FIRST LOOK: Buckbeak & Hermione!

The Harry Potter Celebration this weekend at Universal Studios brings us our first look at some Hermione figure & the epic new vehicle mount: Buckbeak! While Buckbeak wasn’t at the booth to get eyes on, you were able to get a partial look at him on the event poster. The event poster which lists out all the cool stuff going on at the LEGO Dimensions booth during the Harry Potter Celebration gives us our first clear look at Buckbeak & the first official image of the Hermione Dimensions figure.


UPDATE: This great video showing off the new Hermione Fun Pack gives us all sorts of great info and gameplay! 

For details on the other stuff going on during the Harry Potter Celebration weekend check out our article here!

LEGO Dimensions Hermione Buckbeak Harry Potter

The Buckbeak mount looks pretty fantastic! A nice close up from the event poster shows in detail the front half of the build. No idea what his alternative builds might be, but they are sure to be awesome. We bet Newt is going to love riding this epic flying beast in game.

LEGO Dimensions Hermione Buckbeak Harry Potter

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Hermione figure, this is our first peek at her up close and personal. These nice clear photos show off the figures’ finer details. The little time we had with the gameplay showed that she plays exactly like the other magic users in game, with the addition of some of the skills Newt has (like intelligence). We don’t have a chance to see her full ability list though, so she may have some unique abilities of her own. Unfortunately while Hermione is playable they wont allow anyone to take videos of the gameplay so we can’t share any of that.

LEGO Dimensions Hermione Buckbeak Harry Potter

There has been some displeasure in the choice of hair color and outfit for Hermione’s minifigure, with the community a bit unhappy that she isn’t in her robes and that her hair is too light. We think she looks awesome and we can’t wait to add her to our collection.

LEGO Dimensions Hermione Buckbeak Harry Potter

Still no word on when the Hermione Fun Pack will be released but we anticipate Wave 8! (Wave 8 is coming late March!) Let us know what you think of the new Buckbeak in the comments below!

HUGE thanks to our good pal Lauren (aka MightyGitis for all you Disney Infinity Fans out there) for taking the time to secure some photos for us! She is the BEST!

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