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Adventure World Video Guide

Repair Locations

There are six repair locations in this Adventure World! You will need to repair some of these locations in order to unlock certain Gold Bricks! View the table below for all six locations and costs. Check out the gallery for a quick snapshot of each location restored!

Type Event Location Time Description
Repair Location Jukebox Tree Fort 0:13 Rebuild the Juke Box for 40,000 Studs
Repair Location Banana Man’s House Iceberg Lake 0:43 Restore the Banana Man’s House for 70,000 Studs.
Repair Location Snow Golem’s Cabin Ice Kingdom 1:10 Restore the Snow Golem’s Cabin for 60,000 Studs.
Repair Location Goliad and Stormo Candy Kingdom 1:47 Restore Goliad and Stormo for 40,000 Studs
Repair Location Lemonjon Castle Lemongrab 2:15 Restore Lemonjon for 55,000 Studs.
Repair Location Tree Trunk’s Caravan Candy Kingdom 2:45 Restore Tree Trunk’s Caravan for 70,000 Studs.

Gold Bricks

This Adventure World has 28 gold bricks in total! Here is the breakdown:

Puzzles: 18

Missions: 7

Races: 2

Rule Breaker: 1

Below is a table with all of the Gold Bricks you can unlock! Included is also a time stamp for the video above showing you where in the video we unlocked the brick! Below the table is a small gallery of images relating to this list of missions / puzzles / ect.. in the order they appear in this list.

