Ghostbusters Adventure World Guide (2016)

Ghostbusters Adventure World Video Guide

Here’s a full playthrough video of the entire Ghostbusters Adventure World! Below you will find a table with every Gold Brick in this video and a corresponding time stamp to this video to make it easy for you to jump in.

Repair Locations

The Ghostbusters Adventure World has 6 repair locations! You will need to restore / repair some of these locations to enable you to collect gold bricks.

Type Event Location Time Description
Repair Location Jukebox Starting World Portal 0:05 Restore the Jukebox for 20,000 Studs right in front of the Shard Portal.
Repair Location Chinatown Archway Chinatown 0:41 Restore the Chinatown Archway for 25,000 Studs.
Repair Location Parade Balloons Times Square 1:15 Restore the Parade Balloons for 40,000 Studs.
Repair Location Dance Machine Times Square 2:10 Restore the Dance Machine for 35,000 studs.
Repair Location Banners Higgins Institute Of Science 2:50 Restore the banners on the front of the Higgins Institute for 15,000 studs.
Repair Location Ghost Jumpers Merchandise West End 4:35 Restore the Ghost Jumpers Merchandise for 20,000 Studs.

Gold Bricks

This Adventure World has 28 gold bricks in total! Here is the breakdown:

Puzzles: 18

Missions: 6

Races: 3

Rule Breaker: 1

Use this guide to help you find and unlock all the Gold Bricks! Scroll down below this table to find a small gallery of images, in the same order as this table, that show you where all the bricks / puzzles / missions are located!

