Lego Dimensions Deals: Jun 18-24

Finally, a big deal in Lego Dimensions! Toys R Us has 50% off almost everything. This deal applies to the base pricing of seemingly all packs except starters. Outside of that, Gamestop is also offering the Lego Batman Story Pack for $29.99, which is about as cheap as we’ve seen

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jun 11-17

Online deals for Lego Dimensions are less than impressive again for the third or fourth week in a row, failing to capitalize on the relevance and slight popularity boost that might be offered by the connection to Lego games discussion at E3 this week. It’s a bit sad to see.

Lego Dimensions Deals: Jun 4-10

We haven’t really seen any price movement since last week, so below is a lightly edited copy/paste of our suggestions from then. Thanks to Justin for highlighting the fact that the Midway Arcade pack is only $10 at the Microsoft Store. It’s another down week for deals, with hardly anything

Lego Dimensions Deals: May 21-27

Not a lot of action on deals again this week. Year 2 is pretty barren, especially. Story Packs are down to around $30 for Fantastic Beasts (Amazon/Walmart) and Ghostbusters (Amazon), but this is not best deals pricing. Gremlins is $17.99, but again, we’ve seen it cheaper in recent weeks.  Update: Thanks

Lego Dimensions Deals: May 14-20

Vendors have stepped back on big deals this week; There’s no TRU gimmicks, no Cartwheel deals. While we’d recommend waiting for a future week with better deals to buy, there’s still an assorted handful of reduced prices for buyers who don’t want to wait. In Year 2, at Target, the

Lego Dimensions Wave 8 Released!

Lego Dimensions Wave 8 has released, and at long last, you can get your hands on Hermione and Lego City Fun Packs, or the Goonies Level Pack! Here’s the official press release:   LEGO® Dimensions™ Adds Expansion Packs Based on Blockbuster Franchises The Goonies, Harry Potter, and LEGO City  

Lego Dimensions Deals: May 7-13

It’s release day for Hermione and Lego City Fun Packs, as well as the Goonies Level Pack! While vendors seem to be stingy on deals for those packs today, there’s a whole host of deals available all around, with the steepest discounts coming from Target. Starting off, Target has all

Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 28-May 4

Nothing to get excited about in Year 2 deals this week, and Year 1 is a rehash of deals we’ve become pretty familiar with at this point. Outside of Five Below’s continuing $5 deals on select Year 1 Fun Packs, the only other exceptionally low price we see is the

Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 23-29

Looks like it’s Best Buy’s turn for deals this week, although their prices aren’t quite as good as what we saw from Toys R Us and Gamestop in the past couple weeks. Best Buy has select Year 2 Fun Packs for $7.99 (A-Team, ET, Fantastic Beasts – also available at $7.99

Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 16-22

Big deals on Year 2 continue this week, but not at Toys R Us, where they were last week, but at the Microsoft Store and also at Gamestop for the second week in a row. A-Team, ET, and Fantastic Beasts Fun Packs are all only $4.99 from the Microsoft Store,

Lego Dimensions Deals: Apr 9-15

Big deals on all Year 2 packs this week, with the biggest deals coming from Toys R Us and Gamestop, of all places, where they’ve got around 40-50% off on almost everything. Fun Packs for $5.99 ($7.19 for preorders) (TRU/GS), Level Packs for $14.99 (TRU/GS), Story Packs for $24.99 (TRU/GS),

Flash Sale on Lego Dimensions at Gamestop

Gamestop’s running a flash sale on Lego Dimensions products, offering steep discounts on all products except for preorders. It’s worth noting, however, as we mentioned in the deals this week, Best Buy’s also running some pretty big sales, and their pricing beats Gamestop in some places. Below, we’ve produced a mini-deals