Day 2 LEGO Marvel E3 Live Stream & Recap!

The WB Games live stream featuring LEGO games is off and running for it’s second of three days! Lots of great news and fun for today! Watch live with us or check back for a full recap! Keep refreshing the page to update the recaps! You can watch these live streams on WB’s official Live Stream page!

The live stream features all five of the main WB titles, but we will only be focusing on the three LEGO titles! Each of the three games got approximately 20 minutes to be shown off with live gameplay and big announcements!


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Recap

  • Phil Ring, Arthur Parsons & Bill Rosemann are in the house today to chat about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2!
  • Kang is a time traveling inter dimensional General who loves to gather awesome armies!
  • Kang travels in his huge sword shaped ship called the Damocles!
  • The multiplayer for the game will feature an arena style battle overseen by the Grand Master!
  • Youtuber Blitzwinger joins the  stream for some gameplay!
  • Time for some multiplayer Arena gameplay!


  • All the characters have special abilities!
    • Some abilities have strengths and weakness over each other!
  • Pick ups drop randomly in the game to give you power ups when you battle!
    • Mind stone makes duplicates of your characters!
  • The battle arena is entirely made of lego and can be smashed and interacted with (and destroyed!)
  • Showing off a battle arena mode where players compete to pick up the infinity stones to complete the infinity gauntlet!
  • The open world game is initially segregated and you drop into smaller buildings at first to help you orient yourself during gameplay and reduce confusion.
  • The main hub world will 18 different sections!
  • Agent Venom, Spider Gwen & Spider Man Noir Gameplay!

LEGO Worlds Recap


  • Bear Parker (TT Game Community Manager) and Chris Roads are here to chat LEGO Worlds!
  • LEGO Worlds Survivor coming later this year!
  • LEGO Survivor will put you on an island without any tools and pit you against the environment to gather resources to build and upgrade a ship to navigate from island to island.
  • Players will have a small journal with a build guide that will instruct you on what resources to gather and find.
  • LEGO Survivor will be a free DLC update later this year!

LEGO Dimensions Recap

  • JayShockBlast & 8-Bit Theater join the stream to chat about LEGO Dimensions!
  • Teen Titans Go battle arena gameplay!
  • 2 v 2 battle with volunteers from the audience!
  • Lots of technical difficulties are plaguing the live stream.
  • Change of plans and the team went into the Beetlejuice Battle Arena world instead.

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