LEGO Worlds Toy Shop Available Again

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides LEGO Worlds has brought back a classic build to the Brick Build Showcase! The Toy shop returns and fits nicely with Santa’s Workshop from the Winter Wonderland Worlds Contest.  Lets see what is in this build. Discoverable objects from left to right: Lamp Post, Red Post Box, Wooden Bench, Gumball Machine,

LEGO Worlds Ancient Arch DLC Now Available

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides The third brick build for the ancient theme was just discovered inside the Brick Build Showcase.  While this build does not bring anything new to the game in the form of discoverable objects, it does bring the Spartan Warrior playable character. The Ancient Arch is a beautiful addition to the game.  

LEGO Worlds Monster Garden DLC Recap

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides The final Monster themed free Brick Build Showcase DLC is finally on the home page across all major consoles. This isn’t exactly the most exciting of the four builds but adds a few new pieces for you to build with! (Plus that awesome magic

Haan Mansion Museum Sandbox Build Showcase

Some of our new contributors for Bricks To Life are absolute wizards when it comes to LEGO Worlds, building some really amazing stuff! Check out Paul, who helped us with our LEGO City Guides (and more soon in the future) and his fantastic creation in LEGO Worlds! -Dan The week before

New LEGO Worlds Features & Enhancement Guide!

<—–Back to our LEGO Worlds guides Just before the launch of the new Monsters DLC Pack, LEGO Worlds released a new software update.  The update makes a few minor changes but also introduces some substantial improvements and new features. The team behind LEGO Worlds at TT Games has promised an