Sonic Level Pack Guide Table of Contents

Level Locations

Boss Encounters

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

Rescue Character

Rule Breaker

Video Guide

Level Locations

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Emerald Coast
  • Metropolis
  • Marble Zone
  • Labyrinth
  • Breakfast Kingdom (Secret Area)
  • Death Egg

Boss Encounters

Doctor Eggman

Robo Sonic

Mecha Sonic

Metal Sonic


Completion Abilities

Minikit – Illumination, Super Strength, Slurp Access, Lantern Construct, Laser, Technology, Sword Switch, Charge Transfer

Rescue Character – Super Strength, Laser, Technology

Minikit Locations

Green Zone Hill – 2 Minikits

Capsule Crusher

Locate and open five capsules hidden around the level.

Some capsules will require you to break surrounding pieces to assemble the trigger button. One will require you to use ILLUMINATE.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 12.07.20 AM

Gotta Go Fast!

At the start of the level, using a vehicle or character to fly up the cliff face behind the starting location to find a Race start gate. Race through the level and beat the clock to get the minikit!

Emerald Coast – 2 Minikits

Beach Capsule Hunter

Open four capsules hidden around the level to unlock a minikit.

Sonic Level Pack Guide - Sonic Dimensions Minikits & More!

The One Ring

Find the darkened den towards the end of the level and ILLUMINATE to reveal piles of bones and rings. Destroy the piles, releasing Gollumn and assemble the minikit for collection.

Metropolis – 1 Minikits

Eggman Terminals

Find and solve the three Eggman terminals using TECHNOLOGY to unlock the minikit.

Marble Zone – 1 Minikits

Sonic Level Pack Guide - Sonic Dimensions Minikits & More!

Crushing Slurps

After triggering the giant green collumns to rise and fall with the spring loaded block, travel back up to the starting location of the map and head to the right where you will find a SLURP ACCESS vent that will lead to a minikit!

Labyrinth – 1 Minikits

Sonic Level Pack Lego Dimensions Minikits Sonic Dimensions 11

Saving Face

After destroying the final brick wall of the area that leads to the water fall and ring portal, head up and to the left to find another button that opens a wall below into an area with a LANTERN CONSTRUCT. Use the construct to smash through the floor into a room with a moveable statue. Turn the three heads to match the surrounding pillars.

Breakfast Kingdom – 3 Minikits

Sonic Level Pack Lego Dimensions Minikits Sonic Dimensions 16

To access breakfast Kingdom, activate the size Keystone in the final area of the Labyrinth near the large carousel of blocks. Travel up into the hidden chamber using a shrunken character, then break the wall with SUPER STRENGTH. After the smoke clears, use LASER to destroy the golden pieces and assemble the Breakfast Kingdom Portal.

Sonic Level Pack Lego Dimensions Minikits Sonic Dimensions 15

Sausage & Toast

On the side of the castle, use SWORD SWITCH and the wall switches to slowly toggle the toast and sausage to get access to the top.

Sonic Level Pack Lego Dimensions Minikits Sonic Dimensions 14

Lumpy Space Eviction

On the second level of the castle, pull the switch near the glass door to open the CHARGE TRANSFER stations. Move the energy from the top level to the bottom level, causing LSP to be ejected leaving a minikit.

Sonic Level Pack Lego Dimensions Minikits Sonic Dimensions 12

My Pretties

Destroy all five of the flying monkeys littered around the Breakfast Kingdom.

Rescue Character – Big The Cat

Sonic Level Pack Lego Dimensions Minikits Sonic Dimensions 13

Location: Breakfast Kingdom

After getting access to the hidden Breakfast Kingdom area, head up the castle until you reach the technology terminal on the bacon staircase. Use the terminal to operate the crane and snatch Big from the coffee cup!

Rule Breaker – 185,000 Studs

Video Guide

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  • SonicBoom13561

    I figured out the Mystery Kit! In the beginning of the level, you have to get on top of the wall to Trigger a race. Beat it, and you get the mini kit!

  • Broden Kaps

    For the checkpoint Minikit, you have to head left from the start. Get a good speed boost going to make the climb to the top of the wall run. I used Sonic’s Charge run (hold B on Xbox) to reach the top where there is a race. It is a non-vehicle race and goes to the end of the area but once you complete it you will receive the Minikit.

  • Mat

    Im stuck at the plane section. Nothing is happening.

  • Ian Ridley

    I can’t open the sonic level on dimensions. The thing to the right on the portal has gone under the floor and I have no idea what to do to open the game level.
    It’s my sons playstation.
    Can you help please

  • amanda

    The gameplay in the sonic Level is the worst! Retro Gamer land was pretty bad. But Sonic is just so glitchy.

  • Wendy Brown

    What is the point of the snake in the wall at the carnival zone? My son and I have not been able to figure it out. Thanks