Prime Time – Jurassic Park Minkits

Level Locations

This level takes you to Foundation Prime in search of Lord Vortech!

  • Foundation Prime
  • Lord Vortech’s Temple
  • Lord Vortech’s Collection Room (Hidden Area)
  • Cloud Cuckoo Land (Hidden Area)

Boss Encounters

Lord Vortech

  • Use the Elemental Keystone to shift between fire and water to attack Lord Vortech while he is hidden inside his elemental sphere.
  • Once he is broken out, beat him up!
  • Repeat until he is pulled into the rift.
  • Summon the Dalek to attack Vortech pushing him into the rift to end the battle sequence.

Completion Abilities

Minkit Collection Abilities – Drilling, Super Strength, Relic Detection, Magic, Small Access, Tow Bar, Acrobat, Pole Vault, Rainbow Brick Destory, Silver Brick Destory, Hacking, Ghost Trap

Character Rescue Abilities – Master Builder, Magic

Minikit Locations

Foundation Prime – 3 Minikits

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

Drilling The Foundation 

  • At the platform with the three Vortech faces / Elemental Keystone puzzle, before traveling up and to the next area jump to the area above the far left Vortech face to find a Drill space.

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

Breaking The Foundation 

  • This minikit is hidden in the puzzle floor area after the DeLorean flys in and clears the next section walk way.
  • Travel along the pathway until you reach the floating sign with arrows, instead of going up on the path towards the Temple, travel down and work your away around the additional walkway, finally revealing a small crate. (14:45 in Playthrough Video Below)
  • Use a character with super strength to break the crate open and collect the minikit!

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

One Giant Leap & One Small Step Back

  • After launching forward on the spring loaded platforms shortly after the piece of Yellow Brick Road appears, simply travel a few steps back down screen to the bottom point of the walk way.
  • Use a character with Relic Detection to summon a chest that contains the minikit!

Lord Vortech’s Temple – 1 Minikits

Disney Infinity 3.0 Screen Shot 3:20:16, 2.13 PM

Smashing Vortechs 

  • Destroy all four of the Vortech Statues around the Temple to unlock the minikit!

Lord Vortech’s Collection (Hidden Area) – 1 Minikit

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

To access the Collection Room use a vehicle with Tow Bar in the top left corner of the Temple to pull down the wall revealing a doorway to the area.

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

The Heist

  • Scale the walls of Lord Vortech’s Chamber (or use a character with Flying) to finally make it to the top left shelf which contains the minikit.
  • Remember to smash open every jar you encounter in the room to unlock the next area!

Cloud Cuckoo Land (Hidden Area) – 5 Minikits

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

To access the Cloud Cuckoo Land area you will need to break all the jars of various bricks and parts in Lord Vortech’s Temple’s collection room. Break open all the jars to finish the portal with rainbow bricks opening up a passage to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

Jokes On You! 

  • Use a character with Pole Vault to shoot the nose on the large Joker statue in the center of the platform. Spin on the Pole with an acrobat character to make the Joker throw up some bricks.
  • Assemble the bricks into a launch platform that will spring you up and onto the Joker wall target, collecting the minikit.

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

Rainbow Slide Surprise! 

  • Use a character with Rainbow Brick Destroy to clear the bottom of the Rainbow slide, releasing the Minikit.

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

Rainbow Ghost Busting

  • After opening the Rainbow Slide, use Peter Venkmen to gather up the ghosts and trap them.
  • Take the trap over to the containment unit to collect the minikit.

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

The Long Journey Up!

  • On the left side of the main platform, use a character with Relic Detection on the center floating sun to create a Boomerang switch that unlocks the Shift Keystone.
  • Travel over to the pavilion using the pink portal to access the hacking terminal.
  • Clear the hacking terminal to power up the gravity shifting powers of the giant Lego head tower.
  • Use the yellow portal to jump over to the Lego head tower and climb to the top, pulling a switch to reveal a rainbow launch pad.
  • Lauch up on the pad to collecting the floating minikit!

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Minikit

Clear For Takeoff! 

  • To the left of the Joker Statue is a large blue pencil. Use a character with Silver Lego Destroy to clear the block under the pencil revealing a glowing fuse.
  • Hit the fuse to launch the pencil up into the air hitting the winged monkey holding the minikit!

Rescue Character – Mrs. Scratchen-Post

Lego Dimensions Foundation Prime Rescue Character

Location: Cloud Cuckoo Land

  • Jump onto the platform just down screen of the rainbow slide and destroy the green flower in the center revealing a Master Builder spot.
  • Use the master building to create a catapult and turn it around using the green switch next to it.
  • Once the catapult is turned around, use a character with magic to load the happy little snail into the bucket to be fired.
  • After the snail launches, it will destroy the Dalek saving Mrs. Scratchen-Post!

Rule Breaker – 115,000 Studs

Lego Dimensions Prime Time

You will need to collect 115,000 Studs to achieve the Rule Breaker gold brick!

The Arcade Machine

Lego Dimensions Prime Time

Marble Madness

After clearing the puzzle area with the three Lord Vortech faces and the Color Keystone, climb the stairs and travel to the right side of the platform to discovered the Marble Madness Aracde dock.

Foundation Prime 100% Completion Video


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