GLaD to See You – Portal 2

Level Locations

  • Test Chamber Level 01
  • Test Chamber Level 02
  • Test Chamber Level 03
  • Test Chamber Level 04
  • Test Chamber Level 05
  • Behind Test Chambers
  • Test Chamber Level 06
  • Test Chamber Level 07
  • Test Chamber Level 08
  • Test Chamber Level 09
  • GLaDOS Chamber
  • Beneath GLaDOS Chamber

Boss Encounters

  • GLaDOS – Phase 1
    1. Activate the Shift Keystone to start the encounter. The room will be split into 3 section. 2 of the 3 sections will fill with gas. First go to the blue section.
    2. Use a character with Relic Detection to display a Grapple hook. Pull on the Grapple to remove the container in that section of the room.
    3. Return to red section. Use a character with Relic Detection to display a push switch. Push the switch around to remove the container in that section of the room.
    4. Finally, go to the final section. Use a character with Relic Detection to display a valve on the side. Use a character with Magic to pull it off and remove the container in that section of the room.
  • GLaDOS – Phase 2
    1. Use the Locate Keystone. The item to locate is in the back right of the room, around the 1:00 position on a clock. Chroma pads will appear. Activate the Chroma Keystone.
    2. Activation: Left Pad: Orange | Center Pad: Yellow | Right Pad: Blue
    3. Pieces will drop down from the ceiling. Use those to create a Launch Pad. Use a vehicle on the pad to launch at GLaDOS.
    4. GLaDOS will drop the floor down into the basement.
  • GLaDOS – Phase 3
    1. The room will have fire panels down the middle of the room. An Elemental Keystone will drop down from above.
    2. Activate the Elemental Keystone and place your character on the water section of the pad. Douse the fire from all of the panels.
    3. The room with the Cake will be opened. Go in and claim the cake to defeat the encounter.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Test Chamber Level 02 – 1 Minikit

  • Climb the Wall | Requires: Acrobat
    • Behind the Yellow pad for the Chroma Keystone is an Acrobat wall. Climb up it to claim the minikit.

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Test Chamber Level 03 – 2 Minikits

  • Portal Below | Requires: Portal Gun
    • Next to the Keystone that has Locate and Scale, there is a portal wall across the water, behind a fence. Shoot a portal opening at this wall piece.
    • After getting past the sentry turrets, the other portal wall is above that area with the fence. Shoot the other portal opening at this wall and go through to claim the minikit.

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  • The Golden Fan | Requires: Flying, Laser
    • Using a piece with Flying and Laser combination, fly out over the water in front of the large sentry turret. There is a golden fan. Use the Laser on the fan to reveal the minikit.


If you are going for 100% Completion, go to Behind Test Chambers first. After getting the minikit in that area, return to Test Chamber 05 to access the elevator to Test Chamber 06-08.

Behind Test Chambers – 1 Minikit

  • Outside the Chambers | Requires: Boomerang, Relic Detection
    • After unlocking the step platforms and climbing to the top of them, jump on the platform to lower it down to the water level.
    • Jump to the platform in the water using a character with Relic Detection to reveal a Boomerang Switch. Activate the switch to claim the minikit.


Test Chamber Level 05 – 1 Minikit

  • Behind the Lasers | Requires: Portal Gun
    • At the end of the room, where Wheatley appears, there is a portal wall on the left side of the room, and another behind the laser wall. Use the Portal Gun on both portal walls to get to the minikit.


Test Chamber Level 06 – 1 Minikit

To access Test Chamber 06-08, you will need the Portal Gun at the end of Test Chamber 05.

  • Room Access | Requires: Drone Access
    • In the back left corner of the room, on the last platform with the Scale Keystone puzzle, there is a drone access chamber on the left wall. Use a character with Drone Access to navigate the chamber and gain the minikit.

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Test Chamber Level 07 – 1 Minikit

  • Hidden Terminal | Requires: Hacking
    • At the second Keystone in the room, activate the Shift option. Use the red portal to get to the Hacking station. After completing the station, the minikit will appear to the left.


Test Chamber Level 08 – 1 Minikit

  • Slide Portal | Requires: Portal Gun, Weight Switch
    • On the far right side of the room, climb up the ladder to the second floor. Use the Portal Gun on both Portal walls.
    • After both portals have been activated, place the Weight Switch to slide the top portal over to the left side. Jump through the portal to claim the minikit.


Test Chamber Level 09 – 1 Minikit

  • Out with the Trash | Requires: Magic
    • On the left side of the room is a tube next to the fire wall. After dropping the Yellow Chroma pad from the tube, sentry turret pieces will drop and get stuck in the tube. Use a character with Magic to release those pieces, along with the minikit.

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  • Drilling in the Chamber | Requires: Drilling
    • On the right side of the room is a drilling spot. Use a piece with Drilling to drop down and claim the minikit.


Rescue Character

Location: Test Chamber Level 08

To access Test Chamber 08, you will need the Portal Gun at the end of Test Chamber 05.

  • Rescue Adventure Core | Requires: Super Strength
    • Activate the Locate Keystone. The item to locate is near the save location. A giant coin will appear and knock over the sentry turrets below the Keystone location.
    • Go down with a character with Super Strength. Punch a hole in the cracked part of the wall to find the Adventure Core.

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Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker requires approximately 150,000 studs.

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