Leaked images of new figures hint at an exciting new team of up with Disney to be included in future wave of Lego Dimensions. Included in the leaked figures are Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Stitch, Ursula & Maleficent. The images were pulled off a brief listing on Lego’s official store page but were quickly removed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.29.01 AM

Check out the line up of leaked figures below! 

Ursula lego dimensions Maleficent lego dimensions disney

The pairing of the two villains Ursula and Maleficent probably points to a team pack, with the other characters possibly available as fun packs.

Mickey Mouse Lego Dimensions

Mickey would make a pretty excellent Level Pack, with an amazing adventure world of the Disneyland parks to be explored and repaired, packed with missions and awesome Easter eggs.

Buzz Lightyear Lego Dimensions Stitch Lego Dimensions

Stitch and Buzz Lightyear will likely be packaged as Fun Packs and grant you access to the Disney Adventure world!

No official word yet on when these figures will be released and what type of vehicles or gadgets they might be paired up with! Fans can probably expect a major announcement at E3 this year.

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Josh Crawford

    So many leaks! First Supergirl and Green Arrow, now Disney. My kids are going to LOVE this. Lego Dimensions is only getting better!

    • Nicholas LionRider

      Please tell me you know it’s a joke…

      • Michael Lozano

        Is this real

    • Christopher Canul

      Sorry dude, but this is obviously photoshopped! I can make something similar in a day! Sorry dude, but don’t believe everything you see… Look, no orange base…

  • Josh

    april fools

  • nBoo

    Looks way fake. Besides, it’s April fools day. Nice try though.

  • Ty Dunstan

    well if this is true and that is a big if this will mean the end of Disney infinity for sure and lets face it people it will not be a big surprise to myself and many of you out there either for the last 15 months Disney as be dying a slow death anyway its time for Disney infinity to be put in its grave once and for all. its sad the game had so much potential to be one of the top game in gaming history because of the incompetence of the staff behind it and Disney interaction who choice not to listen to the fans who choice not to give the fans what that had be asking for and you choice to ripe of their fans with cheap remakes because they where to god dam lazy to make a effort in the development and test of the game so people really are we surprise or will be surprise if this is true i do hope so its true.

    • Ian

      Um, the group working on Disney Infinity is the best group of human beings ever. So back off. Disney Infinity IS the best game ever.

      • A guy who’s pretty nice

        I wouldn’t say it’s the best, it’s a diffrent approch the level creator’s a good idea and the figures look great I just wonder how much it costs to make them and if they are not gaining as much money as they could with partnering with Lego… Honestly I do prefer Lego dimensions mainly due to the feel that nothing you do in Disney infinity matters because there’s no point it’s like walking through the park some people can find enjoyment through it but for me there’s no motivation

        • A guy who’s pretty nice

          I forgotten to mention why there’s no motivation, there’s no bad guy trying to stop all the characters… They are just sorta doing random stuff…. There’s no threat

      • Zach

        Disney infinity sucks because you have to buy a new starter pack every time the make a huge addition of characters to the game.

  • Jaxon

    Its fake search the item number 71304 in the Mickey Mouse picture in brick and pieces and bam

  • Mark

    Now that April Fool’s day is over, you should really post a disclaimer that this is not real. This would be nice, though will never happen with Disney Infinity around.


    They made those in minifigures that’s where u got those images from u noob!

  • Grimble

    Aaaaaand now Disney Infinity is gone. So what now?

  • Bricks4Me

    Disney Infinity is ending, so it would make sense.

  • Pat

    Hold on. Disney is going to be in Lego dimensions. If so then can we bring in marvel, Star Wars, and pirates of the Caribbean.

  • bananakabutops

    FAKE. The new characters have orange base, not still blue like these.

  • Christopher Canul

    This sounds EXTREMLY fishy… Why don’t they have orange bases? I don’t believe it… FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    Come on it could be possible as Disney infinity is ending it would be a good marketing move and they have teamed up to create Lego Disney mini figures so it would make sense although these images may be fake whose to say that they weren’t initially made for Lego dimensions one and were moved for copyright reasons so now they could be possible


    Possibly for a Lego dimensions 3 ?!?!?

  • sonic4380

    what if Lego made that joke for April Fools day??

    • VesperalLight

      Uh, this post was made for April Fools day. The images are faked.

  • unnamed

    Its just the Lego Disney mini figures on fake bases but it would be a good idea though
    From …

  • jose maria

    disney not coming in lego dimensions.

  • Fer_ironprime123

    marvel/dc yeahhhhhhh

  • basterd7837

    These are real, just not for Lego Dimensions. They are available on the minifigure blind packs from Toys R Us and other stores.

  • LRS

    is it true? I mean, I would love to have a mickey character for Lego Dimensions.

  • ThisIsFake77183

    This is fake, Mickey and Maleficent are from different places so why would Mickey stop Maleficent in a level (question mark and 2nd bracket don’t work\ Also those are the pictures from the minifigure blind bags not official pics.

  • bnr

    this guy is totally a photo-shopper. lego dimensions would not include disney!

  • Genesis

    I want Rapunzel and Flyn in a team pack

  • Anonymous

    There’s no way that could ever happen. We already have Disney toys to life in in Disney infinity.

  • Dylan

    ummm you do know that lego dimensions wave2 is over so year 3 is coming i would love a level pack of mickey and a fun pack of oswald