Cartographer Challenge – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 features 20 fun challenges for you to complete as you adventure around the massive hub world of Chronopolis. You can access these challenges from the Map screen by paging over to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom left. Some of these challenges are super easy, some are incredibly difficult!

Once you complete each of the 20 challenges you will be rewarded with a vehicle to use in game!

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Here’s how to unlock this challenge:


cartographer challenge lego marvel super heroes 2

Like we’ve mentioned in all our of Chronopolis hub world guides, the first thing you should do once you’ve completed the story is tour the entire map and activate all 18 of the map points.

These points are easy to spot early on because they will be the only spot on the map. Once activated the will fill the hub area with points of interests for various puzzles, missions, races, ect.

cartographer challenge lego marvel super heroes 2

Activate all 18 of these to complete this challenge!

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Challenge Unlock: Deep Sea Hydra Diver

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Hydra Deep Sea Diver

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  • Christian

    I am sure that I got all the locations, but the challenge says that I only got 17 out of 18. How to fix this issue?

    • Daniel Becker

      Did you do Kang’s Citadel, Knowhere, Lemuria & Attilan?

      • Darren

        I’ve got the same issue I have fast traveled to all locations to double check and have counted them several times. is there a fix?

  • fred

    same here, i have got all of them and yet it still says only 17/18.

  • Tinker77

    I think maybe there is place like the dark denensiob that you have to unlock then you get the map

    • Tinker77

      Sorry I meant dark dimension

  • Josh

    i have the same mine is showing i have only 16 out of 18 and its keeping me from the final vehicle unlock, i need a fix please

  • Randall

    The map points should be as follows:

    1. Manhattan
    2. Man-Thing’s Swamp
    3. Lemuria
    4. Wakanda
    5. Medieval England
    6. Nueva York
    7. Sakaar
    8. Asgard
    9. Xandar
    10. The Old West
    11. Hala
    12. Egypt
    13. Hydra Empire
    14. Manhattan Noir
    15. K’un-Lun
    16. Kang’s Citadel
    17. Attilan
    18. Knowhere

    I’ve visited each of these multiple times and interacted with them, even doing the map in Avenger’s Mansion, but I’m still stuck at 17/18.

    • Bruno

      Just go around and interact with them all again and it should unlock? It worked for me

      • Jason

        Thanks so much!

  • Alex

    I have got all of them but it says 16/18

  • Redeye1987

    I’ve got them all and reading 18/18, took a while to find the last one which was Attilan but as soon as I found it I read all 18 correctly.

  • Adam

    I’m gutted I’ve been to all 18 locations multiple times but it just keeps saying 17 of 18. Sometimes one will chuck out all the little mission circles again and they are ticked as i have done them but still 17/18. Everything else is done and I have put tens of hours into this for a simple bug to deny me three platinum….. so frustrating

    • Daniel Becker

      Submit a bug to them online, there are plenty of updates coming where they can fix it.

      • Adam

        Wouldn’t have a clue where to log it ill have a look


        • Droga89

          i have the same problem


    I got all of the maps points, but it says 16/18

  • Louis Perez

    I’m another with 17/18. Went through each one and they were all marked, but I did notice that I can’t click on the one in Manhattan. There’s no target nearby. I’m gonna see if it reappears after a reboot.