First Look: Teen Titans Go Trailer with Robin & Cyborg! E3 2017!

WB’s first day of their E3 2017 LEGO live streams are now over and we got a ton of great new information all about Wave 9 of LEGO Dimensions, more specifically Teen Titans Go! The live stream took through a in depth tour of the TTG Adventure World: Jump City and showed off a bunch of gameplay mechanics!

The stream confirmed a few things, most importantly that Robin & Cyborg would transform into the TTG versions of themselves while in the Jump City adventure world, and that the packs will include full episode of Teen Titans Go that will directly tie them into the world of LEGO Dimensions!

Check out the full gallery we have below, then read the major talking points they addressed during the stream!

Here is a quick recap of some of the main points touched on during the live stream:

  • Wave 9 is coming in September!
  • Showing off the five new packs for Wave 9!
  • Time for some Teen Titans Go gameplay!
  • Showing off Jump City Adventure World!
  • Beast Boy can transform into a bird to fly, a dolphin to swim & mouse for small access!
  • Raven can summon a small Raven that you can remote control.
  • Starfire has Rainbow LEGO destroy!
  • LEGO Robin & Cyborg will appear as TTG versions in the Adventure World!
  • There will be a five character interaction! (First time more than 2 characters have ever interact!)
  • Showing off some of the Power Puff Girls now!
  • The PPG have a cool color shield you can summon!
  • Showing off a few quests and areas in the Teen Titans Go adventure world!
  • All three of the Power Puff Girls gameplay!
  • Bubbles has a sonic blast attack where she cries and screams!
  • Blossom has a frost breath ability!
  • Heading inside the Teen Titans Tower!
  • Sonic race time in Jump City!
  • Raven’s Spell Book gameplay with awesome Demon!
  • Jump City will feature a TARDIS dock!
  • Beetlejuice Sandworm Gameplay!
  • An exclusive episode of Teen Titans Go is included inside the game!
  • The episode will tie into Dimensions and will feature all of Wave 9.
  • In the episode Raven gets frustrated in a LEGO Building Contest and summons portals to other worlds!
  • Episode comes with either of the TTG packs!
  • Trailer showing off the full Dimensions Teen Titans Team was revealed!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Relatively Average

    It sounds like this “in game level” was planned as a level pack but shortened as a team pack.

  • I.V

    Hopefully Year 3 will be announced!

  • Relatively Average

    Has it been told how specifically w unlock the alternate outfit for Robin and Cyborg? It would suck if it was automatic and there was no choice.

    • Daniel Becker

      They skirted around that pretty heavily and actively avoided grabbing the red brick in the world. I’d put any money on it being the red brick similar to LEGO Batman Movie world.

      • Relatively Average

        Well heythat’s better than those skins only being available in the TTG hub. I think that the alternate skin red brick for LMB is the best of all the red bricks. Well, except for the stud multipliers maybe. xD

    • ExSheex

      Watching the live stream of Day One yesterday, it looked like they grabbed the Red Brick (I saw 1/1) but they never went into the options to go ahead and reveal what the Red Brick does, so it’s still unclear. Seems like a good bet that it’ll get us Teen Titans Go! Robin and Cyborg outside of the TTG! world though.

  • Relatively Average

    Wait I just watched the livestream. Is this in game episode literally a 22 minute Lego short, or is it a playable “level”?

    • Daniel Becker

      Just an animated short!