LEGO Worlds Egyptian Temples DLC Now Available!

LEGO Worlds continues to expand with a new theme available in the Brick Build Showcase.  Download the two Egyptian themed temples known as the Egyptian Bazaar (Showcase Model 97) and Showcase Model 98 before they are lost in the sands of time. <–Back to our guides Unlockable Objects: There are

LEGO Worlds Arcade Cabinet DLC Now Available!

In honor of National Video Game Day, LEGO Worlds has released a giant model of an arcade cabinet.  The cabinet is dubbed Showcase Model 96 and is very detailed.  The cabinet contains four floors of gaming goodness.  Each side of the cabinet has a design featuring the PUG-Z. <–Back to

New LEGO DC Super Villains Trailer

A new trailer for LEGO DC Super Villains has been released and sheds a little more light on the story. Darkseid is coming and it is up to the villains to save the day…  Is that what they are really doing? Watch the trailer here:  See the official press release below: BURBANK,

LEGO Worlds Teen Titans Tower Sandbox Build

When there’s trouble, you know who to call.  From their tower they can see it all.  Now you can see their tower in this recreation of Teen Titans Tower from the Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans Go.  My son and I really enjoy that show and we enjoyed building the

LEGO Worlds Bowling Alley Sandbox Build

LEGO Worlds is featuring several 1950’s Themed builds at the moment.  While scrolling through Twitter the other day, I saw a LEGO Ideas project that very much fit the style of the other 1950’s builds.  The project is very detailed and begs to be built.  Since the real thing isn’t

LEGO Worlds Walkthrough, Secrets and More!

LEGO Worlds is an ever growing, always expanding sandbox building experience.  The possibilities for building are nearly limitless.  This will serve as a one stop shop for all your LEGO Worlds needs.  Below you will find information on characters, vehicles, discoverable objects and brick builds.  There are also some tutorials and custom

LEGO Worlds 1950’s Garage DLC Now Available

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides LEGO Worlds just added a second build from the 1950’s to the Brick Build Showcase. The 1950’s Garage is a mechanic’s dream.  In fact, it features a new character, the 1950’s Mechanic. Unlike the 1950’s Diner, there is no real world set for this build. Now let’s take a look at this

LEGO Worlds Classic Space DLC Object Discovery Guide

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides The Classic Space DLC Pack has a plethora of new objects and Brick Builds to discover. You can use all these great new objects to build the perfect moon base in LEGO Worlds. Brick Builds: A majority of the builds in the Classic Space category are unlocked by