The Phantom Zone – Ghostbusters

Level Locations

  • City Streets
  • The Docks
  • The Titanic
  • Ghostbusters H.Q.
  • Ghostbusters H.Q. Roof

Boss Encounters

General Zod

  1. Avoid the green laser from the ship. The path of the laser will be shown on the ground.
  2. While the laser is out, use a character with Boomerang to attack the green spot on the front of the ship.
  3. After 3 attacks on the ship, it will crash and General Zod will come out.
  4. Use a character with Relic Detection under the ship to reveal a Grapple location.
  5. Pull on the Grapple hook, releasing the Ghostbusters, who will remove the ghosts flying around.
  6. Avoid the lasers from General Zod. When your character gets put into the magic beam, move that character to a different location on the pad.
  7. After a couple lasers from General Zod, an Elemental Keystone pedestal will appear. Activate the Keystone.
  8. Zod will fly over the canister in the back of the room. Activate the canister and the Electricity element. After activating the canister, use the electricity to attack General Zod.
  9. Attack General Zod with a ranged attack to get him to move to the next canister.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 with the next canister, using the Fire element.
  11. Activate the Earth element and use it on the newly appeared earth mound to defeat General Zod.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

The Streets – 5 Minikits

  • No More Signs
    • Destroy 5 small Ghostbusters throughout the level, along the roads.

  • Pulling out the Trash | Requires: Grapple
    • At the beginning of the level, use a character with Grapple on the trash truck to reveal the minikit.

  • View the Screen | Requires: X-Ray Vision
    • After getting past the giant speaker on the right side of the road is a pile of vehicles. Destroy the vehicles, where a wall is hiding. Use a character with X-Ray Vision on the wall, that will be projected up to a large screen on the wall.
    • Solve the puzzle to reveal the minikit.

  • Digging for Pieces | Requires: Digging, Magic
    • Where the previous minikit appears, there are 3 digging spots. Use a piece with Digging to bring up 3 pieces to the vehicle next to those spots.
    • Use a character with Magic to fix the vehicle and reveal the minikit.

  • From the Outside | Requires: Grapple, Mind Control
    • Past the entrance to the docks is a room with a person inside. Use a character with Mind Control to get him to open the doors.
    • Use a character with Grapple on the vending machine inside the room to reveal the minikit.

The Docks – 1 Minikit

To access the docks, you will need a character with Spinjitzu.

  • Moving Crates
    • To the right side of the area, is a crane. Once in the crane, move the boxes to match up the colors of the boxes to the platforms to claim the minikit.

The Titanic – 2 Minikits

To access the Titanic, you will need a character with Grapple, in addition to access to the docks.

  • Lowing the Chandelier
    • Go upstairs, on the left side. Destroy the piano and rebuilding the pieces into rotate switch. Push the switch to lower the chandelier. Jump up onto the chandelier to claim the minikit.

  • Before the Iceberg | Requires: Boomerang, Grapple, Magic, Relic Detection, Time Travel Switch
    • Use a piece that can use Time Travel Switch to go back in time.
    • Use a character with Relic Detection on the lower left side to reveal a Boomerang switch. Activate the switch to get the yellow chroma pad.
    • Go up the stairs and use a character with Magic on the poster half way up the stairs to reveal the activation for the Chroma Keystone.
    • Continue up to the left. Destroy the chest and use the pieces to place the path back onto the ground. Push the crate off the top to get the red chroma pad.
    • Go over the right side and use a character with Relic Detection to reveal a Grapple hook on a bookshelf. Destroy the bookshelf to reveal the blue chroma pad.
    • Activate the Chroma Keystone and match the colors to claim the minikit.
    • Activation: Left Pad: Purple | Center Pad: Blue | Right Pad: Orange

Ghostbusters H.Q. – 1 Minikit

  • Smash the Basement | Requires: Super Strength
    • In the basement of the Head Quarters, there is a wall that a character with Super Strength to reveal the minikit.

Ghostbusters H.Q. Roof – 1 Minikit

  • The Upper Window | Requires: Flying, Laser
    • From the roof of the Ghostbusters Head Quarters, there is a window with gold bricks over the window. Use a peice with Laser to break through the window. Use a piece with Flying to go through the window.
    • There is a pad in the room with a left arrow, center button, and right arrow. Step on the center button 3 times. Step on the right once and then immediately after back on the center button 3 times. Step on the left once and then immediately after back on the center button 3 times to claim the minikit.

Rescue Character

Location: The Titanic

To access the Titanic, you will need a character with Grapple, and Spinjitzu

  • Rescue Dana | Requires: Time Travel Switch, Water Spray
    • Use a piece that can use Time Travel Switch to go back in time.
    • On the bottom right area, there is a plant. Use a piece with Water Spray on the plant. It won’t fully grow, but when you go back to the future, it will have grown, freeing Dana.

Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker requires approximately 150,000 studs.

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