First Look: Nightwing Costume & Robin Abilities!

In typical fashion, LEGO Dimensions has begun slowly releasing the character highlight videos for the upcoming Wave 7.5, due to drop on Feb 10th. The first highlight video we got to see was Robin, and it was full of all sorts of awesome treats! The video shows off his long list of abilities and gives us an first look at the Nightwing costume teased early on in the release of this Story Pack. Check out our recap of Robin’s abilities and the first look at Nightwing below!


Warning! Some minor spoilers ahead! Nothing major spoiled if you are already following any Dimensions or Batman Movie related news, but still… warning.

Robin Highlight Video

Nightwing Costume First Look

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It was in the initial press release of Wave 7.5 that the LEGO Dimensions team teased that Robin would have the ability to change into Nightwing:

Players can also transform Robin into the Nightwing, utilize his vine cut, and deflect moves for more crime-fighting adventures. 

From that bit of the press release we then began to assume that the first clip of Robin that the Dimensions twitter showed off (see below) was the Nightwing Costume. But then the LEGO Batman Movie team released a pretty awesome clip featuring Robin selecting his costume in the Batcave, where the big black winged suit was titled “The Winged Avenger.” It wasn’t until the release of the Robin highlight video that we were able to finally put it all together.

Here is the exclusive LEGO Batman Movie clip on Youtube, watch for the “Winged Avenger” at 0:24. Looks like Robin revisits the outfit (similar to the Excalibur Batman Suit also shown in the video) later in the movie to become Nightwing!

Robin Abilities

Like most featured Story Pack characters, Robin has a pretty impressive list of abilities! We went piece by piece to investigate all the abilities featured in the highlight video! We are sure there are more that aren’t shown, but we will have to wait until Feb 10th to see them all! It should be noted that some of his abilities might only be accessible in the Nightwing Costume, which more than likely is unlocked after the Story Pack is completed.

Let us know if you’re excited to play as Robin in the comments below!

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