Flash Sale on Lego Dimensions at Gamestop

Gamestop’s running a flash sale on Lego Dimensions products, offering steep discounts on all products except for preorders. It’s worth noting, however, as we mentioned in the deals this week, Best Buy’s also running some pretty big sales, and their pricing beats Gamestop in some places.

Below, we’ve produced a mini-deals section for just Gamestop, and bolded all prices which meet or beat the lowest price of the week.

Gamestop Deals


Year 1

These deals were last updated at 15:27 Central Standard Time, 4-4-2017

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Greg Pollock

Written by: Greg Pollock

  • Dick Holbrook

    Just got Best Buy to price match (as a one time exception) the Gremlins Team pack, since I bought their deal on Sunday.

  • badbob001

    Is this sale online and in-store? I’ve learned that online and the stores are basically two different companies and stores won’t honor the online prices or at least will give you a very hard time on it.

  • Linda

    Some items cheaper in store at GameStop. Did in store pickup for Aquaman Fun Pack (listed as $7.19) at GameStop since delivery was not available. Nice surprise when it rang up for $5.99 ($6.51 after tax). In store was having 50% off Lego Dimension Accessory packs. So might be worth it if you have a GameStop nearby that has this deal 🙂

  • Cosmo

    I picked up the last three year 2 packs that I needed to complete my collection, Marceline, Knight Rider and Sonic. The Fun Packs came up $5.99 and Sonic was 50% off. Total was less than $30. Feeling good to be caught up, and saving money!