Change Of Address Challenge – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 features 20 fun challenges for you to complete as you adventure around the massive hub world of Chronopolis. You can access these challenges from the Map screen by paging over to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom left. Some of these challenges are super easy, some are incredibly difficult!

Once you complete each of the 20 challenges you will be rewarded with a vehicle to use in game!

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Here’s how to unlock this challenge:

Change Of Address

change of address challenge lego marvel super heroes 2

Five citizens of Chronopolis are just fed up with where they live and need your help in finding a new place to call home. You can easily find these citizens by overhearing them saying things like “I need a change of scenery…”

Here are the locations of the characters who want to move:

  • Asgard
    • To the right of the palace doors.
  • Manhattan
    • Under the corner of the office building near central park.
  • Nueva York
    • Next to Alchemax Building
  • Xandar
    • Across from Stan Lee Getting Eaten By Plant
  • Attilan
    • Hovering Walkway

Let us know in the comments if you have found any other characters!

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Challenge Unlock: The Laser Drill


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  • Dawn

    There is one in Attilan on one of the hovering walkways

  • Scott

    There is also one in Xandar. Facing the Stan Lee in Peril icon (where he is eaten by a giant plant)..she is to the left of there. She wants to move to Manhattan Noir.

  • Jacob

    There is one in Nueva York, right next to the Alchemax building.

  • Michael Kincaid

    I think I have a glitch on this because the girl in Asgard is not there