LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds Egyptian Temples DLC Now Available!

LEGO Worlds continues to expand with a new theme available in the Brick Build Showcase.  Download the two Egyptian themed temples known as the Egyptian Bazaar (Showcase Model 97) and Showcase Model 98 before they are lost in the sands of time. <–Back to our guides Unlockable Objects: There are

LEGO Worlds Arcade Cabinet DLC Now Available!

In honor of National Video Game Day, LEGO Worlds has released a giant model of an arcade cabinet.  The cabinet is dubbed Showcase Model 96 and is very detailed.  The cabinet contains four floors of gaming goodness.  Each side of the cabinet has a design featuring the PUG-Z. <–Back to

LEGO Worlds Egg House DLC Now Available

Scramble to download the latest Easter themed DLC inside LEGO Worlds via the Brick Build Showcase! The Egg House build doesn’t add any new discoverable objects but that doesn’t put a crack in how egg-celent the build itself is. You can check out a full breakdown of the build below

LEGO Worlds Farmhouse DLC Now Available

Another Easter themed build has just hatched inside LEGO Worlds and that’s no yolk! The Farmhouse DLC is now available to download via the Brick Build Showcase! This build adds a couple of new discoverable objects like the Easter House Door and Window but what really makes this build standout