Day 1 LEGO E3 Live Stream Recap!

The WB Games live stream featuring LEGO games is off and running for it’s first of three days! If you missed the live stream, or just want a quick recap of what was discussed or covered, check out our recap of each of the segments below! You can watch these live streams on WB’s official Live Stream page!

The live stream features all five of the main WB titles, but we will only be focusing on the three LEGO titles! Each of the three games got approximately 20 minutes to be shown off with live gameplay and big announcements!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Recap

Here is a full recap of the live stream portion of the game featuring LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2!

  • Kang is the main villain but you will see many other villains during the game!
  • Avengers comic run #41-55 featuring Kang Dynasty was the inspiration for this game!
  • 35 different heroes will highlight a non linear story!
  • You may often have two different versions of the same character in your party thanks to all the time traveling fun in the plot!
  • Gameplay section of features the open world of Chronopolis!
  • Manhattan is next to the Mountains of K’un Lun making it very snowy!
  • The open world hub will have a slice of everyone’s favorite Marvel location!
  • Kang mashes different worlds and different times to make the main hub world together.
  • Forming the open world hub by merging the worlds is an early plot point in the game.
  • Marvel writer Kurt Busiek helped develop and write the story.
  • Lockjaw from the Inhumans is revealed as a new character!
  • The open world hub is significantly bigger than anything they’ve done before (4 or 5 times the size as the previous game!)
  • Underwater city of Lumeria got shown off!
  • Recap of the pre order bonus including the Classic Guardians Pass!

LEGO Worlds Recap

  • Chris Rose (Associate Producer) from LEGO Worlds is here to chat with us!
  • Volcanic Explorers & LEGO City content will be coming out soon!
  • First Paid DLC for LEGO Worlds will be coming soon! Classic Space!
  • The debut of the LEGO Worlds Classic Space Trailer!
  • LEGO Worlds Trailer highlights all sorts of awesome new sets and content!
  • LEGO Moon Base being shown off, including set interactions with various rockets and builds.
  • New ship, the 1980 space cruiser, is flown around.
  • Alien minifigure is shown off!
  • Giant Space Spider enemy is shown off.
  • Fun little robots run around and can be used as extra defense, almost like pets.
  • Space version of the PUG-Z will be included in the game (blue instead of orange).
  • Space Buggy, Rocket Buggy, Rocket Transporter… vehicles both huge and small.

LEGO Dimensions Recap

  • Wave 9 is coming in September!
  • Showing off the five new packs for Wave 9!
  • Time for some Teen Titans Go gameplay!
  • Showing off Jump City Adventure World!
  • Beast Boy can transform into a bird to fly, a dolphin to swim & mouse for small access!
  • Raven can summon a small Raven that you can remote control.
  • Starfire has Rainbow LEGO destroy!
  • LEGO Robin & Cyborg will appear as TTG versions in the Adventure World!
  • There will be a five character interaction! (First time more than 2 characters have ever interact!)
  • Showing off some of the Power Puff Girls now!
  • The PPG have a cool color shield you can summon!
  • Showing off a few quests and areas in the Teen Titans Go adventure world!
  • All three of the Power Puff Girls gameplay!
  • Bubbles has a sonic blast attack where she cries and screams!
  • Blossom has a frost breath ability!
  • Heading inside the Teen Titans Tower!
  • Sonic race time in Jump City!
  • Raven’s Spell Book gameplay with awesome Demon!
  • Jump City will feature a TARDIS dock!
  • Beetlejuice Sandworm Gameplay!
  • An exclusive episode of Teen Titans Go is included inside the game!
  • The episode will tie into Dimensions and will feature all of Wave 9.
  • In the episode Raven gets frustrated in a LEGO Building Contest and summons portals to other worlds!
  • Episode comes with either of the TTG packs!
  • Trailer showing off the full Dimensions Teen Titans Team was revealed!

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