New LEGO Worlds On Nintendo Switch Trailer!

A new trailer has dropped formally announcing LEGO Worlds on the Nintendo Switch, available both digitally on the Nintendo eShop & physically in retailers everywhere! To show off the that Switch is getting LEGO Worlds, the team built an actual Nintendo Switch out of LEGO in game and it looks awesome!

New Powerpuff Girls LEGO Dimensions Trailer!

The Powerpuff Girls are coming to LEGO Dimensions in just a few short weeks as Wave 9 approaches. So the team over at Dimensions released a fun trailer highlighting all three characters, their vehicles, and powers. The video shows a couple of locations from the Adventure World, and a few

LEGO Worlds 2nd Update Patch Notes

The new Classic Space DLC is bringing a host of new features, bug fixes, items and even secret codes (more on those soon) and the fine team behind the game shared all the info in a set of patch notes today on the STEAM forums. Scroll down to read some of