Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide – Table of Contents

Level Locations

Boss Encounters

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Rescue Character

Rule Breaker

The Arcade Machine

Video Guide

Level Locations

Tina’s Apartment

Newt’s Suitcase Shack

Newt’s Zoo

Boss Encounters

No boss encounters in this level!

Completion Abilities

Minikit Guide – Water Spray, Grapple, Sonar Smash, Cursed Lego Destroy, Silver Lego Destroy, Mini Access, Relic Detection, Vine Cut, Magic

Rescue Character – Lantern Construct

Minikit Locations

Tina’s Apartment – 1 Minikit

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Chimney Sweep

Use WATER SPRAY to extinguish the fire in the fireplace. Use GRAPPLE to pull the hook inside the fireplace to release a pile of junk, including a minikit!

Newt’s Suitcase Shack – 2 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Specimen Collection

Use SONAR SMASH to destroy the small glass jar holding the pink bug, releasing a minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikit Guide Level 2 - 10

Potion Clean Up

Clean up the leaky potions using WATER SPRAY, releasing a minikit.

Newt’s Zoo – 7 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Frank’s Place

In the back of Frank’s enclosure, find a hidden minikit behind the stone towers.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Floating Foliage

Destroy the chains holding down the giant floating island using CURSED LEGO DESTROY. The minikit is hidden underneath!

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Deep Freeze Dig

Head through the small cave and into the final grassy area, just as you exit the cave find a TRACKING spot, follow it back through the cave and up onto the area near the food launcher and dig up the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Cave Diving

In the cave portion of Newt’s Zoo, enter the MINI ACCESS door to find a chest locked with a SILVER LEGO. Open the chest to get the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Pinata Party

At the entrance of the cave, destroy the three stalagtites to build a APPARATE switch. Use MAGIC to smash the pinata, releasing the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Fantastic Plants

Use RELIC DETECTION to summon a plant growing spot, water it with WATER SPRAY to grow it into a giant flower that will release the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Hufflepuff Pride

Head up to the small ledge in the back of the final room of Newt’s Zoo. Use VINE CUT to clear away the vines revealing a Hufflepuff sign. Put the sign back together with MAGIC to get the minikit!

Rescue Character – Modesty

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Location: Newt’s Zoo

Use LANTERN CONSTRUCT to crack open the giant egg in Newt’s Zoo to release Modesty.

Rule Breaker – 85,000 Studs

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Video Guide

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  1. Mitchell November 21, 2016 | Reply
    I found the arctic minikit. You need a tracking character to follow a path from right in front of the mini kit flower to a digging spot in the arctic area. Once you dig it up you get the mini kit

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