Type Event Location Time Description
Mission Tanks For Nothing West End 5:20 Talk to Agents Hawkins and Rorke and help them chase down a rogue FBI tank possessed by ghosts! Chase the tank around and use LASER to destroy all four wheels. Destroy the tank and then ghosts to collect the gold brick.
Mission Stand By Your Mannequin Rock Revenge Fest* 12:00 Head inside the theater to help Patti clear out the ghosts and rescue the four civilians. Use FIX IT to repair the lift, and TECHNOLOGY to raise the platform. SUPER STRENGTH HANDLE to pull the debris off the crushed person. LASER to open up the foyer releasing the trapped woman & finally bust all the mannequins on the upper level to save the last guy!
Mission Crossing The Streams Firehouse* 16:48 Head into the firehouse and talk to Holtzman to trigger the mission. Use the RIP keystone to hop between alternate Ghostbusting realities. In the Yellow Dimension use INTELLIGENCE and then blast Slimer to release the final piece then MAGIC it through the portal. In the Purple Dimension use BOOMERANG, and SUPER STRENGTH HANDLE to open the two cages, then GHOST SUSPEND the Ghost Abby and TRAP GHOST her into the Trap Terminal. MAGIC the final piece back into the real world. Assemble the Containment Unit to complete the quest.
Mission Nuts and Holtz Firehouse 24:00 Available after you finish the above quest! Meet Holtzman outside the Firehouse to start the hunt around the Adventure world for her misplaced parts and gadgets. Follow the minimap and search the red dots and gather all 20 pieces! 
Mission Proof On The Loose Ghostbusters HQ 32:30 Follow Erin through the streets of NYC using RELIC DETECTION and the PKE SPOTS ability to bust all the pesky ghosts.
Mission How To Get A Head In Acting Higgins Institute Of Science 38:25 At the stair of the Hotel next to the Higgins Institute, chat with Kevin to begin the mission. Use RELIC DETECTION and IMF SCAN DISGUISE as you take Kevin around NYC searching for ideal spots for his head shots. Including: Steps of the Higgins Institute, Time Square and the Aldridge Mansion.
Puzzle / Event Sprinkler Repair Aldridge Mansion 44:15 Use DIG to expose the missing pieces to the sprinkler system laying in the yard next to the mansion. Break the pieces next to the garage door and build a SUPER STRENGTH HANDLE, pull open the door and turn on the sprinklers.
Puzzle / Event Ecto Goo Clean Up Aldridge Mansion 46:25 Use WATER SPRAY to clear away the 15 spots of glowing goo plastered all over the four walls of the Mansion.
Puzzle / Event Basement Portraits Aldridge Mansion 49:00 Open the basement door hatch using DIFFINDO to create an Axe to hack through the door. Inside the basement use ILLUMINATE, FIX IT, PARSEL TONGUE and jumping on the Bed to reveal the four missing pieces to the portrait. Put the painting back together using MAGIC.
Puzzle / Event Late Night Surveillance West End 52:15 Turn the Adventure World to NIGHT MORE at the Ghostbusters HQ and return to this shop. Use STEALTH to sneak into the store and get the brick.
Puzzle / Event Sky High Tow Firehouse 53:10 On the building front above the Firehouse, use SKY TOW BAR to pull the planks off the opening and reveal the brick.
Puzzle / Event Big Screen Power Times Square 54:00 Go from rooftop to rooftop in Times Square grabbing and delivering all the glowing packages using CARGO HOOK. Deliver all four to release the brick hidden behind the stairs.
Puzzle / Event Dance Floor Repair Mercado* 58:00 Repair the dance floor in the foyer of the Mercado! Break the pieces off the wall at the top of the stairs, SUSPEND GHOSTS circling the light fixtures, use FIX IT to repair the elevator, and RELIC DETECTION then MAGIC to pull the pieces from the piano.
Puzzle / Event Book Storage Higgins Institute Of Science 1:02:20 On the rear of the Higgins Institute, use INTELLIGENCE to open the garage door to reveal lockers locked with gold padlocks storing copies of Erin & Abby’s book AND a Gold Brick. Use LASER to break open the locks and get the brick.
Puzzle / Event Aquatic Decorations Higgins Institute Of Science 1:04:11 In the small water way behind the Higgins Institute you will find four statues on a moveable path. Use a character with DIVE to clear the path then move the statues to match the positions they are facing in the arrangement next to it. 
Puzzle / Event Next Stop, Gold Brick Subway 1:08:40 Enter the Subway in front of the Higgins Institute to find a subway map with a gold border. Use LASER to blow away the map, then X RAY VISION to solve the puzzle inside.
Puzzle / Event Golden Brick Jewley Higgins Institute Of Science 1:10:00 At the top of the Subway stairs from the brick above, find the broken door to the jewelry store and use FIX IT to get inside. ILLUMINATE the interior of the store to collect the brick.
Puzzle / Event Dumpster Diving Chinatown 1:10:42 Help the Dumpster get through the gate and collect the garbage! Power the right side of the gate by climbing up to the top of the building, then use LASER to open the door and ELECTRICITY to power the terminal. Then head down to the left side and into the small garage and use ELECTRICITY to power the second terminal.
Puzzle / Event HQ Garage Ghostbusters HQ 1:35:52 Use GRAPPLE on the small door in the parking lot next to the HQ, then ACCELERATOR SWITCH to power the terminal and open the garage door.
Puzzle / Event Firework Bike Blow Up Chinatown 1:19:30 Start at the alley to the left of the Ghostbusters HQ and destroy all 7 bikes with fireworks in a row, moving from the alley to the street and around the corner past the parking garage. Destroy all 7 in 20 seconds to get the brick.
Puzzle / Event City Planning West End 1:20:13 Across from the large parking lot at the edge of the world, find the DRILL wall in a dark alley and break it open to find the brick.
Puzzle / Event Billboard Repair Parking Lot 1:22:00 In the large empty parking lot at the edge of the adventure world, destroy the line of cars to reveal a series of switches. Jump on the switches to turn portions of the billboard until it is fixed.
Puzzle / Event Graffiti Clean Up Subway 1:23:00 Head into the Subway from the plaza to find and activate the Graffiti Clean Up challenge.
Puzzle / Event Take The Blue Line Subway 1:29:30 Travel along the tracks of the subway until you reach the subway service area. Destroy the dumpster and other garbage to reveal the color platforms then use the Keystone to solve the puzzle and reveal the brick.
Race Bridge Ground Race Bridge – West End 1:35:35 Find this race at the half bridge over the storage container yard. Beat the race in less than 1:30:00 for the Gold Brick. 
Race Broken Highway Sky Race Higgins Institute Of Science 1:37:10 Find this race over the broken road section located behind the Higgins Institute. Beat it in under 0:50:00 for the Gold Brick. 
Race Chinatown Ground Race Chinatown 1:38:29 Find this race by repairing the Chinatown Archway, beat this race in under 1:20:00 to get the Gold Brick,
Rule Breaker Rule Breaker Adventure World NA Collect approximately 200,000 studs!

Gold Brick Gallery

A small gallery of snapshots from each of the Gold Bricks / Repair Locations listed in the tables above. Images appear in the order they are listed on the table.

Rule Breaker

Approximately 200,000 Studs are required for the Rule Breaker in this world.

Note: Unfortunately the game doesn’t tally your in World stud total, it only adds to your existing stud collection so this is a rough estimate.

Red Brick

Boosted Bustin
Cost: 100,000
Catching ghosts is now easier and pays more studs.

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