Full LEGO Batman Story Pack Walkthrough – LEGO Dimensions

Our official LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Walkthrough is complete for Wave 7.5 of LEGO Dimensions. This fun pack is easily one of the best LEGO Dimensions gaming experiences we’ve had yet! We had so much fun playing through all six levels, finding all the amazing secret areas, easter eggs, and jokes.

Lego Batman Story Pack Lego Dimensions Wave 7.5

Below we’ve put together a COMPLETE guide to all the collectibles and a short walkthrough on how to collect them in all six levels. Each walkthrough will show you how and where to find each of the 10 minikits, the rescue character “Menial Task Mike” and will even tell you how many studs you will need to collect to get the Rule Breaker gold brick!

Check out all our level guides here for every other LEGO Dimensions Level, from the Starter Pack, to every Level & Story Pack!

LEGO Batman Story Pack Walkthrough

Click on any of the images below to jump to the walkthrough page for that level or use the list under the gallery to jump to any of the six guides.

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Cris

    I want to know if I buy the lego batman can I just build it and put it on the starter kit or do I need the Internet to upgrade?

  • Lorenzo

    Will you guys ever do Adventure World Guides for E.T., Gremlins, Fantastic Beasts, and the rest of Wave 7??

  • Brandon Iturralde

    I need help, I bought the story played through the first level, after the second level started automatically, but I was tired so I quit the game and turned it off. When I came back, I have no access to the second level and beyond, I tried restarting, replaying the first level again, and it still won’t work, help?

    • MrFlame

      All you have to do is just do the mission in the batcave. That starts the 2nd level

      • Quaz72

        Thank you! Not the most intuitive aspect of the game.

  • Neil

    How do I get to the batman lego movie portal? I’ve done the first part and am in vorton but can’t find the batman portal

  • Victoria Carpenter

    Please can someone help me

  • Victoria Carpenter

    I have downloaded Lego batman for my son , done all the downloads but he can’t play the batman levels ? How do I access it

  • Angela Brentlinger

    It says the batsman add on is installed. But how do I actually access the levels?? How do I go there. So frustrating! Please help

    • V

      Were you able to find a solution- I have same problem. How do I access levels in Batman movie?

    • V

      Just wanted to post the steps to start playing the batman movie starter pack– Called support and they were very helpful. Got it to work, Need to complete the first level in starter pack before you can play batman movie Here are the steps:

      How To Play Content Packs:
      **Ensure you have completed the tutorial which ends after defeating the Wicked Witch on the Yellow Brick Road Level.
      Go or Return to Vorton
      You can access the level by walking up to the portal on the game pad (do not jump in) and standing directly in front of the portal, itself, press the action button
      Go to Level Select
      Select the appropriate level

      • malky from scotland

        thank you so much couldn’t figure that out, lol

  • Tim G.

    Like with Angela and Victoria, I can’t get the Batgirl/Robin story pack to get started (trying to help my son). It goes through the startup with Batman, Gandalf and Wyld Child. Don’t know how to get to the new story pack. Thanks.

    • R. Dude

      Same here
      It’s going through the wildstyle, Gandalf scenes.

      • V

        Hi Did you find a solution? I have the same problem. How do we get to the levels in Batman Movie?

  • Jamie

    I’m having the same problem. I can’t find the lego batman movie levels. Can someone let me know what to do? Me and my son are very frustrated.

  • WiiUBrickster

    How do you change from batman to the lego batman movie batman?

  • Lisa

    I have just tried to play the lego batman movie story pack with my son, i have it all set up but cant work out how to actually play it! We are wondering around the vorton with no clue

  • Mrgooger

    Yeah same for me – stand in front of the portal press B to get menu up 0 select level and it’s not there…holy crap this game needed someone to produce it that knew what they were doing. So many bugs and complicated starts.

  • Amanda

    We purchased the Lego Batman Storybook addition with Batgirl and Robin but we can’t access it. Can anyone walk us through or give us some tips on how to enter the world?!

    • E

      You have to finish the tutorial where you are in the wizard of oz world, beat the wicked witch..exc- when that’s all done, go back into the portal and step on the small circle in the middle with robin and then you can access it by pressing B and going to the left into levels👍 Lemme know if that doesn’t work I’ll walk you through it-