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Level Locations

Boss Encounters

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Rescue Character

Rule Breaker

Video Guide

Level Locations

New York Street

New York Sewer

Jewelry Store

Red Dwarf (Secret Area)

Boss Encounters

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The giant rhino looking beast is your main obstacle during this level, track him down and outsmart him to get him back in the case.

Completion Abilities

Minikit – Magic, Silver Lego Destroy, Mind Control, Sonar Smash, Bowtruckle Pick, Tow Bar, Tardis Dock, Master Build, Technology, Boomerange, Charge Transfer, Laser, IMF Scanner, Portal Gun, Atlantis Pool, Newt Suitcase

Rescue Character – Fuse Box

Minikit Locations

New York Street – 3 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Wreath Decorating

Destroy all four of the wreaths (dark alley, two store fronts, one in the sewer) to collect the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Window Shopping

Use SONAR SMASH to break open the window revealing a TOW BAR. Pull open the window, to reveal a safe. Send Newt’s Bowtruckle into the lock, pick it open to reveal a minikit!

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Mindless Security

Find just the perfect spot to stand (middle of the street in front of the jewlery store broken window) and mind control the officer patrolling the second story. Use him to pull the switch and open the door to the minikit.

Red Dwarf – 4 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

To get access to the Red Dwarf secret area, use the TARDIS DOCK inside the Jewlrey store, prior to the Niffler in a Vase puzzle!

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Power Core

Use DIG to unearth the power core, then MAGIC to move it over into the disabled robot.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Hallway Hustle

At the end of the hallway, use the TECHNOLOGY panel to release pieces. MASTER BUILD the pieces into a crate and push it down into the dock at the end of the hallway to power the screen.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Power Down

Use CHARGE TRANSFER to drain the power from the gold debris, then LASER to melt it away. Pull the handle on the device to dumb debris into the hallway including a minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikit Guide Level 3 - 4

Copy Rimmer

In the final room, use BOOMERANG to activate the bio printer making a copy of Rimmer. RELIC DETECTION in the center of the room to create an IMF SCANNER. Scan Rimmer and disguise yourself then enter the security gate to release the minikit.

Central Park Zoo – 2 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikit Guide Level 3 - 3

Test Chamber Zoo

Use PORTAL GUN to get inside the zoo enclosure to collect the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Central Park Aquairum

Summon aquatic friends using the ATLANTIS POOL in the second area of the zoo to release a minikit.

Central Park – 1 Minikit

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Oh Christmas Tree!

In the final show down with the Erumpent, head to the bottom right corner of the lake to find a NEWT SUITCASE terminal. Head down into the case and use MAGIC to reassemble the Christmas Tree.

Rescue Character – Modesty

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Location: New York Sewer

Use the FUSE BOX terminal on the far side of the Sewer to release the drainage gate and free Modesty.

Rule Breaker – 120,000 Studs

Video Guide

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