Elements of Surprise – Ninjago

Level Locations

Take part in the Elemental tournament and then try to escape the many dangerous areas of Master Chen’s Stadium

  • Master Chen’s Stadium
  • Maze of Tunnels
  • Assembly Room
  • Snake Pit
  • Master Chen’s Chamber

Boss Encounters

The Element Bosses

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.00.23 AM

  • Griffin Turner – Speed Element
    1. Use a character with Magic on the water pool in the center of the stadium to pull out the Chroma Keystone Pedestal.
    2. Griffin Turner will run around in circles around the stadium. As he is running around, he will approach your character. The game will go into slow motion, allowing you time to press a button that will trip him.
    3. A pile of Legos will be thrown from the stadium stands. Use these to create the pad needed for the pedestal.
    4. Repeat Step 2-3 twice.
    5. Activate the Chroma Keystone pedestal. Left Pad: Yellow | Center Pad: Yellow | Right Pad: Yellow
    6. The dragon will be destroyed into pieces. Put the pieces together as a treadmill. Griffin Turner will run into the treadmill, causing it to overload and blow up on him.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.01.02 AM

  • Gravis – Gravity Element
    1. Use a character with Magic on the water pool in the center of the stadium to pull out the Shift Keystone Pedestal.
    2. Move a character to the Blue section, then the Red section, and finally the Yellow section. Attack Gravis on each section to defeat him.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.01.38 AM

  • Karlof – Metal Element
    1. Use a character with Magic on the water pool in the center of the stadium to pull out the Chroma Keystone Pedestal.
    2. Use a character with Acrobat to swing on the bars on the right side of the stadium to pull down the Red Chroma Pad.
    3. Use a character with Magic to pull down the Yellow Chorma Pad from the dragon head at the center of the stadium.
    4. Use a character with Relic Detection on the wall cabinet just to the left of where the Yellow Chroma Pad was located. This will reveal a Boomerang Switch. Activate the switch to have the Blue Chroma Pad release.
    5. Activate the Chroma Keystone pedestal. Left Pad: Yellow | Center Pad: Red | Right Pad: Yellow
    6. This will cause Karlof to come out. Use a ranged attack to destroy the dragon above where the crane crashed through the wall.
    7. Use a character with Master Builder in front of the crane to put together the pieces, creating a large magnet. Use a character with Magic to put the magnet onto the crane.
    8. Several pieces will be thrown out from the stands. Put these pieces together to create an electrical generator and Accelerator Switch.
    9. Activate the Accelerator Switch to cause the electrical generator to electrify the crane and magnet.
    10. Attack Karlof until he switches into a metal form. Have him chase your character to near the magnet to defeat him.


Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.04.02 AM

  1. When your character gets put into the magic beam, move that character to a different location on the pad.
  2. Destroy the pieces around the entrance area to create 3 launcher pads.
  3. Use the launcher pad to launch your character at the snake. This will cause the snakes mouths on the wall to open and pieces to create a Shift Pedestal fall near the launcher pads. Activate the Shift Pedestal.
  4. Shift to the closest portal near the snake. The snake will move towards that portal. Attack the snake.
  5. Repeat moving your character out of the magic beam, using the launcher pad, and teleporting to near the snake to attack it to defeat it.

Lex Luthor

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.58.15 PM

  1. Destroy the boulders around the entrance to create pieces for Chroma pads. The puzzle sequence is found on the back of Lex Luthor’s suit.
  2. First Activation: Left Pad: Red | Center Pad: Red | Right Pad: Red
  3. Second Activation: Left Pad: Blue | Center Pad: Yellow | Right Pad: Blue
  4. Third Activation: Left Pad: Yellow | Center Pad: Blue | Right Pad: Red
  5. After the final activation, Lex Luthor will be defeated.

