LEGO Worlds Font Kit! Write In The Sky! [PC]

One of favorite new digital brick artists Plastic Hymn has done it again with a beautiful font set for LEGO Worlds! Now you can turn your gorgeous LEGO biome scenery into inspirational posters or dazzle up your builds with cool logos and text. He first showed off his text creations in a

TT Games Opens New Mobile Gaming Studio

TT Games announced today, just shy of it’s one year anniversary acquisition of the UK based mobile gaming company Playdemic, that they will be opening a new studio dedicated entirely to LEGO Mobile games. The newly created  TT Games Brighton, TT Game’s third studio, will focus mainly on exciting mobile LEGO Gaming experiences. Currently

LEGO Dimensions Sets ReBricked

With the death of LEGO Dimensions, it came time for me to start packing up the toy pad, figures and builds, condensing them all down into one of my LEGO storage totes. When I stopped and looked at all the pieces of the disassembled cars, creatures, and gadgets I began

RUMOR: 2018’s LEGO Games Revealed?

2018 is off to a strong start with some great new LEGO Worlds DLC content, an interesting AR LEGO mobile game (which we will be covering soon) and of course… lots of fun rumors surrounding the line up of this year’s featured console LEGO games. Over at a new article popped up