Full LEGO Batman Story Pack Walkthrough – LEGO Dimensions

Our official LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack Walkthrough is complete for Wave 7.5 of LEGO Dimensions. This fun pack is easily one of the best LEGO Dimensions gaming experiences we’ve had yet! We had so much fun playing through all six levels, finding all the amazing secret areas, easter eggs, and jokes.

Lego Batman Story Pack Lego Dimensions Wave 7.5

Below we’ve put together a COMPLETE guide to all the collectibles and a short walkthrough on how to collect them in all six levels. Each walkthrough will show you how and where to find each of the 10 minikits, the rescue character “Menial Task Mike” and will even tell you how many studs you will need to collect to get the Rule Breaker gold brick!

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LEGO Batman Story Pack Walkthrough

Click on any of the images below to jump to the walkthrough page for that level or use the list under the gallery to jump to any of the six guides.

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