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Level Locations

Boss Encounters

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Rescue Character

Rule Breaker

Video Guide

Level Locations

Alridge Manor

  • Foyer
  • Main Hall
  • Basement
    • Present
    • Past (Secret Area)
  • Library

Boss Encounters

Ghostbusters Story Pack Gertrude Aldridge

Gertrude Aldridge

Build and use the Ecto-1’s grappling ability to start the boss.

The boss has a few abilities you’ll need to look out for. Firstly, she’ll occasionally jump out of the painting and take a dive at you.

Three times throughout the fight, she’ll disappear and activate the suits of armor hanging around the library. You can quickly dispatch of these armornauts using your proton pack. On the third wave, two suits of armor will attack, but the strategy is still the same.

Between the armor phases, you’ll have an opportunity to shoot her. The red damage indicator pops up when you hit her, but I’m not sure if it’s actually doing damage, or if the entire encounter just progresses through waves naturally, regardless of whether you shoot her.

In any event, if you do elect to give shooting her during these phases a try, remember to keep an eye out for her projectile goo vomit ability, which can trigger suddenly and without warning.

The one phase where you must shoot her is when she appears larger in the frame, and in black and white. In true video game fashion, do this three times to vanquish her, and get rewarded with your cutscene.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Collection: Technology, Grapple, Relic Detection, Magic, Ranged Attack, Silver LEGO Blowup, Fix-It, Back to the Future Vehicle, Laser, Diffindo, Intelligence Access

Character Rescue: Grapple

Minikit Locations

Foyer – 2 Minikits

Art Project

Observe the shapes painted on the art work around the room and use them to crack the code and solve the technology puzzle!

Tearing It Apart!

Use Relic Detection to create a grapple location to the left of the front desk, pull the the piece apart to reveal the minikit.

Main Hall – 3 Minikits

Magical Art

Use magic to rearrange the scrambled art work at the top of the right staircase to reveal the minikit!

The Redecorator

Smash five pieces of art around the main hall to reveal the mini kit, watch for the two pieces that are very high and hard to spot on opposite sides of the room!

I A-Team Afraid Of No Ghost

Use Silver Lego Destroy on the two doors on opposites sides of the room found at the top of the stairs. When both haunted carts move to the door, bring in B.A. Baracus to use his A-Team Master Build to break down the door!

Basement (Present) – 1 Minikit

Haunted Teddy

Destroy the desk right next to the white circle to reveal a grapple, assemble it onto the toy chest and pull it over to knock off the spooky teddy bear and reveal the mini kit!

[Note: For the next two minikits you must travel back in time and fire the cannon a second time to reveal this minikit.]

Basement (Past) – 1 Minikits

To Travel Back To This Secret Location: Destroy the shelves and junk in the left side of the basement to release pieces you can build into a Time Travel Dock. Use your Back To The Future vehicle of choice and jump back in time to when this mansion was a little less haunted!

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 3.16.22 PM

Explosive Redecorating

Destroy the crates surrounding the large cannon to reveal a grapple you can build onto the end. Pull the grapple to shoot the cannon creating a massive hole in the wall. Head over to the new room and destroy the boxes to collect the minikit. [Make sure you come back to fire this cannon a second time!]

Basement (Present, again) – 2 Minikits

Haunted Furnace

In the past, after firing the cannon the first time, go back and rebuild it and turn it for a second shot. Travel back to the present and use laser to destroy the golden pipe and magic to remove the other. Assemble the bellows in front of the furnace and jump on it to blow up the furnace and reveal the kit!

Diffindo Treasure Hunting

Crack into the large red wall in the new area with the Diffindo spell to reveal a large red clawed pump. Jump on the valve to crack open the chest!

The Library – 1 Minikit

Check Out A Book

You’ll need a teammate with the Intelligence skill to play the memory game on the upper level of the library to find the last minikit. On your first win, you’ll reveal hooks necessary to spawn the final boss. But if you win the game again, a statue is revealed. Push it off the ledge to earn minikit #10.

Rescue Character – Paul Feig

Paul Feig Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Story Pack

Location: Library 

You can find Paul Feig in the library by destroying all the stuff around the chest of drawers in the corner of the library. Assemble the grapple hook onto the drawer and pull it apart to free Feig.

Rule Breaker

You’ll need 125,000 studs to get Rule Breaker.

Video Guide

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