LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough! Level Guides, Secrets & More!


The time for heroes is upon us! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a massive game and you’re probably going to need some help collecting, unlocking, achieving, and exploring! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Below you will find a full walkthrough for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (currently in progress) to help you on your journey! With over 300 characters to unlock, dozens of worlds to explore, 20 levels to master and piles of Gold Bricks to earn, Bricks To Life is here to help!

Did we miss anything? Want to contribute? Let us know in the comments of the guide! We’ll make sure to drop a thanks your way if your info helps out the community!

Table Of Contents

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough

Below you will find level guides for all 20 of the main LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 levels. Each level will contain 10 minikits, a True Believer stud amount, Stan Lee Rescue Character, and other fun tips, tricks and secrets hidden in the level.

Level Guides


DLC Level Packs

These level packs won’t hit the game until around Christmas time and will slowly release throughout 2018, make sure to check back for all the guides & walkthroughs for these levels when they drop!



Character & Vehicle Unlock Guide

With over 300 characters in this game we aren’t going to list them right here, so instead head over to our character unlock page to find out where and how to grab your favorite characters!

Character Cheat Code Guide

  • Unlock over 20 various Heroes and Villains early using these special Cheat Codes!

Character Unlock Guide

  • Each Level unlocks it’s core playable characters.
  • Bonus “Character Card” for each level can be found! (Including Gwenpool Missions)
  • Other characters are unlocked through Hub world quests, races & puzzles!
  • Unlock Stan Lee by rescuing all the Stan Lees in each mission and hub area!

Vehicle Unlock Guide

  • All vehicles are unlocked by completing Chronopolis challenges.

DLC Character Packs


Gwenpool Missions – Pink Bricks

You’ll need to help Gwenpool out across the massive land of Chronopolis by collecting the extra cute pink bricks! Here’s where to find them all!



Chronopolis Location Guides

The massive land of Chronopolis is divided into many different realms both high in the sky and down deep in the ocean. Each world is filled with quests, secret characters, races and more!

Fully detailed guides for all the Chronopolis Areas Coming Soon!

Top Hat Toppler LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Chronopolis Challenges

In additional to all the missions and puzzles you can find across Chronopolis, there is another level of fun hunting and collecting for you to complete with 20 Challenges hidden away in the Map Menu.

Some of these challenges are really simple, others require a lot of careful hunting. If you complete the challenge you will be rewarded with a new vehicle to be used in the Hub for free play and races!

Chronopolis Challenge List

Click on the challenge below for our guide:

