Back Of The Box: Fantastic Beasts Alternate Builds!

Lego Dimensions Wave 7 has been officially announced and it includes the awesome looking Fantastic Beasts Story Pack & Fun Pack! As everyone knows, each of the vehicles or gadgets that come in each pack have three builds, each with their own unique skills and abilities!



Thanks to our awesome pal Rob from Coin-Op TV we’re able to get an early peek at the alternate builds for the two Fantastic Beast creatures featured in the packs. The two beasts cleverly transform into other wild creatures, with new and unique abilities!

Swooping Evil

Swooping Evil

Fantastic Beasts Story Pack – Niffler

First a close up look at Niffler, the creature packaged along with Newt in the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack!


Nifflers are not new to the Harry Potter world of magic, making appearances in other magical stories. But this Niffler packs some awesome alternative builds!

Fantastic Beasts Story Pack Builds Niffler Lego Dimensions

Build 1 – Niffler

  • A companion creature he will likely give you the ability to interact with certain objects or trigger specific events.

Build 2 – Sinister Scorpion

  • A rideable vehicle with the ability to shoot venomous goo!

Build 3 – Vicious Vulture

  • A flying vehicle that allows you to breathe fire!

Fantastic Beasts Fun Pack – Swooping Evil

Tina appears to be one of the main supporting characters in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film, and she comes packaged with a large and terrifying fly creature: The Swooping Evil!

Lego Dimensions Fantastic Beasts Tina Fun Pack

The Swooping Evil is new to the Harry Potter world, at least to my knowledge, but we do get a peek of it in one of the trailers! It looks awesome in the movie and even cooler as this Lego minikit! Lets check out the three builds!

Lego Dimensions Fantastic Beasts Tina Fun Pack

Build 1 – The Swooping Evil

  • A companion creature similiar to the Niffler, the preview image doesn’t show Tina riding it like a flying creature.

Build 2 – The Brutal Bloom

  • Giant chomping jaws grab up enemies and crush them!

Build 3 – Crawling Creeper

  • A rideable creature with a powerful attack!

Let us know which build you think is the coolest in the comments below!


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