Mission: Impossible Adventure World Guide

Mission: Impossible Adventure World Video Guide

This is the full 100% completion video playthrough of the Mission: Impossible Adventure World. Below you will find several tables with time stamps you can reference in this video on how to find or unlock certain bricks / races / puzzles.

Repair Locations

There are a total of 6 repair locations through the Mission: Impossible Adventure World. Three of these locations are required for Gold Bricks. Here is a small gallery of the Repair Locations followed by a table with each spot listed.

Repair Location Jukebox Langley, Virginia 0:14 Restore the Jukebox outside the CIA Headquarters for 15,000 Studs
Repair Location Coffee Maker Prague Safe House 0:39 Restore the Coffee Maker for 25,000 Studs
Repair Location Windmill Wind Farm 1:29 Rebuild the Windmill for 35,000 Studs
Repair Location Benji’s Maskatorium Rome 2:21 Rebuild the Maskatorium for 30,000 Studs
Repair Location The Bridge Highway 3:00 Restore the damaged bridge for 40,000 Studs
Repair Location Rooftop Ball Launcher Shanghai 3:55 Rebuild the Rooftop Ball Launcher for 30,000 Studs

Gold Bricks

This Adventure World has 28 gold bricks in total! Here is the breakdown:

Puzzles: 13

Missions: 11

Races: 4

Rule Breaker: 1

Puzzle / Event Ball Launcher Brick Shanghai 4:20 Score at least 8,000 points on the rebuilt Ball Launcher mini game from the rooftops of Shanghai.
Puzzle / Event Shanghai Wall Climb Shanghai 6:10 Start from the ground up with ACROBAT and MAGNET GLOVES and climb the building face to retrieve the Gold Brick after cracking the FUSE BOX.
Puzzle / Event Hacking Prague Prague Embassy 9:35 Use HACKING to unlock the terminal and open the Gold Brick hatch.
Puzzle / Event Fish Tank Smash Akvarium 13:00 Smash the tables to build a switch allowing you access to SONAR SMASH the first window. Move along using the Keystone to activate the next platform then move the power to unlock the Gold Brick chest.
Puzzle / Event Truck Repair Rome 17:40 Repair the damaged truck with FIX-IT, then use XRAY to release the truck’s cargo to rebuild the engine. The drivers will then drive the truck into a wall that will reveal a brick.
Puzzle / Event Under Water Cargo Xitan 19:20 Use a combination of DRONE ACCESS and underwater CARGO HOOK to make your way through the underwater maze and gates to get the Gold Brick.
Puzzle / Event Elemental Clean Up Xitan 25:13 Use PARSEL TONGUE to find and build the Keystone. Using the Keystone clean out the Elemental Obstacles to unlock the switches and the Gold Brick.
Puzzle / Event Band Target Practice Ambrose Residence 28:00 Use A-Team Master Build to turn the instruments into guns and mow down the targets in the Mini Game. Hit 15 Targets to get the Gold Brick.
Puzzle / Event Base Attack Island Base 31:00 Drop into one of the small alcoves from the top of the base, destroy the dumpster & build a SWORD SWITCH. Drop into the hatch and use LASER DEFLECTION to destroy the two gold wall plates & FUSE BOX to disarm.
Puzzle / Event Under Water Boulder Highway 35:00 Go underwater near the Highway Bridge and use SILVER LEGO DESTROY to build a FUSE BOX on the boulder, then use an under water vehicle to activate the DOCK and unlock the Gold Brick.
Mission Under Choc And Key Rome 36:45 Talk to the Candy Vending Machine in Rome. Search for Chocolate around the world with Luther to collect the Gold Brick.
Mission Rabbit’s Foot Loose Rome 43:00 Talk to the Phone Booth in Rome. Travel underwater into the sewers to meet up with Benji. SILVER LEGO destroy the obstacles, inside the catacombs use DRONE ACCESS, GRAPPLE and ILLUMINATION to get the Rabbit’s Foot.
Puzzle / Event Sewer Bricks Rome 46:00 While doing the above mission find the Gold Brick in the sewers. Use SUPER STRENGTH and FUSE BOX to open the Gold Brick chest.
Mission Benji’s Maskatorium Rome 50:27 Travel around the world to collect a Gorilla, Pig and Rabbit so Benji can make new masks out of them.
Mission Masquerade Xitan 53:00 Talk to the Record Player in Xitan. Travel around the map talking to characters all under deep cover and disguise until you make your way to Jim Phelps.
Mission Hacker Hijinks Island Base 58:45 Find Luther on the side of the Island Base and follow him around the world hacking into terminals and protecting him from harm.
Mission End Of A Chimera Biocyte 1:03:00 Climb to the top of the Biocyte Building and talk to the Robot Banana Vendor. Use DRONE ACCESS, SILVER LEGO DESTROY and TECHNOLOGY.
Mission Seville Surprise Seville 1:06:30 Talk to the Sunglasses Robot on the highway outside Seville. Use the IMF DISGUISE to break into the mansion, inside use XRAY, and the Keystone to retrieve the stolen Necklace.
Mission Mission: Impurrsible Langley, Virginia 1:12:09 Talk to the Robot Cat. Find and rescue all three cats from the Adventure World while disguised as a Firefighter using the IMF DISGUISE.
Mission Knock, Knock Who’s There? Langley, Virginia 1:17:00 Talk to the Robot Chicken. Break inside of the CIA Headquarters with INVISIBILITY, use XRAY to deactivate the laser grid then slowly descend using MAGNET GLOVES and then FUSE BOX / TECHNOLOGY to power the terminals.
Mission IMF’s Got Talent Prague 1:22:30 Fly around the adventure world and find Claire’s audition tapes. Find all 15 by using the mini map radar dots.
Mission No-Wind Scenario Wind Farm


Use DIG to uncover the parts needed to repair the Wind Mill. The MASTER BUILD to repair the Wind Mill. RELIC DETECTION and DIG to build a switch to turn and power it.
Puzzle / Event Safe House Prague – Prague Safe House* 1:34:00 Use INTELLIGENCE to gain access to the Safe House door. Inside use SILVER LEGO DESTROY, GRAPPLE and more to destroy the pieces around the room building the code above the screen. Use TECHNOLOGY to unlock the brick.
Race Shanghai River Race Shanghai Sewer 1:37:30 To get to the race fly around to the back of Shanghai and enter from the Sewer. Beat under 1:15:00 for the Gold. Recommend – Aquaman
Race Highway Street Race Highway 1:39:45 Start race from the Highway Bridge. Beat the Race in under 1:30:00 for the Gold. Recommend – Street Shredder
Race River Boat Race Prague 1:41:00 Start race from the bridge between the Wind Farm and Prague. Technically a Boat Race we recommend swimming in under water with Aquaman. Beat in less than 0:55:00 for Gold.
Race Vatican Sky Race Rome 1:44:20 Start race from the top of the Vatican spire. Beat race in under 1:50:00 for gold. Recommend – Superman.

Gold Brick Gallery

A small gallery of snapshots from each of the Gold Bricks / Repair Locations listed in the tables above. Images appear in the order they are listed on the table.

Rule Breaker

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 7.55.43 PM

Approximately 330,000 Studs are required for the Rule Breaker in this world.

Note: Unfortunately the game doesn’t tally your in World stud total, it only adds to your existing stud collection so this is a rough estimate.

Red Brick

The Mission: Impossible Adventure World Gold Brick is FALL RESCUE.

Fall Rescue
Cost: 100,000
Saves you when you fall off an edge.

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