Day 3 LEGO Marvel E3 Live Stream & Recap!

The WB Games live stream featuring LEGO games is off and running for it’s final of three days! Lots of great news and fun for today! Watch live with us or check back for a full recap! Keep refreshing the page to update the recaps! You can watch these live streams on WB’s official Live Stream page!

The live stream features all five of the main WB titles, but we will only be focusing on the three LEGO titles! Each of the three games got approximately 20 minutes to be shown off with live gameplay and big announcements!


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Recap

  • A big section of character gameplay during the first boss battle that’s been shown off a lot during live stream appearances.
  • Big new character reveal is… MEDUSA!
  • Awesome new big figure build of Medusa!
  • Arthur commented on how much fun this character was to animate and bring to life with her giant wild crazy hair!


LEGO Worlds Recap


  • A debut of the giant LA landscape build inside LEGO Worlds!
  • Bear promises that this game will drop into the game for download so everyone can explore it!
  • Blitzwinger & JayShockBlast will be racing through this awesome LA build!
  • The LEGO Worlds project name when it was in development was “Badger” so they made a special Badger animal character just for this game.
  • JayShockBlast for the win!!

LEGO Dimensions Recap


  • Beetlejuice showcase for today’s LEGO Dimensions portion of the stream.
  • Preview of the Beetlejuice Adventure world including Saturn, the Deetz residence, and the Waiting Room!
  • You will have the ability to explore the model town in the attic of the Deetz house.
  • The Beetlejuice adventure world was actually built as a physical model and scanned into the game.
  • Beetlejuice cosplay contest!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • JohnMac

    Very disappointed with no year 3 content announcement. I know that doesn’t 100% confirm that it’s cancelled but geez

    • sethzack24

      A year 3 was never planned. This was meant to be a 2 year project only.

  • a person

    I still have hope for year three (especially since you have no confirmable sources). And I would love if they end day three by saying “Oh yeah, we’re also having year 3” and leaving while the fans are still in awe.

    • Daniel

      Just get over it. I believe he’s proven himself. He’s always been right, and he’s been right ever since. He was the one to come out and say the last packs would come out in September (even though it sounded absurd to wait that long). all evidence has pointed to him being right, yet you still live in denial. Why would he make stuff up? Maybe it brought him more attention, but it would have been short lived and destroyed his credibility if he was wrong. It was a bold move to announce it, and he would have to have been very confident in his sources to post it.

      • Relatively Average

        The points you just listed are the only reason I’m taking this site semi-seriously. Otherwise I wouldn’t believe any of it.

  • Relatively Average

    Don’t consider yourself right just yet. I didn’t realize until a few moments ago, Gamescom 2017 is being held in August. It would make much more sense for Year 3 to be announced at this convention, as it is closer to the Wave 9 release date.

    • JohnMac

      I would be very pleased indeed for such an announcement!

  • MrFlame

    Sad there was no Year 3 or Wave 10 Announcement :/

  • youquzhiji

    thanks for bring all these information all along, guess we’ll bid this game farewell after September

  • Trailblazer101

    Most likely Wave 10 and Year 3 will be announced at Gamescom 2017 and/or SDCC 2017. Don’t loose hope people.

  • Relatively Average

    Hey Daniel, here’s an interesting piece of news for you:

    On, there is a category under “discover” where you can view retired sets. I have viewed retired Dimensions sets here many times to see what has been discontinued. As of today 6/16/17, the website will no longer display and Dimensions items in this category. Under any search filter, there is still nothing. I went to the Dimensions products that have NOT been discontinued, and the retired products have not been added back to the main product page. I can not find the products anywhere.

    The whole reason I went to the site this last time is because I saw the TTG trailer, which advertises the Cyborg pack at the end of the trailer. However, the Cyborg pack WAS discontinued. Now, I can’t find it anywhere on the Lego site. Lego appears to be advertising a set that is unavailable for purchase, and which never existed. Just thought I’d report the news.

  • Legodad

    How about this. Be optimistic!!! No news is good news…so far. I’d hate for this to end considering the ninjago movie comes out in November. And there more explorable worlds to discover. They should do a legends of tomorrow world or any CW shows. That’d be something. And one last thing is this, submit to Lego dimensions some of your ideas. They’ll listen I’m sure.