A-Team Adventure World Gold Brick Guide

Rule Breaker

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You will need to collect approximately 360,000 Studs to collect the Rule Breaker Gold Brick!

Note: Unfortunately the game doesn’t tally your in World stud total, it only adds to your existing stud collection so this is a rough estimate.

Repair Locations

The A-Team Adventure World contains 6 repair locations! You will need to repair almost all these locations for various missions or gold bricks! Here is a quick gallery of the six locations followed by a table with each listed out.

Repair Location Jukebox Airport 0:30 Rebuild the Juke Box for 30,000 Studs
Repair Location The Bridge Los Angeles 0:57 Rebuild the Bridge for 30,000 Studs
Repair Location Apartment Building Lobby Los Angeles 1:30 Restore the Apartment Building Lobby for 25,000 Studs
Repair Location Camp Site Mountains 1:46 Restore the Camp Site for 10,000 Studs
Repair Location Trailer Park Mountains 2:30 Rebuild the Trailers for 20,000 Studs
Repair Location Pump Jacks Mountains 3:30 Rebuild the Pump Jacks for 30,000 Studs

Gold Brick Guide

There are 28 gold bricks inside the A-Team Adventure World! This is the breakdown of how you will find them:

Puzzles: 13

Missions: 11

Races: 4

Rule Breaker: 1

Type Event Location Time Description
Mission Lights, Camera… Aquamaniac! Lagoon 5:15 Help Hannibal shoot a scene for Aquamaniac! Use SUPER STRENGTH PULL to break open the trailer, and FIX IT to repair the lights, and LASER deflect to power them. Defeat the three waves of enemies while also fighting the Aquamaniac!
Mission Biker Bust Up Motel 8:50 Use A-TEAM MASTER BUILD to distract the bikers out of hiding and then defeat them!
Mission Trailer Park Lark Trailer Park 11:00 Follow Hannibal up to the top of the mountain into the gang hideout defeating waves of enemies on the way. Defeat the enemies surrounding each of the kidnapped hostages to build a GRAPPLE hook and pull the prisons apart.
Puzzle / Event Oil Field Power Up Oil Field 16:10 Use CHARGE TRANSFER to move the power from the three buildings to the Pump Jacks.
Puzzle / Event Tunnel Blasts Oil Field 18:00 Enter the tunnel in the Oil Field area, use SUPER STRENGTH to destroy the wall and assemble the TNT outside the rock debris.
Mission The B-Team Prison 19:45 Talk to Lynch outside the Prison and follow him around the world defeating the evil B-Team!
Puzzle / Event Lighting The Way Airport 27:25 Use a flying vehicle with CARGO HOOK to deliver the five power cells to the Airport strip. Turn on the switch to trigger the lights!
Puzzle / Event Cargo Shuffle Container Ship 30:45 Use SWORD SWITCH to move cargo containers back and forth to move through the ship, then the triggers at the back of the maze to release the ladder hatch and brick.
Puzzle / Event Garage Clean Out Los Angeles 36:22 Use XRAY to open the garage door of the house next to the ground race starting point.
Puzzle / Event Container Smash Docks 37:35 Use Diffindo on the container in the docks to create a hammer, MAGIC the hammer into smashing the containers until you find the brick.
Puzzle / Event Roof Top Lasers Los Angeles 40:00 Move the laser turrets around the maze to power up the lights and release the brick.
Puzzle / Event Hold Up Los Angeles 42:00 Use SILVER LEGO DESTROY to clear out the cars, then assemble the ladder to the ledge and FIX IT to open the doors freeing the hostages.
Puzzle / Event Drainage Hatch Drainage Area 43:00 Under the bridge near the chemical spill you can use PARSEL TONGUE to release bricks that can be built into a switch to open the hatch.
Puzzle / Event Chemical Clean Up Los Angeles 43:45 Use WATER SPRAY to clear out the purple goo, then SUPER STRENGTH HANDLE to break open the truck.
Puzzle / Event Prison Target Practice Prison 45:20 Use A-TEAM MASTER BUILD to make a gun and then start the target practice mini game. Score a minimum of 35 points to get the brick.
Puzzle / Event Tow The Sky Los Angeles 47:30 Using a flying vehicle with SKY TOW BAR pull the boards off all three windows and destroy the terminals to release the bricks.
Puzzle / Event Milk Man Los Angeles 50:00 Pull the switch in the yard next to B.A.’s Garage and use the mini map tracker to fill all 10 milk bottles in their colorful crates. Destroy them all to get the brick.
Puzzle / Event Motel Storage Motel 54:20 Use TOW BAR to break open the Motel Storage and then INTELLIGENCE to crack open the chest.
Puzzle / Event Murdock’s Woes Veterans Hospital* 55:30 Go inside the Veterans Hospital and rebuild the TV to distract Murdock. Destroy the game cabinets to make a BMO DOCK and finish the mini game. Use FIX IT & ELECTRICITY to charge the terminal and open the safe.
Mission Something’s Bugging Me Face’s Apartment* 59:38 Go inside Face’s Apartment (Repair Location) and use RELIC DETECTION to find the bugs. Fix his apartment back up and
Mission Face The Music Face’s Apartment* 1:02:30 Go back into Face’s Apartment and help him find dancing people around the Adventure World to populate his party. Do the Dancing Mini mission at the end for bonus studs.
Puzzle / Event Tune Up Time B.A.’s Garage* 1:07:00 Use GRAPPLE to pull open the crate holding the punching bag, ACROBAT to pull down the truck off the lift, and SILVER LEGO DESTROY & FIX IT to retrieve the engine. A-TEAM MASTER BUILD the new revved up truck together and then play the mini game for Brick.
Race Lighthouse Sky Race Lighthouse 1:10:00 Get a time of 1:30:00 or better to get the Gold Brick! Recommend – Superman
Race Garage Ground Race Los Angeles 1:12:50 Get a time of 2:05:00 or better to get the Gold Brick! Recommend – Street Shredder! Beware the random cars driving around the road, dodge or jump over them!
Race Dead End Ground Race Los Angeles 1:15:00 Get a time of 1:10:00 or better to get the Gold Brick! Find this race at the dead end road at the edge of the world. Recommend – Street Shredder
Mission Drumming Up Business 1:16:18 Use a flying vehicle with CARGO HOOK to deliver the three boxes around the adventure world! Note: You need to complete the Veteran’s Hospital puzzle to get Murdock out into the world for this mission.

Gold Brick Gallery

Here are some quick shots of the gold brick puzzles as listed in the two tables above. The images appear in order as listed on the guide.

Red Brick

Find and catch the Red Brick in the A-Team Adventure World to unlock:

I Know A Guy
Cost: 100,000
Upgrades to vehicle tags cost half.

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