Harry Potter Adventure World Gold Brick Guide

The Harry Potter Adventure World is packed full of gorgeous locations, silly missions, a mini boss battle and more! The many locations

Rule Breaker

Harry Potter Adventure World Guide

You will need to collect 330,000 Studs for this world’s Gold Brick.

Note: Unfortunately the game doesn’t tally your in World stud total, it only adds to your existing stud collection so this is a rough estimate.

Repair Locations

Harry Potter Adventure World Repair Locations

There are 6 repair locations throughout this Adventure World, with two of them required for Gold Bricks. (Hagrid’s Hut & The Burrow). For a full detailed guide to these repair locations visit our guide here! 0r click the image above!

Gold Bricks

This Adventure World has 28 gold bricks in total! Here is the breakdown:

Puzzles: 19

Missions: 5

Races: 3

Rule Breaker: 1

Harry Potter Adventure World Video Guide

Below is a full play through video of the adventure world with a table that has a list of every gold brick, with a time stamp and description on how to get it!






Puzzle / Event The House Points Hogwarts – Great Hall* 5:35 Put the house crests back where they belong with MAGIC to unlock a brick!
Puzzle / Event Fireplace Gymnastics Hogwarts – Great Hall* 6:12 Use INTELLIGENCE to solve the puzzle and rebuild the poles, jump along with ACROBAT to unlock the gold brick.
Puzzle / Event Chess Game Hogwarts – Great Hall* 8:20 Rebuild the chess board and move the pieces, then use RELIC DETECTION to collect the brick.
Puzzle / Event Ghost Clean Up Hogwarts 11:14 Use GHOST SUSPEND to clear away the spooks and then WATER SPRAY to clean up the goo. Pull the door open with GRAPPLE and collect the brick!
Puzzle / Event Fountain Repair Hogwarts 13:04 Melt the court yard’s iced over fountain with LASER and rebuild the handle, turn the statue around to light all four globes & get the brick!
Puzzle / Event Green House Pruning Hogwarts 15:15 Use MAGIC to clear the plants from the Greenhouse door with the spray, inside use CHI to unlock the chest with the brick.
Puzzle / Event Statue Building Hogwarts 17:33 Visit the Middle Courtyard and rebuild the statue using MAGIC, the INTELLIGENCE puzzle and
Puzzle / Event Snowman Train Hogwarts 19:15 Visit the train station and use RELIC DETECTION to create a GRAPPLE to switch the tracks. MASTER BUILD the snowman back together.
Puzzle / Event Firework Display Diagon Alley 21:45 Pull the trigger in Diagon Alley to mark all 10 firework crates on your radar. Destroy all 10 for the gold brick.
Puzzle / Event Bank Heist Diagon Alley 26:20 Use GRAPPLE to access the bank roof, destroy the chest with SILVER LEGO DESTROY and build the IMF Disguise terminal. Disguise into the character and scan in to break into the bank.
Puzzle / Event Playground Spins Diagon Alley 28:15 Destroy the playground equipment to build a SPINJITZU switch, spin to reveal brick.
Puzzle / Event Bellatrix Mini Boss Grimmauld Place 29:55 MAGIC the door knocker to trigger a mini boss battle with Bellatrix. Beat her with MAGIC to expand the hidden building and find the brick.
Puzzle / Event Gnome Hunting The Burrows 39:45 Enlarge then destroy two tomatoes to build Gnome turrets. Hit 15 gnomes in 1 minute to earn the brick. 
Puzzle / Event Boat Launch Hogwarts – Boat House 41:45 Use PARSEL TONGUE to release bricks that can be assembled into a switch, activate the switch to life the boats, revealing a brick.
Puzzle / Event Great Lake Diving The Great Lake 42:40 Swim down into the open spot in the ice covered lake and head to the back bottom corner. Use the TECHNOLOGY panel to solve the puzzle and release the brick.
Puzzle / Event Magic Milk Delivery Budleigh Barberton 44:45 Disarm the FUSE BOX and then follow the milk truck around the town using MAGIC to drop the bottles into the boxes. Deliver all 5 to get the brick.
Puzzle / Event Chambers Of Secrets The Great Lake – Chamber of Secrets* 48:12 Use DIFFINDO to break open the red wall on the edge of the Great Lake. MAGIC the door back together and journey into the Chamber. Use the PORTAL GUN to hit the switch then again to divert the water.
Puzzle / Event Crystal Cave The Great Lake – Crystal Cave* 52:05 Destroy the rock formations to reveal DIG spots, use the pieces to build a PARSEL TONGUE door, then activate the bomb and build the ACCELERATOR SWITCH.
Puzzle / Event Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes Diagon Alley – Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes* 56:15 Head inside the prank shop and journey to the second floor & use the HACKING terminal, then use SILVER LEGO DESTROY to rebuild the patterned floor so you can push down the crate from the third level. Assemble pieces for brick!
Mission Ministry Rainstorm Grimmauld Place – Ministry Of Magic* 33:20 Chat with Arthur Weasley and enter the phone box. Inside the Ministry. Use MAGIC to shake the keystone loose from the display board. Use the KEYSTONE to find and build a fan to clear away the clouds and get the brick.
Mission Hagrid’s Egg Hunt Hogsmeade 1:01:30 Talk to Hagrid and help him locate all the eggs hidden around the adventure world. Use the mini map and collect all 15 eggs for the brick.
Mission Disorder Of The Pheonix Hogwarts 1:08:42 Help Dumbledore locate all 15 of his knitting magazines to collect the gold brick. Use your mini map for help finding them. 
Mission A Quest For Thestrals Forbidden Forrest 1:17:30 Talk to Luna and go on a quest to find three hidden Thestrals. Use RELIC DETECTION to find all three, use mini map to locate them.
Mission Death Eater Defeater Hogwarts 1:20:00 Find Neville under the bridge behind Hogwarts and help him defeat 30 Death Eaters to collect the gold brick.
Race Buckbeak Sky Race Forbidden Forrest 1:23:20 Find the race starting point at Hagrid’s Hut and race against Buckbeak through the sky. Win the race for the gold brick!
Race Train Ground Race Budleigh Barberton 1:25:30 Race along the train tracks and through the adventure world! Gold Brick Time – 1:45
Race Quidditch Sky Race Quidditch Pitch 1:30:30 Race against Malfoy through the adventure world, beat him to win the Gold Brick!
Rule Breaker Rule Breaker NA 31:30 Collect approximately 330,000 Studs.
Repair Location Juke Box Starting World Portal 0:15 Restore the Juke Box back to the world – 50,000 Studs
Repair Location Potter Memorial Godric’s Hallow 0:43 Restore the Potter Memorial – 45,000 Studs
Repair Location Hagrid’s Hut Forbidden Forrest 1:45 Rebuild Hagrid’s Hut – 25,000 Studs
Repair Location Whomping Willow Hogwarts 2:20 Restore the Whomping Willow – 15,000 Studs
Repair Location Hogwart’s Express Budleigh Barberton 3:50 Rebuild the Hogwart’s Express on the tracks – 15,000 Studs
Repair Location The Burrow Godric’s Hallow 4:40 Restore the Burrow & Garden – 70,000 Studs

Gold Brick Gallery

Find the gold brick from the table above as they are listed in order.

Red Brick

Accio Studs!

Effect – Adds a stud magnet to your character magically attracting studs!
Cost – 100,000 Studs

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