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Level Locations

Boss Encounters

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Rescue Character

Rule Breaker

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Level Locations


  • Entrance
  • Platform
  • Tracks

Stone Brook Theater

  • Backstage
  • Stage Floor

Boss Encounters

Ghostbusting! Minikits


Fix and move the subway car in the lower subway area to start the encounter.

Like Gertrude in the previous level, one of Sparky’s primary attacks is a projectile beam that you’ll need to move around to avoid.

Unlike Gertrude, however, Sparky will occasionally fire the beams in specific patterns, making them a bit easier to avoid.

He also occasionally will call down lightning strikes around the room. You’ll have warning by way of small circles of light appearing on the ground where the lightning will hit, but sometimes the passing trains will obscure those signals. During this phase, he’ll also summon ghosts, which you can quickly dispatch with a single touch of your proton beam.

Your chance to attack Sparky comes when his shield drops, and his lifebar appears. Be advised, though, that like seemingly every boss in the game, Sparky will chain your team, and you’ll have to quickly switch your character’s placement on the portal. If this happens when a train’s coming by, you’re pretty much a sitting duck.

Standing on the rail in the middle will help you avoid the train during these phases, but you’ll still have to keep an eye out for his beam attack.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Collection: Magic, Super Strength, Flight, Target, Fix-It, BMO Docking Stations, Silver LEGO Blowup, Technology, Red Demon Brick Smash, Relic Detection, Grapple, Shift Keystone, RIP Keystone

Character Rescue: Pole Vault, RIP Keystone

Minikit Locations

Subway Entrance – 2 Minikits

Open Sesame

When you first arrive in the subway, clear the trash against the wall with your demolisher of choice. Then use a character with Magic to open a hidden access panel, behind which hides the first minikit.

Parallel Dimension Locker Combo

You’ll need a character with the Super Strength ability to find the next minikit, which is on the purple side of the RIP gate you build at the bottom of the subway entrance. Pull the handle to reveal some spare parts, and throw them together to get the second minikit.

Subway Platform – 3 Minikits

Fly Away From Here

Minikit number three lurks just above the checkpoint at the entrance to the subway platform. Using a character with flight, look upward and poke through the hole in the wall to find the minikit.

A-Team A Train

Down on the subway platform, you’ll notice a cart sitting in the middle of the tracks. First, use a character with the Target ability to shoot the bullseye and open the box. This will create a few spare parts that you’ll need a Fix-It master to put together. Finally, with the cart fully constructed, you’ll need to alternate left and right on the handles to move the cart back and forth. Once you’ve moved it enough times, the fourth minikit will spawn.

BMO Subway Arcade

Clearing some trash along the back wall of the upper platform, you’ll notice you can build a BMO Docking Station. Strap him on, and then play the minigame to collect three keys and acquire the fifth minikit.

Stone Brook Theater Backstage – 1 Minikit

Backstage Break-In

Using a character with Silver LEGO Blowup, smash through the lock in the backstage area of the Stone Brook Theater to unlock minikit six.

Stone Brook Theater Stage Floor – 4 Minikits

Sculpting Stonehenge

Out in the main stage area, one of the first minikits you’ll find will require a character with the Technology ability to activate a panel at the front of the stage. Arrange the blocks so that they make a rock statue like at Stonehenge and then, for some reason, a miniature model of Stonehenge will drop from the ceiling, awarding you minikit seven.

Finn Phantasm

Using Finn’s Red Demon Brick Smash ability on the lower right of the stage floor, you can smash open a trapped ghost, which will briefly inhabit the drummer, then run off, awarding you with a minikit.

From the Rafters

Smash some trash on the left side of the stage to expose a Relic Detection spot. Upon activation, it’ll reveal a Grapple node, which in turn allows to you build a Switch keystone gate. Take the purple portal and move left across the rafters to find minikit nine in the middle.

Smash ‘n Crash

Stacks of theater fliers litter the stage floor of the Stone Brook Theater. Smash five of them (the fifth one up in the rafters) to nab minikit 10.

Rescue Character – Paul Feig

Paul Feig

Location: Subway

In the subway, after you build the RIP gate, you’ll need to switch over to the “yellow” side. Then you’ll need a character with the Pole Vault ability to twirl poles, which you can hang from. Swing across these newly-placed poles to rescue Feig.

Rule Breaker

It takes 100,000 studs to get Rule Breaker.

Video Guide

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