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  1. Sam November 21, 2017 | Reply
    How do u do free play missions
    • Daniel Becker
      Daniel Becker November 21, 2017 | Reply
      Beat the mission, then go to your map and tab over to LEVELS on the bottom right hand corner and select the mission you want to replay!
      • Phil December 3, 2017 | Reply
        Which items do you select on the missions on the map to get to free play?? There's like 40 th8ngs in one area
  2. Sam November 21, 2017 | Reply
    Thank you
  3. Jack November 22, 2017 | Reply
    How do you unlock the wonder man mission in Manhattan?
    • Daniel Becker
      Daniel Becker November 22, 2017 | Reply
      It's part two of the Hank-Ger management Gwenpool mission! Check the guide!
  4. Crystal Karl November 22, 2017 | Reply
    I'm stuck on the level with star lord, black panther and captain America. I can figure out how to get captain america up to his podium
    • Paul Haan
      Paul Haan November 23, 2017 | Reply
      Are you talking about the mission in the Hydra Zeppelin? I experienced a glitch in this level that forced me to restart. The first area with the shield rebound would not work. When I pulled the lever in the small room, the crates didn't drop from the ceiling. After I reset, pulling the lever caused crates to drop. Then the shield rebound worked and I was able to progress in the level. I hope this helps.
  5. brandon November 22, 2017 | Reply
    i completed all the races that are shown on the hub but have not unlocked the trophy, do more races open up with more characters unlocked or is the trophy glitched?
    • Daniel Becker
      Daniel Becker November 23, 2017 | Reply
      There are races that are locked by missions that need to be completed first. Example: Sandman mission in Egypt unlocks the Rhino race.
      • brandon November 23, 2017 | Reply
        i completed all thoses, i almost have all the characters unlocked. i read somewhere you need a gold on every race to get the trophy, is that true?
      • FaderVader7 November 25, 2017 | Reply
        Hi! Do you happen to know how to unlock the second race in Asgard? Thanks
        • Daniel Becker
          Daniel Becker November 27, 2017 | Reply
          Hellcow is unlocked by completing the Blade/Hellcow Quest in Wakanda. The Blade/Hellcow quest isn't unlocked until you complete Shuri's Quest though. Basically 1. Complete Shuri's quest in Wakanda to Unlock Blade's Quest. Complete Blade's quest to unlock the Hellcow race in Asgard.
  6. TheRadcool November 24, 2017 | Reply
    anyone have a guide on the underwater puzzle next to captain stacys boat and Manhattan?
  7. DJ November 24, 2017 | Reply
    Hit 100%. Have every achievement except all the gold bricks and complete all races. I’ve done all races/events on the map and have 255/255 gold bricks. Has to be bugged right?
  8. Dude November 26, 2017 | Reply
    How do you unlock the locks in certain areas of the map?
    • Daniel Becker
      Daniel Becker November 27, 2017 | Reply
      Typically there are other missions, puzzles or races you might need to complete first in other areas of Chronopolis.
  9. Andreeeew November 29, 2017 | Reply
    How do I unlock the web-slinging ability in the character creator?
  10. Ronin November 30, 2017 | Reply
    There are red mission icons appearing around Avengers Mansion. I'm not sure what they are for, or how to start them.
    • Kay December 4, 2017 | Reply
      That was frustrating me too. It's like a weird glitch. I never figured out what it was.
  11. Jessica December 2, 2017 | Reply
    I’m missing 1 gold brick to get 100% & have no clue where it could be, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I can’t find a list/map of where random gold bricks are anywhere
    • Daniel Becker
      Daniel Becker December 2, 2017 | Reply
      There are no random gold bricks, every one is mapped on the map. You have them all for the levels? Scan around for any un checked item on your map.
  12. Joe December 4, 2017 | Reply
    Son and I love to play these games together, have played a bunch of the lego games so get the basic set up of them. We have already beaten the 20 regular levels. Son want's to go back and get some of the items in the game that we missed by going back and playing the level's again. We have used the map to access the levels again hoping we would be able to switch characters (free play in the level). However we are not able to switch guys when re playing levels, any ideas?
    • Paul Haan
      Paul Haan December 4, 2017 | Reply
      When you bring up the map and select a level from the levels tab, there should be a choice of Story or Free Play. Select Free Play and you should be able to change characters.
      • Joe December 5, 2017 | Reply
        Wow can't believe I missed that. Thank you very much!
        • Paul Haan
          Paul Haan December 5, 2017 | Reply
          Happy to help! That is what we are here for.
  13. Kay December 4, 2017 | Reply
    I'm almost done. :) I appreciate the guide for when I get stuck. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's a glitch or I'm doing it wrong or to find that last mini kit. I just have 2 van races left to get the last 2 character cards, one in Xandar and one on Egypt. The van is clunky and frustrating to drive.
  14. Heed21 December 5, 2017 | Reply
    Where does one get a van to do van races?
    • Paul Haan
      Paul Haan December 6, 2017 | Reply
      You can use Captain America's 4x4 which is unlocked via the Guided Tour Challenge. Just jump on the monorail and ride it all the way around Chronopolis.
  15. CPGoldstein December 8, 2017 | Reply
    I think I may have run into a glitch. When I play Avenger's World Tour (Russian Research Facility) in free play mode. I open the hatch on the extreme right (2nd level) and supposed to use Thor to electrify the opening, but it won't work. Anyone else run into this problem?

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