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Level Locations

Boss Encounters

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Rescue Character

Rule Breaker

Video Guide

Level Locations

MACUSA Congress

Execution Chamber

MACUSA Hallways

Percival Graves’ Office

Boss Encounters


Percival Graves & The Aurors

This is a pretty simple boss battle, so take your time and you will be fine! Battle waves of Aurors clearing the way to final face off with Graves. Use your MAGIC to reflect the attacks back at Graves to finish the battle.

Completion Abilities

Minikits – Lantern Construct, Sword Switch, Water Spray, Super Strength, Flying Drone, Fix-It, Flight, Boomerang

Rescue Character – A-Team Master Build

Minikit Locations

MACUSA Congress – 1 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Fire Safety Magician

During the battle with the Aurors, use WATER SPRAY to extinguish all four of the lit torches, then destroy them!

Execution Room – 3 Minikits


Rocket Assault

In the rear corner of the room use LANTERN CONSTRUCT to build a large rocket that will launch to the upper balcony, destroying the wall and revealing a minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Double Sword Door Switch

On the upper level, use the two SWORD SWITCH locations on both sides of the door to open it, revealing a minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Haunted Suitcase

Near the right side of the dark pool, find a TRACKING spot that will lead to a NEWT’S SUITCASE terminal. Head down into the suitcase where you will need to use GHOST SUSPEND to clear away the spooks, then GRAPPLE to pull open the chest.

MACUSA Hallway – 3 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Hard To Reach

In the rear corner of the hallway where you first see a group of Aurors, use a character with flight and fly straight up.

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Breaking And Entering

Smash the cracked wall with SUPER STRENGTH found in the bottom corner of the hallway, clear the cobwebs to find the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Clock Repair

Use FIX-IT to repair the small clock then step on the switch to collect the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Drone Strike

Send a flying DRONE up and into the small maze, activate the switch to clear the gates and fly up into the cube to collect the minikit.

Percival Graves’ Office – # Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikit

Display Case 

Use SONAR SMASH to clear way the display case windows, revealing a hidden minikit.


Tiny Boomerangs

Once you reach the part of the level where you go into the MINI ACCESS maze in the office, use BOOMERANG SWITCH to open the side door, giving you access to the minikit!

Rescue Character – Modesty


Location: Execution Room

On the upper level, use A-TEAM MASTER BUILD to assemble a small ship that can scoop up Modesty’s raft and deliver her to safety!

Rule Breaker – 125,000 Studs


Video Guide

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