Riddle-Earth – Lord of the Rings

Level Locations

  • Outside Minas Tirith
  • Lower Courtyard
  • Tardis Location
  • Inner Left Minas Tirith
  • Inner Central Minas Tirith
  • Inner Right Minas Tirith
  • Upper Courtyard

Boss Encounters

The Riddler and Balrog

  1. Activate the Shift Keystone on the left side of the room. Place a character with Magic onto the Blue portion of the pad.
  2. Use that character to thrown the chimney’s at the Riddler down below.
  3. The Keystone will get tossed across the room, this time becoming a Chroma Keystone.
  4. Activation: Left Pad: Blue | Center Pad: Red | Right Pad: Yellow
  5. This will open the door, causing several knights to come out and attack the Riddler.
  6. Activate the Scale Keystone on the right side of the room. Use a character with Magic to go up the tube to the top of the building.
  7. Optionally, you can skip step 6 using Flying with a character with Magic.
  8. Use Magic on the speakers on the side of the Minas Tirith.
  9. The Keystone will get tossed across the room, this time becoming a Locate Keystone.
  10. The item to locate is directly left of the Keystone, along the edge of the area outside of the grass area.
  11. The Keystone will get tossed again, this time becoming an Elemental Keystone.
  12. Use the Water element to attack the Balrog. This will knock him back into the next section.
  13. Use a character with Relic Detection to locate an Electricity coil on the back of the Riddler’s seat.
  14. Use the Electricity element to charge the coil, pushing the Balrog into the next section.
  15. Repeat steps 12-14 until defeated.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Outside Minas Tirith – 1 Minikit

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Lower Courtyard – 2 Minikits

  • No More Riddles | Requires: Ranged Attack
    • Destroy the 5 Riddler items around the Lower Courtyard area.

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  • Higher Access | Requires: Mini Access
    • Next to the door to the Inner Right Minas Tirith area is a Mini Access spot that will take you up to the top and claim the minikit.

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TARDIS Location: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship – 4 Minikits

On the far right side of the Lower Courtyard are several boxes that can be destroyed. Destroy the boxes and rebuild those into the TARDIS Pad.



  • The Golden Spider | Requires: Illumination, Laser
    • Upon entering the area, destroy the spider on the wall to the left using a character with Laser. Go into that area and use a character with Illumination to reveal the minikit.

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  • Great Balls of … Electricity | Requires: Vine Cutting
    • Next to the where the Golden Spider is at, there is a switch that requires Vine Cutting to activate. This will reveal an electrical weapon in the center of the room.
    • Jump into the weapon and launch orbs of electricity at the raptors that come out from the side rooms to claim the minikit.

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  • The Earthen Statue | Requires: Acrobat, Boomerang, Magic
    • On the right side of the main room, use a character with Acrobat to pull down the bar, pulling up an Elemental Keystone.
    • Go to the back of the room to the closed door. Access to the next room requires a character with Magic and one with Boomerang.
    • Place a character on the Earth element area on the pad and use that ability on both sides of the Earthen statue in the rear of the back room to reveal the minikit.


Inner Right Minas Tirith – 1 Minikit

  • Technology in the Rubble | Requires: Flying, Technology
    • Upon entering the Inner Right area, fly up to the top of the area where there is a hole in the wall. In the back of the room, there is a Technology switch. Activate the switch to reveal the minikit.

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Inner Central Minas Tirith – 1 Minikit

  • No Riddles in the Box | Requires: Flying or Grapple
    • In the central area, about half way through it, there is a turn in the road. After making the turn, there is a Riddler box on the ground. Destroy this box to reveal a Grapple. Use a character with Grapple to access the top of the covering.
    • Destroy the Riddler box on top of the covering to claim the minikit.
    • Optionally, you can use a character with Flying to bypass the need for the Grapple.


Inner Left Minas Tirith – 1 Minikit

  • The Silver Statue | Requires: Silver Lego Destroy
    • Upon entering the area, there is a silver statue at the base of the stairs. Use a character with Silver Lego Destroy to claim the minikit.


Rescue Character

Location: Inner Right Minas Tirith

  • Rescue Borormir | Requires: Flight Dock
    • Upon entering the Inner Right area, fly up to the top of the area where there is a hole in the wall. Floating in front of that area is a Flight Dock switch. Use a piece with Flight Dock to rescue Boromir.

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Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker requires approximately 280,000 studs.

Arcade Machine

In the Central Courtyard, there is an Arcade Station for the Arcade Machine.


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