April Fools Reveal & LEGO Artist Spotlight!

Yesterday was April 1st, and we announced an amazing new LEGO DC Comics title coming later this year, LEGO Watchmen: The Video Game. The new game would be inspired by the upcoming HBO series, the latest Doomsday Clock cross over event, and the 2009 film.

For those unaware of April Fools day, we apologize, but many of you caught us almost immediately. We even had our buddy JayShockBlast participate in the ruse by making a whole video about the fake game on his channel.


But the real MVP, just like last year with the LEGO Deadpool artwork, is the one and only Mark aka MuttleyMark on DeviantArt. His Watchmen LEGO designs this year inspired us to throw together this silly game (which we sorta want to play at least one level of…) Make sure you give Mark a bunch of love over on DeviantArt! He is an incredible artist!


We worked tirelessly to make a fake Amazon leak page, several game boxes, and even a promo tag from the end of a supposed teaser trailer we saw pieces of early. Together it made a fun and interesting April Fools prank that we hope you all enjoyed!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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