Master Chen

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.59.10 PM

  1. The room will be turned into Ice, with glaciers that drop down to be jumped across. Once at the top, go across the bridges. Once across use a character with Grapple to pull down the ice block.
  2. Use the pieces that dropped from the ice block to create a ladder up the glacier. Hit Master Chen, causing him to launch your character across the room and change the room to Earth element.
  3. There will be a ramp that is built up in the room, with large boulders going down it. Use the alcoves going up the ramp to avoid the boulders. Hit Master Chen, causing him to launch your character across the room and change the room to Fire element.
  4. Activate the Shift Pedestal. Use the blue portal first, causing a rock platform to appear at the yellow portal. Move to the yellow, causing a platform to appear at the red portal. Use the red portal and then hit Master Chen, causing him to launch your character across the room and change the room to Electric element.
  5. Activate the Chroma Pedestal. Left Pad: Red | Center Pad: Red | Right Pad: Red
  6. Use a vehicle to go across the electrified floor. This will destroy the pendulum above Master Chen’s, dropping onto him and defeating him.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Master Chen’s Stadium – 3 Minikits

  • Portal Behind Bars | Requires: Portal Gun
    • Along the left wall of the stadium there is a portal wall behind bars.
    • Further along the same wall there is another portal wall to the left of a large red door.
    • Make a portal connection between these two and go through to claim the minikit.

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  • Hacking the Scoreboard | Requires: Flying, Hacking
    • Above the stadium, on the left side, is a scoreboard with a hacking station on it.
    • Use a character with Hacking to complete the hacking station puzzle. Upon completion, the minikit will appear next to the hacking station.


  • Tow Down this Wall | Requires: Tow Bar
    • On the right side of the stadium is a wall that requires a vehicle with the Tow Bar to pull down. The minikit will be right behind this wall.


Maze of Tunnels – 1 Minikit

  • Punching a Hole in the Wall | Requires: Super Strength
    • Upon entering the Maze of Tunnels, there will be a wall that can be broken by a character with Super Strength in the first room. Destroy the wall to claim the minikit.


Assembly Room – 4 Minikits

Access to the Assembly Room requires a character with Spinjitzu. Use the Spinjitzu pedestal in the first room of the Maze of Tunnels to open the door on the left side of the room that goes to the Assembly Room.


  • Hiding in the Shadows | Requires: Stealth
    • In the back corner on the left side of the room, there is a minikit tucked into a doorway behind a security camera. Use a character with the Stealth ability to sneak past the camera and claim the minikit.


  • Fixing the Conveyor Belt | Requires: Fix-It
    • In the center of the room there is a conveyor belt that needs to be fixed. Using a character with the Fix-It ability. Once fixed, the conveyor belt will bring out the minikit.


  • The Rainbow Belt | Requires: Master Builder, Rainbow Lego
    • In the back center of the room is 3 rainbow block to be destroyed by a character with Rainbow Lego ability. After these are destroyed, rebuild those into a rainbow launcher and step on the launcher.
    • You will be propelled at the machine at break neck speeds, causing 3 pieces to drop from above. Use a character with Master Builder ability to put these together and create a mobile conveyor belt. The minikit will then come out from that created conveyor belt.


  • Wall Climber
    • On the right side of the room use the ladder to go up to the cat walk. There is a Shift Keystone puzzle.
    • Shift a character to blue. Follow under the cat walk to a switch. Activate this switch.
    • Shift a character to red and step on the round switch one the wall. The minikit will appear below the cat walk.

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Snake Pit – 1 Minikit

  • Digging in the Pit | Requires: Magic, Tracking
    • Upon entering the Snake Pit that has the Saruman encounter, use a character with the Tracking ability near where you start the encounter.
    • This will lead to a snake skeleton. Using a character with Magic will award you with the minikit.

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Master Chen’s Chamber – 1 Minikit


Rescue Character

Location: Master Chen’s Chamber

  • Rescue P.I.X.A.L | Requires: Drilling, Fix-It
    • In the back of the room, one of the alcoves has a portion of the wall that a character with Drilling can drill through.
    • Once through, use a character with Fix-It to fix the unit next to P.I.X.A.L.

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Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker requires approximately 95,000 studs.

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