First Look: Buttercup Powerpuff Girl Minifigure Leak

With Wave 9 of LEGO Dimensions so far away it was looking like we wouldn’t see any images or previews of the Powerpuff Girls, or any of the remaining franchises, for a long time. Good news for those who are super impatient! Thanks to the recently created Facebook page LEGO News & Leaks, we now have our first look at one of the Powerpuff Girls minifigure and toy tags…

Say Hello to Buttercup!

lego dimensions powerpuff girls buttercup minifigure lego

Keen eyes will notice that the hair on this minifigure has the cowlick lift on the back, confirming that gameplay will be based on the rebooted Powerpuff Girls that has been met with a lot of negative criticisms.

You can see from the images above that the original Buttercup doesn’t have the additional hair lick.

The toy tag looks relatively generic and simple which fits with the design of the show, we can assume the other girls will also have a solid color base with an action word as their icon.

Check out our recap and reaction video here for more info:

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