    • Infinirama616

      Err, my bad. It was the BrickstoLife account that said that. Not sure who.

  • Dylan Campbell

    Oh ok. I guess we will have to wait it out lol.

  • Andrew

    Y’all, Dan’s almost done drawing!! XD

  • Colin

    ^Or so he said 40 minutes ago lol

  • Dylan Campbell

    Well dang I didn’t win. Oh well. Congrats to everyone who won stuff!?

    • Jonathan

      The winners aren’t there though?

  • Anonymous

    No more. Whatever.

  • Nate Draper

    What about a custom Lord Vortech?
    Just a unrealistic thought.

  • Isabel Rodriguez

    I hope win a game

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to win a Lego my boy is 11 and he loves legos like and will share publicity

  • John

    Awesome to win something Lego. Crosses fingers…

  • Gameplayer

    i want the dimenions pack please

  • Randy

    Doh! Forgot to get the last entry and comment on what prize I’d like to win. In any case, hope it’s LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. The Zelda Breath of the Wild pack would be sweet, too.