Are The X-Men In LEGO Marvel 2? Probably Not.

With E3 now over and the dust settling behind the giant whirlwind of information thrown our way, we are starting to pick through all the live streams, interviews and articles surround LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Of the ton of info we are seeing, one bit of information that is floating out in the web needs to be addressed before hopes get too high: LEGO Marvel 2 will likely not feature any X-Men.


Since the development of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in 2012, the road to getting X-Men (or any other Fox-owned franchise like the Fantastic Four) into big AAA games has becomes trickier, stickier, and layered with more and more red tape. While smaller titles somehow get granted access to these characters (Marvel Future Fight), the bigger and more featured a title is, the muddier things get. We have now more than ever owning and controlling a super hero franchise gives you all the power.

Understanding the layered reasons for not having X-Men in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is something likely only the legal departments at Marvel, TT, and Fox could truly answer, but for the teams involved, it ultimately becomes a matter of time and energy over final product. The hoops everyone would have to jump through to negotiate these deals quickly becomes too time consuming and not worth the effort of the parties involved, much to the disappointment of fans.


This entire discussion is the result of about 60 seconds of video between Max Scoville and Arthur Parsons during E3 where Max presses Arthur about the possibility of the X-Men appearing in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. The response from Arthur, taken out of context of the conversation, could appear as though he is coyly confirming their later involvement in the game.

MAX: “One last question. I haven’t seen a lot in the way of X-Men. I know it’s a very sticky thing with Mutants, and the Inhumans, and the likeness rights with Fox and Disney. Are there X-Men in this?”

ARTHUR: “At this moment exactly right now, I can say nothing.”

M: “OK, well, I’m worried, but that said, it still looks really really cool.”

A: “Do not be worried.”

Unfortunately Arthur’s “Do not be worried” has sparked a wave of articles and videos confirming that the X-Men will be part of the game. His response when taken in context is more clearly directed to Max’s overall concern with the game being great if the X-Men aren’t part of the team. Taking this vague general PR speak sort of moment and running with it isn’t wise considering the history of Fox’s characters in large main stream games.

It should also be noted that main stream Marvel appears to be focusing a lot more on the Inhumans lately. With the Inhumans, they have a team of characters they can stretch across all their media platforms from TV, comics, video games, etc., without dealing with contract negotiations with another giant media company. Their recent driven focus on this team of heroes, and the recent reveal of both Lockjaw and Medusa, should more than confirm to any savvy Marvel fan that LEGO Marvel 2 will feature the team. For the immediate future, Marvel looks to make the Inhumans a sort of spiritual successor to the X-Men in any of their controlled media, and hopefully fans can learn to love them as much as they did with the mutants!

You can catch the entire discussion around 10:30 in the video clip below:

Let us know what you think of the interview and Arthur’s response in the comments below!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of & - He's also a full time dad and husband, lover of the puppetry arts (you can find his puppetry podcast on iTunes: Getting Felt Up - A Puppetry Podcast with Dan & Nate) and has been playing video games since he was an infant.

  • Stan

    I don’t think Fox actually owns the interactive/video game rights to those characters.

    • D Hall

      You are correct that Fox doesn’t own those rights, but it’s trickier than that. Marvel has pretty much had a falling out with Fox. They ceased the majority of licensing for X-men and Fantastic Four (note that none of those movies had merchandising tie-ins as the characters, themselves, are still owned by Marvel). They are focusing more on their movies, now (as they are probably providing more revenue), so they don’t want to promote properties they don’t control the movies for. They have all put pushed aside the X-men and Fantastic Four properties even from their comics. X-men hasn’t been a priority and they canceled the Fantastic Four comics (putting Thing and Human Torch in with other teams). It’s highly likely that Marvel chose not to allow those character to be in this game. The first one was different because it was being developed before Marvel Studios became the behemoth it is today. Before Avengers in 2012, all the previous movies were distributed by other studios. But with Avengers, Marvel became a full-fledged studio. It was after that, that they started controlling their properties more, and in the past few years they’ve started making shifts in merchandising and with their comic book lines to be more in line with the movie properties they owned. A lot has changed since the first game was released. Spider-man gets a pass because Marvel has a good relationship with Sony (which can definitely be seen by their current deal with the movies) and they also still had Spider-man animated series they could promote.

  • Dylan Campbell

    Sadly, I feel like you are correct. I wish TT could have at least negotiated with fox to put Deadpool in the game but I can see why they didn’t considering he has an R-Rated movie now.

    • Relatively Average

      Deadpool being absent from the game I can understand due to the R-rated vibe that is now associated with the character due to that awful movie.

      • Jim

        Lol Awful movie? Yea I’m guessing you were not a fan of deadpool before the movie. Because the movie got the character down to a tee.

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    Please, do not start even more rumors until we have more info. I would be shocked if they did not have X-Men, and even more shocked if they did not have the Fantastic Four. Both teams were a huge part of the first game. Why would it be any harder to get the license now? BTW Dan, I’m not sure if it me or the site, but comments from my desktop computer do not seem to be getting through moderation, unlike my laptop ones. Is there a reason for that?