Type Event Location Time Description
Hidden Weapon Finn’s Crystal Sword Ice King’s Castle 3:33 Head into the Chamber Of Frozen Blades in Ice King’s Castle to unlock Finn’s final weapon!
Mission Have You Seen This Penguin? Ice King’s Castle 5:05 Help Ice King locate his lost penguins located around the Ice Kingdom. Use your minimap as a guide to locate them.
Mission Hambo Hunt Tree Fort 8:30 Travel with Marceline through the Adventure World and battle the evil fairy gangs that stole Hambo.
Mission Lemon Aid Castle Lemongrab 11:15 Find this mission in the downstairs of Castle Lemongrab. Help the Lemongrab people create a new lemon folk! Push the lemons in to the machine and then use SWORD SWITCH to turn it on.
Mission Deduce With Choose Goose Candy Kingdom 14:15 Star the mission and follow Choose Goose’s clues around the Adventure World! First go to Mo Co on the beach, then Ice Kingdom’s Ice Castle exterior, then Fire Kingdom’s castle ledge, then just outside Banana Man’s house in the forest, and finally behind Mountain Man!
Mission Caaaaaandy! Candy Kingdom Graveyard 19:30 Escort Princess Bubblegum through the Candy Kingdom and battle the zombie candy to safely deliver her to the castle.
Mission Tree Trunk’s Hot Pies Candy Kingdom 21:45 Help Tree Trunks locate her boxes of apples hidden around the Candy Kingdom including Castle Lemongrab. Use the minimap to find the apple crates and smash the crates to collect the apples inside. Collect all 30 apples.
Puzzle / Event Marauders Brawl The Marauders Village 27:45 Head to the base of the crying Mountain Man and battle the waves of Marauders to stop the Mountain from crying and collect the gold brick.
Mission Simon and Marcy The Forrest 31:00 On the edge of the beach and the forrest you can find a TARDIS DOCK that will take you to the Mushroom War times where you will need to assist Simon in making a soup! Use a combination of MAGIC, LASER, CHROMA KEYSTONE, SONAR SMASH, SILVER LEGO DESTROY and TECHNOLOGY to gather the ingredients for Simon.
Puzzle / Event Rocket Man! Banana Man’s House 37:45 Use RELIC DETECTION on the side of the dome to create a GRAPPLE hook, pull the hatch open and build the orange power supply. Then use FIX IT to repair the blue power, which will blow out some bricks, assemble that into an ACCELERATOR SWITCH which rill damage the rocket launch panel. Repair then FIX IT again and reuse the ACCELERATOR SWITCH to unlock the gold brick.
Puzzle / Event Frosty Maze Ice Berg Lake 40:53 DIVE to the bottom of the Iceberg Lake and use LASER to melt the frozen pieces of the mini maze, then activate the KEYSTONE and shrink down to clear the maze. (Superman Puzzle)
Puzzle / Event PARTAAAY! Cloud Kingdom 45:00 FLY high up into the sky and find the hidden Cloud Kingdom up in the clouds. Use MAGIC to move the coin through the puzzle and into the Jukebox. Assemble the dance floor to begin a dance party and finish the mini game to collect the brick.
Puzzle / Event Hot Stuff Coming Through! Fire Kingdom 47:50 Use VENT ACCESS at the top of the Fire Kingdom Mountain to gain access to a hidden DRONE ACCESS maze. Send the drone through the maze and trigger the switches to unlock the Brick. Beware camera angles! They can be tricky here.
Puzzle / Event Honoring Billy Castle Lemongrab 50:00 Outside Castle Lemongrab use PARSEL TONGUE to release the first pile of bricks and then RELIC DETECTION & DIFFINDO to release the second pile. Assemble them into the statue to collect the brick.
Puzzle / Event Dumb Penguin Fire Kingdom 52:10 DIVE under the Battle Arena portal and use a combination of SUPER STRENGTH, BOOMERANG, GRAPPLE, and MIND CONTROL to slowly move a penguin through the obstacles. (Wonder Woman Puzzle)
Puzzle / Event BMO Factory MO Co 54:10 Head down into the basement of MO Co found at the Beach, then use the KEYSTONE to travel between rooms. You will need ILLUMINATE to see in the two rooms. Pink to get the Gold Brick Recipe, Blue to enter the Recipe. Use the TECHNOLOGY panel in the Blue Portal room to enter the recipe and collect the Brick.
Puzzle / Event Vault Of Bones The Forrest 57:15 Across the bridge from Banana Man’s house is the Vault Of Bones, pull down the lone tree branch to open the Vault and head inside. Once Inside use RELIC DETECTION to summon a BOOMERANG switch, destroy the contents behind the bars to build half the chest. Then use TRACKING from the other alcove to dig up the pieces for the second half of the chest.
Puzzle / Event Snow Golem’s Cabin Snow Golem’s Cabin 1:00:10 Break open the Snow Golem’s Cabin’s front door with SILVER LEGO DESTROY the use MASTER BUILD to bring back Snow Golem so he can clear some snow off his roof and reveal the brick.
Puzzle / Event Clean Up On Isle… Fish Parliment 1:01:35 Under the water behind Mountain Man you can DIVE to find the Fish Parliament. Destroy the five signs both inside and outside the building using SILVER LEGO DESTROY to collect the gold brick.
Puzzle / Event Candy Experiments Candy Kingdom Castle 1:04:00 Enter the top room of the Candy Kingdom Castle and use INTELLIGENCE & DIG to release the pieces required to finish the candy machine. Use MAGIC to follow the recipe on the wall, (Green, Green, Red) to create a Gold Brick.
Puzzle / Event Lumpy Car Repair Lumpy Space 1:07:00 Use the Frog portal located next to Castle Lemongrab to teleport to Lumpy Space. Help repair the Lumpy Space Car by using RAINBOW BRICK DESTROY to break apart the tree and MAGIC to turn the pieces into Wheels. Then RAINBOW BRICK DESTROY the rock to assemble the bridge switch so you can push over the car engine block, RELIC DETECTION to summon a GRAPPLE to pull the block open, and the accelerator switch to finally power the car to send it off!
Puzzle / Event Giant Finn Head Tree Fort 1:11:00 Head into the Tree Fort and destroy all the glowing furniture and assemble the pieces, then use the BMO DOCK and beat the game to release more pieces to assemble, and finally TRACKING near the entrance to release the final set of pieces. Assemble all the brick piles then use MAGIC to put together a giant Finn Head!
Puzzle / Event Guardians Of Sunshine MO Co 1:15:30 Use LASER to clear the boards off the game console inside MO Co’s Aracde. Travel through the stage using VINE CUT to build a SWORD SWITCH, CURSED LEGO DESTROY to distract Bouncy Bee, GRAPPLE SWING, MAGIC, SWORD SWITCH, ACROBAT and LASER to beat Hunny Bunny, then TOW BAR through to the final area where you will use ACROBAT and SWORD SWITCH to trigger a dance off mini game to defeat Sleepy Sam.
Race Mountain Man Sky Race Mountain Man NA Find this sky race above the Mountain Man. Beat it in under the gold time to get the brick.
Race Ruins Water Race Ice Kingdom 1:22:00 In the waters off Ice Kingdom beat the under water race in 0:55:00 or less to collect the gold brick.
Puzzle / Event Light The Beacon Beautopia 1:25:35 Swim through the underwater tunnel in the rocky area in the waters near the Candy Kingdom Cemetery into the underground caves. Use DRILL to clear out the the rock faces to the left and right of the buildings. Use the cleared switches to lift the garage doors and use the ACCELERATOR SWITCHES to open the center beacon’s bars. Trigger that switch to light the beacon and collect the brick..
Puzzle / Event Chi Chi Cha Cha Hyooman Village 1:29:10 Travel along the tunnels from Beautopia to the next area where you will need to use the underwater CHI shrine to lift ramps so you can push the large block along the path, up and out of the water and opening the gate. aa
Puzzle / Event Pillow Dragon Pillow Kingdom 1:32:00 From the Hyooman Village, enter the portal into the Pillow Kingdom. Destroy the pillow to reveal a SWORD SWITCH which will reveal a LASER DEFLECTION area. Deflect the laser to destroy the center gold chest piece then the targets under the wings. Assemble the pillow cannon and then slice the next of the Pillow Dragon using CURSED LEGO DESTROY.

Gold Brick Gallery

A small gallery of snapshots from each of the Gold Bricks listed in the tables above. Images appear in the order they are listed on the table.

Rule Breaker

Approximately 210,000 Studs are required for the Rule Breaker in this world.

Note: Unfortunately the game doesn’t tally your in World stud total, it only adds to your existing stud collection so this is a rough estimate.

Red Brick

Cost: 100,000
Extra stud multipliers added during combat combos.

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