A Dalektable Adventure – Doctor Who

Level Locations

The Doctor drops off the Heroes on the surface of Trenzalore where they must battle their way through a futuristic world filled with Cybermen, Weeping Angles and Daleks!

  • Engine Room
  • Observatory
  • Graveyard
  • Power Room
  • Cargo Room
  • Tardis Location
  • Station Core

Boss Encounters


Cyberking Boss Fight

  1. Destroy the Cybermen that come out the pods around the room.
  2. CyberKing will slam the ground, and get stuck. Attack it’s arm until it is destroyed.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Pieces will appear in the center of the room to build an Accelerator Switch. Use a vehicle on the pad to destroy the CyberKing.

Dalek Emperor


  1. Destroy Daleks until all the pieces drop onto the platform.
  2. Put the pieces together and use a character with Magic on the new constructed item.
  3. A second small platform will drop with a grapple box on it. Use a character with Grapple to pull down the box. This will drop out an Element Keystone pedestal.
  4. Continue destroying Daleks until the pieces drop onto the platform.
  5. Use the pieces to put together a stereo with an electric coil in the center. Activate the pedestal and use the electricity to charge the stereo.
  6. Continue destroying Daleks until the pieces drop onto the platform. The pieces will be on fire. Use the water element to put out the fire on the pieces.
  7. Use a character with Master Builder to put together the pieces. Use a character with Grapple on the newly created launcher. Use a character with Boomerang to activate the Boomerang Switch placed onto the Dalek.
  8. The Dalek will drop into pieces onto the platform. Put the pieces together and jump into the created flame launcher. Aim it towards the Dalek Emperor.
  9. Use a character with Master Builder to put the pieces together from the smaller platforms. Use a character with Magic on the newly created oversized telephone, defeating the Dalek Emperor.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Engine Room – 1 Minikit

  • Spinjitzu for Cyberman | Requires: Laser, Magic, Spinjitzu
    • Using a piece with Laser ability or the fire element, melt the ice block on the far left side of the room. This will release pieces for a Spinjitzu pad. Put the pad together and use a character with Spinjitzu to release the Cyberman in the tank.
    • Use a character with Magic on the piece in the tank to reveal the minikit.


Observatory – 2 Minikits

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  • Drone in Space | Requires: Acrobat, Drone Access
    • Open the windows to the exterior using a character with Acrobat.
    • In the Observatory Room there is a Drone Access tunnel on the 2nd floor of the room.

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Graveyard – 2 Minikits

  • A Smash in Time | Requires: Super Strength
    • In front of the gate is a ledge. Using a character with Super Strength, drop down to the lower ledge and punch a hole in the wall to the left to get the minikit.


  • Watering the Plant | Requires: Grapple, Water Spray
    • Using a character with Grapple, pull the vehicle off of the earth patch next to the pond.
    • Using a piece with Water Spray, water the plant to the right of the pond. The plant will grow and chomp a hole in the ground, revealing the minikit.


Power Room – 1 Minikit

  • Yana’s Technology | Requires: Technology
    • In the room right after the main Power Room, there is a Technology panel. Follow the selection pattern to claim the minikit.
    • First Pattern: Top Left | Top Right | Bottom Right | Bottom Left
    • Second Pattern: Top Left | Bottom Right | Bottom Left | Top Right
    • Third Pattern: Top Right | Bottom Right | Bottom Left | Top Left
    • Fourth Pattern: Bottom Left | Bottom Right | Top Left | Top Right


TARDIS Location: Palace of Versailles – 4 Minikits

In the Cargo Room, after unlocking the Shift Keystone, the crane can be repaired using a character with Fix-It. This will drop out a box. Use a character with Magic on it. This will drop out pieces for building a Tardis pad.

  • The Clock Stopped | Requires: Relic Detection
    • Use a character with Relic Detection in front of the fireplace. This will place a switch on the floor in front of it. Step on the switch to rotate the fireplace around. The minikit will be in front of the fireplace.

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  • The Masked Figures | Requires: Grapple, Magic
    • In the bedroom, there are 3 masked figures to destroy.
    • Using a character with Magic, open the clothes wall to reveal the first figure.
    • Bounce on the bed to reveal pieces to a masked figure. Put the pieces together and then destroy the figure.
    • Use a character with Grapple to pull open the wardrobe, revealing the last figure to be destroyed and claiming the minikit.

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  • Golden Music | Requires: Laser, Magic
    • Using a piece with Laser, break the gold pieces at the bottom of the stairs in the bedroom. Put the pieces together into a piano.
    • Use a character with Magic on the piano to reveal the minikit.


  • Horses in Space | Requires: Boomerang, Sonar Smash
    • On the space station, go past the fireplace. Use a character with Sonar Smash on the wall to the right.
    • Pieces will drop out to create a rotate switch. Turn the switch to turn off the air blowers.
    • Using a character with Relic Detection, reveal a Boomerang Switch. Use a character with Boomerang to activate the switch to open the door.
    • A horse will jump out of the door, carrying the minikit.


Rescue Character

Location: Observatory

  • Rescue Clara Oswald | Requires: Boomerang, Fix-It
    • On the left side of the 2nd level, use a character with Fix-It repair the tank and then a character with Boomerang to open the tank.


Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker requires approximately 220,000 studs.

The Arcade Machine

In the Cargo Room, there is an Arcade Station for the Arcade Machine.

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