First Look: Goonies Lego Dimensions Level Pack!

Rocky Road!?!? Are you ready for an awesome trip of nostalgia, treasure and one eyed pirates? While we don’t have an official release date (or even an official announcement of the pack in general) we have known for months now that Sloth and the Goonies were coming to Lego Dimensions.

Goonies Lego Dimensions Level Pack

Some promo art of Sloth partially revealed a vehicle build he would be packaged with, One Eyed Willie’s Ship, but we never got a full view of the build. This summer Arthur Parsons unofficially confirmed in a few interviews and on Twitter that the Goonies would be a Level Pack. We had no word or idea what the second build might be… until now!

Retailers across the US are currently updating their in Lego Dimensions store displays to reflect the new waves of packs, and with that, new feature videos have been added to the Toy Pad Display. Previously the Toy Pad Display had the original Vorton portal build, with the starter pack characters and vehicles. Now it features Newt, the Niffler and the MACUSA portal build with updated signage and videos.

The Toy Pad display features four different videos depending on how you interact with the buttons, one for each button with sound and music, and a silent default video that constantly plays on a loop if there is no interaction. Thanks to the new default video, we have our first look at the Goonies Level Pack!

The video shows off the Sloth minifigure, and the two minikit builds for the Level Pack: One Eyed Willie’s Ship & The Bone Organ.

Goonies Lego Dimensions

Here is a close up look of each of the two builds:

(Small video screen behind the plastic bubble dome made it difficult to get a high quality image, apologies! But it gets the point across.)

Here’s our recap where we show off the new Toy Pad Display video & do a slow mo close up of the big reveal!


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Special thanks to Samuel for tipping us off to this awesome reveal!

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