Day 3 LEGO Marvel E3 Live Stream & Recap!

The WB Games live stream featuring LEGO games is off and running for it’s final of three days! Lots of great news and fun for today! Watch live with us or check back for a full recap! Keep refreshing the page to update the recaps! You can watch these live streams on WB’s official Live Stream page!

The live stream features all five of the main WB titles, but we will only be focusing on the three LEGO titles! Each of the three games got approximately 20 minutes to be shown off with live gameplay and big announcements!


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Recap

  • A big section of character gameplay during the first boss battle that’s been shown off a lot during live stream appearances.
  • Big new character reveal is… MEDUSA!
  • Awesome new big figure build of Medusa!
  • Arthur commented on how much fun this character was to animate and bring to life with her giant wild crazy hair!


LEGO Worlds Recap


  • A debut of the giant LA landscape build inside LEGO Worlds!
  • Bear promises that this game will drop into the game for download so everyone can explore it!
  • Blitzwinger & JayShockBlast will be racing through this awesome LA build!
  • The LEGO Worlds project name when it was in development was “Badger” so they made a special Badger animal character just for this game.
  • JayShockBlast for the win!!

LEGO Dimensions Recap


  • Beetlejuice showcase for today’s LEGO Dimensions portion of the stream.
  • Preview of the Beetlejuice Adventure world including Saturn, the Deetz residence, and the Waiting Room!
  • You will have the ability to explore the model town in the attic of the Deetz house.
  • The Beetlejuice adventure world was actually built as a physical model and scanned into the game.
  • Beetlejuice cosplay contest!

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