Complete LEGO Worlds Character List – Find & Collect Them All!

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One of the things we are having the most fun with in LEGO Worlds is trying to complete our collection of every minifigure character in the game. Currently there are only 98 characters that you can find and collect using your discovery tool.

LEGO Worlds Character List

We compiled a complete list of all those characters here for you to use and check off while you’re exploring and finding new stuff. If you’re a 100% completionist like us, this will be a handy guide for you!

This list only reflects the characters available at launch, as updates or DLC come to the game we will come back in and update it!

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LEGO Worlds Character List

Astronaut – Starter Character
Intergalactic Girl – Starter Character
Frontier Woman
Frontier Man
Villager Woman
Village Male
LEGO City Female
LEGO City Male
Christina Hydron
Heroic Knight
Evil Knight
Viking Woman
Troll Warrior
Troll King
Troll Queen
Lion Princess
Dan Brickman
Helen Stone
Forest Man
Forest Maiden
Lady Cyclops
Artic Explorer
Swamp Creature
Major Quinton Steele
Ann Lee
Mac McCloud
Mummy Warrior
Anubis Guard
Egyptian Queen
Wacky Witch
Gingerbread Man
Dino Girl
Warrior Woman
Surfer Girl
Deep Sea Diver
Scuba Diver
Farmer (Beard)
Volcano Explorer
Volcano Explorer (Beard)
Research Pal
Pirate Princess
Pirate Lady
Pirate Captain
Paintball Player
Police Officer
Police Officer (Serious)
Robber (Stubble)
Skater Girl
Square Foot
Spooky Girl
Spider Lady
Motorcycle Mechanic
Jewel Thief
Zombie Businessman
Zombie Cheerleader
Zombie Pirate
Police A
Police C
Robber A
Robber B
Builder A
Builder B
Builder C
Builder D
Agent Chase – DLC
Agent Trace – DLC
Dyno-Mite – DLC
Inferno – DLC

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  • Dadditude

    Would be nice if you listed any special abilities/characteristics of the characters. (For example, skeleton and zombies can walk on the bottom of the ocean, allowing them to use the discovery tool underwater. They can also stay underwater indefinitely. The deep sea diver also shares these traits, and only the head is required to make use of them.)

    • Kirby

      I’ve been trying to get the diver guy how did you accomplish this fear of for him on land,killed him underwater nothing works i want the scuba tank and mask

      • jolleywales

        i used the landscape tool to bring him above water and then killed him

      • Andrea

        Creepy picture you use, Kirby! Yuck. MAkes you look like a weirdo.

        • Bobbythebossness

          That’s mean😕

  • Rob

    Either this isn’t a complete list or you’re not using the names as they are in the game. I was trying to use your list as a checklist and right off the bat, the first three characters on my in-game list (after the DLC characters) are: “Construction Worker”, “Construction Worker (Glasses)”, “Swamp Police Officer.” None of these appear on your list. 🙁

    What would also be nice for all of these Discoverables lists would be a Galactic Coordinate where we can find them.

  • lilyth

    hello construction’s master…..i speak a little english…..Big troll,it is charctere or creature????
    And for 4 dlc,it is later pc support or not????
    City undercover and dimension…PC or not??
    good game

  • Matt

    Does anyone know where to find tge vampire? I have been searching for days? Coordinates and galactic zone would be helpful (ps4). Would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Mattster

    Does anyone know where to find tge vampire? I have been searching for days? Coordinates and galactic zone would be helpful (ps4). Would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Caleb Smith

      Hello mattster, you have yo go in the weird woods and find a mansion that has a discovery guy and do his mission and the girls on the other side of the house until you kill him. After you kill him he will disappear and you have to find him at night randomly in the weird woods

  • Nikolai

    You should update this since there are a couple of new characters i think you can play as, they are all from the lego nexo knight sets. There is 2 i want to know of you can play as, the gargoyle and this huge guy with a axe and shield.

  • Cookiefoxgirl2

    I want a lion do you get her?

  • Lunk

    I need to pain the Lion Princess’s castle green however it isn’t doing anything…

  • Rob Brodner

    Time for an update to this list. There are Nexo Knights and Ninjago characters now.