Adventure Worlds

Adventure World FAQ

Adventure Worlds one of the two big parts of Lego Dimensions Gameplay! The worlds are packed with references to a specific franchise and full of missions and adventures to unlock gold bricks, gameplay bonuses and more!

How Do I Get Into An Adventure World?

You can access any of the Adventure Worlds by visiting the portal in either Vorton or The Shard! In order to get access to the Adventure World you will need at least one character from the franchise!

Every Starter Pack comes with three Adventure Worlds because you start with three characters:

  • Gandalf -> Lord Of The Rings
  • Batman -> DC Comics
  • Wyldstyle -> Lego Movie

As you collect additional characters you will gain access to their Adventure World!

Note: You don’t need a Level Pack to get into an Adventure World! Example: You can use Bart to get into the Simpsons Adventure world! Some Adventure Worlds only have one character like Midway Arcade or Portal, so you will need to purchase that pack!

What Do I Do In An Adventure World?

Each Adventure World is filled with tons of great stuff to do! Every world has a small tally of what you’ve accomplished that you can view prior to jumping into the world!

Red Bricks

Each Adventure World has one Red Brick that if you can catch will unlock in the Vorton Portal for you to purchase and get bonuses during gameplay!

Check out our full Red Brick guide here!

Repair Locations

Every Adventure World starts incomplete and requires you to go around and fix the various broken or missing pieces! Restoring these areas will allow you to complete certain missions or find fun easter eggs! Here’s an example of Repair Locations inside an adventure world!

Warning! This is going to cost you a lot of studs! So come prepared to spend!

Gold Bricks

There is a set amount of Gold Bricks you can find in each Adventure World by completing various events! Gold bricks can be unlocked by:

  • Completing Missions
  • Winning Gold In Races
  • Solving Puzzles