    • Ben

      It’s not harder at all. Marvel/Disney owns all their characters for video games. But they prefer to promote characters that they have control over in the movies and not prop-up characters that other movie studios own the rights to. That’s just the way things are right now. And I’m fine with it, personally. There is a lot of unexplored content from the Marvel Universe because the X-Men were so popular that they would always take center stage, not leaving room for lesser-knowns. I would love an X-Men DLC pack, but would be fine without one as well.

      • Jim

        I don’t know about you but I rather have wolverine then America chavez and Ms. Marvel.

    • D Hall

      He’s not starting any rumors. He’s actually trying to calm down the rumors that they are included. It is actually highly likely that X-men and Fantastic Four would not be included. A lot has changed in the world of Marvel since the first game was being developed (and even released). X-Men and Fantastic Four are properties that Marvel has pushed to the side (even canceling the Fantastic Four comic series). I went into more detail in another post above. Some of the characters are still around, but mostly as part of other teams. From everything that has happened over the past few years with Marvel and those properties (from merchandising to how they’re being treated in the comics), I was going to be surprised if they showed up in this game. And since there has been no evidence, so far, it seems like it’s high possible they won’t be.

      • Relatively Average

        He is calming down rumors with more rumors. Is it possible that Thing and Human Torch could be in the game “on those other teams”?

        • Daniel Becker

          Im trying to prevent people from getting their hopes up, not spread rumors. All signs point to no x-men for the time being.

          • Relatively Average

            You are trying to prevent people from getting their hopes up with rumors to stop rumors? I don’t understand this logic.

          • Daniel Becker

            I said “probably” not, right in the title of the article. Not every one of my editorials needs to become an argument on rumors and my bad journalistic integrity.

  • JohnMac

    It does seem a little weird how quiet they are being about this particular topic, but to me it still seems at least somewhat likely they will feature somehow. After all, Arthur Parsons and others have said several times over that this game and storyline is very much based on the comics and not the MCU. Plus it being a sequel to a game that did heavily feature X-Men and the Fantastic Four, you’d think the rights issues wouldn’t be a problem at all

  • Jeffrey

    No X-Men, no buy. Marvel has been trying to replace the X-Men with the Inhumans for a while now and I can’t stand it.

  • Vader

    What would be the obstacle? They were in the last one. If they are in this one, it will likely be like last time which sux because it would be cool to have the film versions. Either way, it would still be nice to have them in this game.

  • Steven

    Not sure that this is the best place to post this, but I’m not sure when there will be another Lego Dimensions article. Anyways, I just noticed something that points to the possibility of at least some sort of Wave 10 still in the works. At the end of the most recent credits sequence (after completing the Goonies level), the very first two lines read:


    Now, this of course could have just been an oversight. They may have accidentally left it in when the pushed the newest update to include this credits sequence. But, I would say that there’s still a possibility of at least a small Wave 10 (possibly Lord Vortech or something?). I have no idea, but just thought I would share this, since it may be at least a glimmer of hope of something new still coming.

    • Relatively Average

      HA! Solid proof right there! Let’s hope an update doesn’t remove it! xD

      • Daniel Becker

        They addressed that early on in Year 2 saying only 9 waves.

        • Relatively Average

          So why do the credits say 6-10? I’m honestly asking.

          • Daniel Becker

            Beyond extrapolating some assumptions that I am sure you dont want to hear, I have no idea. hahaha

  • Sean Mars

    If TT Games thinks we’ll accept the Inhumans as a replacement for the X-Men then they’re stupid as all go. NO SALE!

  • Marty

    Please stop spreading incorrect information. Fox doesn’t own the video game rights to the X-Men characters.

    • Daniel Becker

      I didn’t comment on who owns the rights, I am commenting on the likelihood of it happening.

  • L

    If the X-men are not in the game it’s a response against the film contracts, not a breach on what’s said on them. Marvel lately is trying to starve out other studios from new content they can use for a movie. They already have a starve out on Fantastic 4 but some characters like lockjaw overlap into another group. This idea is why we saw two different versions of Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch in recent films and we are likely to see more of this.

  • Relatively Average

    The reply button keeps disappearing on certain comments, so I’ll reply down here:

    @Daniel Becker

    So you admit that these are in fact rumors? I never said anything about your “journalistic integrity.” I’m just pointing out the fact that these are JUST rumors, much like the Lego Dimensions Cancellation. I meant no personal offense to yourself, but if I came across that way, I’m sorry. I hope you can understand the fact that this whole article ticks me off, as I love most of the missing” characters.

    • Daniel Becker

      Yeah, I love the missing characters too. I am going off the recent track record of most other AAA games and franchises, the response from public interviewers directly asking, and inside sources who have confirmed it. FOX & Marvel aren’t getting along right now. We will never get a straight answer from anyone involved sadly because its a bottomless pit of PR talk.

      • Relatively Average

        I’ll take that as a yes, and thank you.

        • Daniel Becker

          And Marvel’s just pulled the Fantastic Four from their new Marvel Omega game… all the signs point to no Fox Marvel characters.

  • HOSS A.

    He’s not giving a direct answer because he was told not to. Announcing that the X-Men and FF are not included would potentially hurt sales. A-holes.

  • x man jean grey

    I’m very sad because there will be no x men and it’s all by inhumans! .
    and who hates inhumans!