Ghostbusters Adventure World Gold Brick Guide & Walkthrough!

The Ghostbusters are back with Wave 6 in a whole new addition to Lego Dimensions! A new set of Ghostbusting abilities, new Ecto-1, and an expansive new Adventure World.

With Lego Dimensions Year 2, Story Packs use the Adventure World as a way to connect the six levels, so players get to explore and familiarize themselves with the various areas as they progress through the story.

Ghostbusters Adventure World Gold Brick Lego Dimensions 5

We’ve compiled a full guide to the Ghostbusters 2016 Adventure World including all 28 Gold Bricks, Repair Locations, Red Brick, Rule Breaker and more! All the Gold Bricks are listed with a corresponding time stamped location to our full video playthrough video making it as easy as possible to find them all!

To visit the Ghostbusters Adventure World Guide click here or the image below!


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