Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide – Table of Contents

Level Locations

Boss Encounters

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Rescue Character

Rule Breaker

Video Guide

Level Locations

Bank Lobby

Vault Room

Lovegood House (Secret Area)


Boss Encounters

No boss battles in this level!

Completion Abilities

Minikits – Laser, Magic, Water Spray, Cursed Lego Destroy, Newt’s Suitcase, Dig, Fix It, Silver Lego Destroy, Atlantis Pool, Slurp Access.

Rescue Character – Cursed Lego Destroy

Minikit Locations

Bank Lobby – 4 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Loan Application

In the front part of the Bank Lobby, destroy the two golden boxes with LASER and the vault on the cart to release the pieces required to assemble a phone. Summon the bank manager from behind the doors and then collect the minikit from the desk.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Haunted Fireplace

Once inside the Bank Manager’s office, head over to the fireplace and use P.K.E. Meter to release a horde of ghosts from the fireplace. Use SUSPEND GHOST to clear the haunting from the room, and collect the minikit!

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Green Thumb

On the left side of the Bank Lobby, on the front side of the bank teller windows, find a dirt spot with a small sprout. Use WATER SPRAY to grow the sprout into a giant flower which will bloom and release a minikit!

Fantastic Beasts Minikit Guide Level 1 - 10

Water Works

Once you’re behind the bank teller window, head to the far right to find a WATER SPRAY switch. Fill it with water to turn on the water fountain and release the minikit.

Vault Lobby – 2 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Vault Withdraw

Destroy the CURSED RED LEGO statue in the main lobby to reveal a SLURP ACCESS gate which will deliver you to the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Searching Suitcase

Destory the small pile of bones in the small alcove in the Vault Hallway to reveal a Newt Suitcase switch. Head down into Newt’s Suitcase to collect the minikit!

Lovegood House – 4 Minikits

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Jumping Gators

Use ATLANTIS POOL to summon a jumping alligator to grab the kite string and pull down the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Wizard Landscaping

Tie down the two wild arms of the huge plant in the yard of the Lovegoods by using DIG for one arm & SILVER LEGO DESTROY & FIX IT for the other arm. After you pin down the plant, the center will open to reveal the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes

Destroy the gold bricks on the front door with LASER to reveal a PARSEL TONGUE DOOR. Use LASER again to launch the firework into the sky, which will release the minikit.

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Keep your distance from the five dirt piles around the Lovegood Yard to reveal curious nifflers. From a distance stun the creature, do this to all five to grab the minikit.

Rescue Character – Modesty

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Location: Bank Lobby

Once you gain access to the area behind the teller windows, head to the far left where you will find a Cursed Red LEGO bank vault. Destroy it to release Modesty.

Rule Breaker – 145,000 Studs

Fantastic Beasts Minikits Guide

Video Guide

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  • Ruben

    Can you only enter your suitcase once. I exited the area before I got my mini kit

  • Chris

    how on earth do you gain access to the story packs? I have downloaded and installed, but can’t figure out how to get to the story.

    • Trudy

      See my previous comment post

    • B.A.

      You have to go to “The Shard” in the area too the right of the main portal machine…

  • Karin

    I also want to know how to start the story pack. I see the portal when I enter the shard but cannot access it from there.

    • Trudy

      The story’s are separate packs that you buy, like the level, fun and team packs

    • nirby

      You can find that in the level select when you enter the vortex from the cave. It’s the Bank icon.

  • Samantha

    Does anyone know how in Accruing Interest on XBOX 360 you throw the brick to complete the tunnel? Normally it’s just B to pick up and then X to throw. I can get the X to show up after picking up large brick but CANNOT get it to throw to the tunnel. HELP!!!!!

    • Darryl

      Samantha: I found that on the 360 using newer wave characters, that would seem to glitch. Use an older figure and it should work fine.

      • Trudy

        Thank for your helpful comment I had the same problem

  • Trudy

    It’s a separate pack that you buy, like the level, fun and team packs