Deal Alert: Dimensions Packs For $0.99!

For those of you out there lucky enough to live near a 99c Store, you are about to hit the LEGO Dimensions deals jackpot! This US retailer is overstocked with select fun, team and level packs from Dimensions Year 1 and each pack is only $0.99!

Check to see if there is a 99c Store near you by visiting their website here.


Each store looks like it has different stock but they have told curious shoppers on their Facebook page that more packs are incoming and pack selection will vary from location to location. So if you have any friends on the West Coast / Mid West it might be time to call them up.

These are the packs spotted on their shelves for ONLY $0.99:

  • Simpsons Level Pack
  • Portal Level Pack
  • Scooby Team Pack
  • Bad Cop Fun Pack
  • Cragger Fun Pack
  • Bart Fun Pack
  • Unikity Fun Pack


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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of & - He's also a full time dad and husband. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan!

  • James Augsburger

    Dan I shipped you the sets! Please email me.

  • Dimensions Mom

    Wow! We just discovered your website today (my son is new to Lego Dimensions) and we were happily surprised to see this deal. Our local 99 cent store had already been pretty hard hit but we picked up Zane, Cragger and Eris fun packs. We are going to try to check other stores tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Gamestop also has 7.19 for most fun packs (Cragger, Eris, Cyborg and Laval 5.38 and Legolas, Gimli 4.78) Story packs (includes Lego Batman Movie) 29.99, Team Packs 14.99 and Level Packs 17.99.

  • Nathan

    I went to 3 different stores in northern Orange County, CA. I was able to get the Eris, Cragger, Bart, Legolas, Gimli, Gollum, Unikitty, Emmet, Bad Cop, and Wicked Witch fun packs, the Scooby Doo and Ninjago team packs, and the Simpsons and Portal level packs.

    At one store, I saw another customer with a Zane fun pack, but it must have been the last one.

    I spoke with an employee at the first store I went to, and he said based on the size of the shipment they received, he thinks they are likely to get more later.

  • Dimensions Mom

    Went to a few more stores today and found Scooby team pack, Simpsons level pack and Unikitty, Bad Cop, Bart Fun packs.

  • Laura

    🙁 wish they had one were I live. I have been collecting what I can for my son, still missing some here and there. Lucky for those people, shame most will be sold on eBay for way more tho.

  • LegoWiiuBrickster (was Anyonymous)

    In Gilroy theres a bunch of Bart, Homer, Simpsons, Ninjago team pack, Gollum, Cragger and Legolas was spotted!

  • Patiswayfly

    Man I wish I had one of these around for Simpson’s level and Scooby.

  • LegoWiiuBrickster

    I think this is the cheapest they will ever get and actually supplies lasted more than I expected.

  • Stephen

    Some stores in Arizona also got Eris and Emmett

  • MrFlame

    At our store they have all Lego movie except benny, all lord of the rings, bart simpson (a ton of them), Simpsons level pack, craggier, and wicked witch. Still can’t find ninjago or Scooby doo or portal! some of the best ones. sigh you still can’t beat $1 lego dimensions.

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  • Flashedlink

    Doing the rounds in East Bay Area this am.

    Hayward- sensei wu, Bart, bad cop, and a handful of cragger

    San Lorenzo- unikitty, Bart, simpsons level, sensei wu, bad cop

    I’ll keep adding as I hit more stores

  • Flashedlink

    Emeryville- Bart,bad cop, cragger. Also- on google maps it calls the store in Oakland a 99c only, but it doesn’t have any lego dimensions, nor does it seem affiliated.

  • Flashedlink

    Richmond-Bart,Bart and a ton more Bart. Pinole- jackpot! Has almost all fun packs, unitkitty, Bart,emmet, eris, Legolas, gimli, badcop, wicked witch, zane, cragger

  • Flashedlink

    Concord on willow pass- 10 cragger left.
    Other concord, didn’t see any- lady seemed confused when I asked about legos

  • Turbizl

    Here are all 15 available. Only one of the 6 stores I went to in Arizona had all 15.

    • Terentius

      There is a total of 16 sets so far in California, Krusty makes 17, but I haven’t been able to track him down yet. You can visit this site to see the 16 I have found:

      • David

        if anyone wants to send a few to me in NY as a birthday present i would totally appreciate that ( i am only half kidding 🙂

  • MikeT

    There are now 24 sets available in 99 cent only stores in California (I have found 23 of these, just missing Ninjago Nya Fun Pack).

    71202 – The Simpsons Level Pack – most stores have lots of these
    71203 – Portal 2 Level Pack
    71206 – Scooby-Doo Team Pack – hard to find now
    71207 – Lego Ninjago Team Pack
    71211 – Bart Simpson Fun Pack – most stores have lots of these
    71212 – Emmet Fun Pack
    71213 – Bad Cop Fun Pack
    71217 – Zane Fun Pack
    71218 – Gollum Fun Pack
    71219 – Legolas Fun Pack
    71220 – Gimli Fun Pack
    71221 – Wicked Witch Fun Pack
    71223 – Cragger Fun Pack
    71231 – Unikitty Fun Pack
    71232 – Eris Fun Pack
    71234 – Sensei Wu Fun Pack
    71227 Krusty the Clown Fun Pack – seen last 2 days (in Ca, has been available in TX for a week+)
    71201 Back to the Future Level Pack – seen last 2 days
    71204 Doctor Who Level Pack – seen last 2 days
    71205 Jurassic World Team Pack – seen last 2 days
    71222 Laval Fun Pack – seen last 2 days
    71214 Benny Fun Pack – seen last 2 days
    71215 Jay Fun Pack – seen last 2 days
    71216 Nya Fun Pack — I have yet to find this one in the LA area (but is reported as part of the sale)

    Good luck hunting… such a great deal!

    • Dimensions Mom

      Where in CA are you? We are in Ventura County and still haven’t haven’t found Krusty, Benny, Laval, Jay, Jurassic World, Dr. Who or BTTF.

  • LegoWiiuBrickster

    Does anyone Know which ones are in Gilroy I havent gone in there in a while