Everything We Know About Lego Dimensions Year 2 Packs!

E3 brought a lot of new information regarding the new Lego Dimensions packs that will be available for Year 2! With the addition of an all new pack, mixed with 16 new franchises we have a lot to look forward to!

Here is everything we’ve put together from the live streams about what new packs are coming and when. Nothing is officially confirmed beyond what we’ve seen listed on Amazon but we are taking clues from the live streams and chats to put this info together.


Story Packs


Each story pack will focus on new levels and experiences that will allow you to replay the stories of some of your favorite movies. Each pack is said to contain six full levels of gameplay that will retell the plot of the movie franchises.

The story packs will include a new dressing for your portal, allowing you to remove the old round blue and grey portal and replace it with something specifically themed for the franchise. You’ll also get a new minifigure and vehicle!

The packs will retail for $49.99! 

Here are all the confirmed story packs for Year 2:

Ghostbusters (2016) – Wave 2.1 (Sept 2016 Release)

  • Minifigure: Abby Yates – Unlocks all Ghostbusters as playable characters.
  • Vehicle: Ecto 1

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – Wave 2.2 (Nov 2016 Release)

  • Minifigure: Newt Scamander
  • Vehicle: TBA

Lego Batman Movie – Wave 2.3 (Jan 2017 Release)

  • Minifigure: Lego Movie Batman
  • Vehicle: TBA

Level Packs

Level packs will function the same way they did in Year 1 but with twice the goodness. During some live streams they mentioned that Level Packs will contain twice the content as year one.

Here are all the level packs for Year 2:

Adventure Time 

  • Minifigure: Finn The Human
  • Vehicle: Jakemobile & Anicent War Elephant

Mission: Impossible

  • Minifigure: Ethan Hunt
  • Vehicle: IMF Scrambler & IMF Sports Car

The Goonies (Not Confirmed)

  • Minifigure: Sloth
  • Vehicle: One Eye’d Willie’s Ship & TBA

Team Packs

Team packs will function the same way they did in Year 1. New abilities, game modes and builds will come with these packs!

Here are all the team packs for Year 2:

Adventure Time 

  • Minifigure: Jake The Dogg & Lumpy Space Princess
  • Vehicle: BMO & Lumpy Car

Harry Potter

  • Minifigure: Harry Potter & Voldemort
  • Vehicle: Hogwarts Express & Enchanted Car


  • Minifigure: Gizmo & Spike
  • Vehicle: Red Spots Car & TBA

Fun Packs


Lots of teases for Fun Packs were dropped at E3 with only one officially announced. We will see lots of great adventure worlds and battle arenas unlocked with these single pack characters (like the Wicked Witch from Year 1).

Here are all the fun packs for Year 2:

The A-Team

  • Minifigure: B.A. Baracus
  • Vehicle: B.A.’s Van

Adventure Time

  • Minifigure: Marceline
  • Vehicle: TBA

Lego City Undercover

  • Minifigure: Chase
  • Vehicle: Police Copter


  • Minifigure: ET
  • Vehicle: Elliot’s Bike

Exclusive Packs

The Green Arrow is a special treat to all those who attend special events for Lego Dimensions! So far the only way to get this figure was to attend E3 but there apparently will be more chances in the future!

We are giving the first of a few Green Arrow packs away! If you want to enter to win, check it out on twitter!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Yair

    Gizmo also comes with his camera.It was confirmed in one of the live streams,either Sony’s or gamespot’s.

    • Daniel Becker

      Thanks! Forgot about that!

  • Tyler Kelly

    What wave is ET and Sloth coming out in?

  • Antoine Melzinoff

    Sloth have been confirmed to work like the doctor and ghostbusters, meaning you can indeed play all the the goonies! But it would be better to search the interview/livestream where it was confirmed since i don’t have it!

  • Lego jedi

    I think I heard Sonic is also a level pack

    • Daniel lopez

      sonic indeed is a level pack

  • Harley diaz

    what bout PPG are we gettin all 3

  • Kenneth Davenport

    Do we have to buy a new portal or can the one from Lego Dimensions 1 work?

    • Cale Bethune

      Your original Lego Dimensions portal is compatible with the Year 2 figures and accessories, so you won’t need to shell out cash for another portal. Unless, perhaps, you’d like to individually display all the new dressings that the portal will receive from each of the Year 2 Story Packs, lol 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Now that I have downloaded the ghostbusters 2016 story pack how do I get the platform to recognize the Chinese restaurant & enter the new story?

  • Bobby

    What about BeastBoy and Raven? Also it has been confirmed that the lego batman movie story pack will have robin and batgirl, NOT BATMAN YOU IDIOT! And the pack’s vehicle is the batwing.

    • Cynthia Zimmerman

      Haha it’s fun to be wrong isn’t it

  • Joey Walthall

    What about Beetlegeuss?