First Look: LEGO Worlds Classic Space Pack DLC! E3 2017

Go where no Minifigure has gone before with the LEGO Worlds Classic Space Pack! Today’s WB Live Stream from E3 2017 showed off a brand new DLC for LEGO Worlds, the Classic Space Pack! This pack will take players to a whole new biome, with new set pieces, characters and more!

The reveal was teased early this month on the LEGO Worlds social media pages with a small clip of an astronaut looking up to the moon with the phrase “Where will we go next?”


The DLC will include a ton of new content, vehicles, characters, enemies and buildings! So much was shown off on the short trailer and WB E3 Day 1 Live Stream! You will be able to play as:

  • Several different classic astronauts including blue, red & black!
  • Tons of new flying vehicles and ground vehicles taken directly from classic LEGO Space Sets!
  • New Alien creatures to discover.
  • Robot companions will follow you around and fight with you.
  • Giant Space Spider enemy types!
  • New special blue version of the PUG-Z special to this DLC.
  • Tons of new buildings and sets to collect!

Check out our full gallery of the new trailer below:



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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • ChocolateCrisps

    Looks awesome! Space has always been my favourite of the classic Lego themes, and this pack really does it justice. Do we know whether this will be paid or free, and when it is scheduled for release?

    • Relatively Average

      It is paid.

      • jarjar

        it is it will be 3.99

  • sekihan

    I hope the blue PUG-Z doesn’t require 300 gold bricks to unlock it! I’m not sure if I’ll get 88 more by July 5.

  • sekihan

    The $3.99 paid DLC release date has been delayed until July 25th.

  • superkitten1081

    Hey its July 6th and it hasn’t been released on xbox one they said we’d get it on July 5th but I checked and it’s not there can but instead we get an emergency dlc pack! Why this! classic space should have been released instead of this silly little dlc don’t get me wrong I like it I just don’t get why it’s not out bricks to life please reply with answer oh can you also tell when it will be released please