Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 19-25

Toys R Us is running Buy One, Get One 50% off on all Lego Dimensions products except Starters and Story Packs. They’re also continuing last week’s deal of 50% off any Fun Pack with the purchase of the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack. Those deals are some of the best

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 12-18

It’s a pretty down week, especially compared to the deals we’ve been enjoying recently. Starting with Toys R Us, you can get 50% off any Fun Pack with the purchase of  Lego Batman Movie Story Pack. Be sure to stay away from the Fun Packs marked $5 through Five Below,

Lego Dimensions Deals: Feb 5-11

Big deals on Lego Dimensions continue at Gamestop and Best Buy. At Gamestop, Fun Packs are still $7.19, including Knight Rider Fun Pack preorders (releasing Friday). Level Packs are $17.99 and Team Packs $14.99, both of which are the best deals of the week on all Year 2 packs in their

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 29-Feb 4

The biggest deals this week come from Gamestop, where all fun packs are  $7.19 (including Knight Rider preorders), all Level Packs are $17.99, all starters are $49.99, all Story Packs are $29.99 (including Lego Batman preorders), and all Team Packs are $14.99. Phew! Be advised that all the deals mentioned

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 22-28

It’s a bit of a light week for deals, so if you guys see anything crop up mid-week, drop a comment here, and we’ll get it updated. Of the stalwart vendors we’re used to covering, Five Below continues to offer select Year 1 Fun Packs for $5. Emmet dropped off

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 15-21

While it’s not a huge week for deals, there’s a few standouts worth mentioning. Up first is Toys R Us, which is offering Buy One, Get One Free on all Toys to Life figures and accessories. In the realm of Lego Dimensions, this seems to apply to everything except for

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 8-14

Vendors seem to be taking a week off from the big sales we’ve been seeing. The only noteworthy deal we’ve found for Year 2 products is that Toys R Us is running 3 for $25 on Lego Dimensions Fun Packs. This is not a good deal for Year 1 Fun Packs,

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jan 1-7

Best Buy’s got the deal deals this week, with 50% off pretty much everything. That’s Year 1 and Year 2 Fun Packs for $5.99 (except for Adventure Time Fun Packs), Level Packs for $14.99, Team Packs for $12.49, Story Packs for $24.99 (except for the Lego Batman Movie preorders), and

Lego Dimensions Deals: Dec 25-31

Vendors have backed off the big deals from last week somewhat, but there’s still some great Christmas day deals to be found. Shockingly, some of the best deals come from Gamestop, of all places, with their “Get What You Didn’t Get” Sale. In Year 2, you can get Adventure Time

Lego Dimensions Deals: Dec 18-24

Less than five days now until Christmas, but we haven’t been left out in the cold on Lego Dimensions deals! You can get steep discounts (over 60% off on starters) on everything Year 2, except for Adventure Time Fun Packs (for some reason) and Lego Batman Movie Story Pack preorders. Best

Lego Dimensions Deals: Dec 11-17

We’ve got big deals on almost everything Lego Dimensions this week, with the biggest deals coming from Best Buy, where all Lego Dimensions Fun Packs are $5.99, all Level Packs are $17.99, all Starter Packs are $34.99, all Team Packs are $14.99, and all Story Packs are $29.99 — and

Lego Dimensions Deals: Dec 4-10

Starting with Toys R Us, this week you can get $15 off Year 2 Story Packs (Fantastic Beasts/Ghostbusters), $10 off Year 1 and Year 2 Level Packs (which Lego Store beats by $5 on Doctor Who and Portal 2), and Starters for $39.99/$49.99 on last gen/next gen. TRU’s also got