The End Is Tri – The Lego Movie Minikits

Level Locations

  • Octan Tower
  • Isengard
  • Bilbo’s Birthday Party (Hidden Area)
  • Gotham Roofs
  • Inside The Tri

Boss Encounters

The Tri

The Tri is the major focus of this level as they pull you from world to world leading up to a final show down. This is unlike normal boss fights. To defeat The Tri you will need to break him apart from the inside, freeing Metal Beard, Robin and Sam through a series of puzzles.

Completion Abilities

Minikits Required Abilities – Hacking, Grapple, Acrobat, Chi, Illumination, Magic, Small Access, Mind Control, Drilling

Rescue Character Required Abilities – Digging

Minikit Locations

Octan Tower – 2 Minikits

Disney Infinity 3.0 Screen Shot 3:28:16, 10.49 PM

Hacking Time

  • Destroy the small table covered into blue phones on the edge of the third platform.
  • Assemble the pieces into a Hacking Terminal
  • Clear the Terminal to trigger a micro manager to destroy the laser grid above releasing a minikit.

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Minikit

The Grappler 

  • After disabling the electric floor on theh upper level, to to the far right of the platform and use a character’s range attack to break apart the floating micro manager debris revealing a Grapple point.
  • Use a character with Grapple to pull the minikit free.

Isengard – 3 Minikits

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Minikit

Boulder Rolling Chi Power

  • Use a character with Chi to defeat sevearl enemies in the area to fill their Chi Meter. Use the Chi Switch to move the large boulder hidding the Minikit.

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Minikit

Climbing On Up

  • On the ground level of Isengard, next to the Chi Boulder, use a character with Grapple to pull down a second Acrobat wall.
  • Jump up the walls to snag the floating Minikit!

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Minikit

Lighting Up The Dark

  • Before traveling up the final elevator to the base area of the tower of Isengard, there is a small cave that requires a character with Illumination to reveal the hidden kit.

Bilbo’s Birthday – 4 Minikits

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Minikit

To access Bilbo’s Birthday Party you will need a character with flight. On the ground level of Isengard, travel to the far left until you reach a bridge that will ultimately be destroyed. Fly over the gap, to the far left and drop down the hole to travel to the party!

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Minikit

Dishwashing Hobbits

  • Use a characer with Mind Control on Pippin washing the dishes under the tent. Travel over with Pippin to snag the Minikit!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Screen Shot 3:28:16, 10.56 PM

Lighting The Lantern

  • Use a character with Magic to light the five lanterns around the Birthday party.

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Minikit

Breaking Into Bilbos

  • Under the large tree in the top right corner of the map, use a character with Small Access to climb through the door which will pop you out in a new area outside of Bilbo’s house.
  • Pull the large rope to unlock the door & collect the minikit!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Screen Shot 3:28:16, 10.59 PM

Dance Party

  • Use a character with Drilling to clear the tiles around the birthday cake revealing a Keystone.
  • Activate the portal on the party stage to bring a juke box. The dancing characters will unlock a minikit.

Gotham Roofs – 1 Minikits

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.13.18 AM

Monkey Hunter

  • Flying around The Tri are five Winged Monkeys that can be knocked out.
  • Hit all five Winged Monkeys to unlock a Minikit!

Rescue Character – Sam Gamgee

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.44.08 AM

Location: Bilbo’s Birthday Party

  • In the bottom right corner of Bilbo’s birthday party is Sam trapped under an overturned barrel.
  • Use a character with Dig to uncover a pile of bricks that can be assembled into a giant lever.
  • Hop on the giant lever and launch the barrel off Sam to rescue him!

Rule Breaker – 125,000 Studs

Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Rule Breaker

Collect approximately 125,000 studs to unlock the Rule Breaker!

The Arcade Machine


Lego Dimensions The End Is Tri Blasteroids

At the beginning of the level on the crashed Octan Tower travel down screen to find the Arcade Game dock! User the Arcade Machine gadget to unlock Blasteroids!

The End Is Tri 100% Playthrough Video

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